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The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Toadst10Chapter 1: The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Toadst10

The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Divide10

Being a new student at a new school was never easy, especially when you were not a normal human being. Thankfully, there was a place where creatures of any shape and size could come and learn about their history as well as what they are.

This place was called The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society. Long title but you can't come straight out and say, "Hey! It's a school for monsters!" Because that would cause all different kinds of drama. Though the school was for creatures, humans did attend. There weren't many because the paranormal races were easily offended by human students, which is where the number one rule came from...

Do not reveal your true self to anyone other than your roommate and your teachers.

Best friends usually tell each other everything but there was no threat in your close friends knowing. Then you had the groups who proudly told everyone what they were.

Vesuvius, a mermaid, just prayed that this would not be like the normal schools in the human realm. She just didn't know how different her life in this place was going to be...

"Dr. Ephraim is my biology teacher, Mr. Setrakian is my history teacher... Mr. Quinlan is my fighting teacher?"

"Your gladiatorial combat teacher, yes."

Vesuvius nodded, "The history class I understand but why does a school for monsters and the paranormal have biology and math?"

Dr. Martinez looked up at the new student with curious eyes, "Nobody said it would be the same subject the humans teach in normal schools."

"Oh..." She nodded, "Hematology is taught by Mr. Vaun and Mr. Fet is teaching a...bomb making class? Why...?"

"I have learned not to question the classes here, Vesuvius." Martinez sighed, "Here is your schedule and supply list. Your dorm room number is at the top and your things have already  been delivered there. I hope you like your roommate."

When she made it to her room, her roommate was not there. Her side of the room was neat with little trinkets and potions here and there. By looking at her things she seemed to be a very interesting and creative person.

The roommate wasn't there before Vesuvius went to sleep and she wasn't there when she woke up. The bed was still untouched, she noticed while putting on the uniform. The skirt was a bit short for her taste but anything above the knees was short to her. She shrugged it off and went to her first class, Hematology.

'I overslept!' She had just noticed the time, 'No time to eat!'

Martinez had given her a map to follow since there was no time to give her a tour. That was when she realized the map wasn't as helpful as she had thought. In her rush she had been holding it upside down...

"Son of a bitch!" She found where she was and studied the map correctly this time. Class had already started when she finally made it. The students were paired in group, doing some sort of project. They did not see her when she entered. The teacher saw her and approached her, "You're late."

"It's... Kind of a long story..."

The teacher's red eyes looked into her eyes and chuckled, "Do not worry, you are not the first one to read the map upside down. Students who have been here for years can still get lost. Come, your seat is right here. You will be partnered with Aria for this experiment. She was the odd one out this time."

Vesuvius looked at Aria and waved shyly. She was relieved when the one known as Aria gave her a quick wave accompanied with a smile, "Hi! You're the new kid!"

"I am... Still a bit nervous."

"No need to be around me. I'll show you around a little bit later." She took the map and drew a big heart with dragon wings at the top of it, "Make sure that heart is right side up when you look at the map. That's what I had to do. Meet me here," She pointed to a spot on the map, "At four o'clock. I'll be able to show you around and point out some short cuts for you."

"Thank you so much!"

"Don't mention it. I had no one to help me so I try to help others."

"So, what are you?"

"Aren't supposed to tell anyone but your room mates. Now, on with the project!"

After the project was over, it was time to switch classes. Nervous, Vesuvius took a breath and stood up, only for everything to go black.


Vesuvius opened her eyes to see Aria, holding her head still.

"You okay?"

"Ah... Yeah..."

Vaun was next to her as well, holding her hand which was now bandaged up, "You did not eat anything this morning. You are having a low blood sugar attack."

"But I don't have blood problems."

"You don't have to in situations like this." Vaun and Aria helped her sit up and she shook her head as if to clear it, "Aria, can you escort or new student to her room?"

"Of course! Come on, lets go." Aria and Vaun both helped stand but she found she could walk on her own. Though she felt weak, she wasn't dizzy. She was thankful she had Aria as a friend to help her, "Oh my gosh! We're roommates!"

"Huh?" They had already made it to the room. She was so deep in thought, she hadn't realized, "You're my roommate?"

"Uh huh!"

"You weren't there last night."

"Yeah... I was with my...boyfriend." She sat her down on the bed and ran to grab her something sweet to eat from their mini fridge, "Here, eat this then we will go to class after you feel better. I'm here, not going to leave you."

Vesuvius smiled, "Thank you, really. It means a lot."



"Earlier, you asked me what I was. We're roommates so I'm telling you. I'm a dragon."

"Oh! That's kind of awesome! I've never met a dragon before."

"And you?"

"I'm... I'm a mermaid."

Aria smiled and the two exchanged several stories before she looked at Vesuvius' schedule, "Oh my god! Your last class of the day is Mr. Quinlan's class..."

"Yes, gladiatorial combat. Is that bad?"

"He's scary..."

"Oh great."

"Don't let him bully you. I think maybe he is softer than he appears to be."

Vesuvius nodded and stood up, feeling better, "We should get to class now."

"We should."

The classes were shorter than the ones in the human schools. Instead of four periods, there were five.

The class with Mr. Fet was probably one of the craziest classes she had ever been in. The man was human but he was crazy! He could make a nuclear bomb out of chewed bubblegum and a paperclip...

History was actually fun. She wasn't expecting to have another human teacher. Mr. Setrakian was very kind and respectful, he wouldn't move on until he knew for a fact that you had memorized everything.

Third period was biology with yet another human teacher. Doctor Goodweather somewhat annoyed her but the jocks gave him such a hard time, she felt somewhat sorry for him. At least he was nice to the student as long as the student was nice to him.

Then there was her last class of the day... Gladiatorial combat.

She had taken the class because she grew up with a family member named Atticus training her twice a day, every day since she was a small child. It was something she enjoyed so she did not hesitate to take the class.

She walked inside and saw the area looked like an arena. There weren't many people in the class but if Aria was correct about the teacher, she had a good feeling as to why. The ones who were in the class were all male, big muscles. They didn't seem to be very happy about having a female in the class with them, making quiet comments to each other.

The class began and a tall, pale man dressed in black walked into the room. A natural glare graced his beautiful but scarred face and she knew then that this was Mr. Quinlan, he really did look scary. His blue eyes looked over each student then stopped when he saw Vesuvius. He blinked as if he were confused,  "Can I assist you?"

"Oh, hey. I'm the new student." She smiled a bit.

Mr. Quinlan looked her up and down, "You are in the wrong class."

"Excuse me?"

"Are you Vesuvius Fausta?"

"I am."

"Ah." He rolled his eyes and looked away, "I was expecting someone who would at least look like they knew what they were doing. Not a small little girl like you. You know your name could be considered offensive to those who witnessed the eruption of the mountain."

"I lived in Rome. Nobody was ever offended."

She narrowed her eyes and smiled. This reaction was one she received quite often. Mr. Quinlan took two swords out, tossing her one which she caught.

"You're going to have to prove you are worthy enough to gain my attention."

"You got it." She took a stance, one she always took with Atticus when he would train her. They stood, not moving for a long time. Quinlan narrowed his eyes, "Make your move."

"A goddess never makes the first move in a fight, sir." She smiled.

Her words angered him like she had planned and he lunged forward to attack her. She caught each of his hits with her sword and stood strong against him. A certain step, she ducked down and rolled between his legs and aimed for his lower back with her foot to gently kick him forward. Then she started her attacks with her weapon, coming on strong.

He was actually struggling for a moment, it seemed. A hard block and he tripped her, knocking her to the floor. She dodged his direct hit when she rolled away. This went on for about seven minutes, her dodging his direct hits, then she tried to attack him across the chest. It was blocked but she wasn't giving up, she refused to give up. She wasn't weak and she was going to prove it.

The others in the class were stunned. No one was ever able to stand against Mr. Quinlan this long before and here she was, this petite, scrawny girl was managing to keep up with the teacher.

'Atticus never made me fight for so long at a time! He always made me stop when I started getting tired!' She thought, holding her weapon up to defend against his hits. Vesuvius inhaled quickly and jumped back, barely missing one of his hits.

His eyes caught hers and he stood up straight, "You're getting tired. I'm impressed. The others did not stop until they were almost instantly struck down only seconds into the fight."

'Did he just compliment me?'

"Good things do come in small packages, after all." He smirked, watching her, "Welcome to the class."

After the class, Vesuvius met Aria in the area she had pointed out on the map. Once she arrived to the area she saw it was a big garden. Several groups of people were in several places talking, doing homework, napping, and in some cases a few couples were making out.


"You found me!"

"Thank you for the doodle on the map."

"You look exhausted, you okay?"

"I fought against Mr. Quinlan and managed to make it until he decided to stop the fight."

Aria's eyes widened, "No. Way."

"Yes way."

The dragon laughed and demanded every detail, laughing even more at the fact that the guys in the class now acted as if they were afraid of her. Vesuvius was sure Quinlan hated her now.

"Hey, new girl!"

Vesuvius and Aria turned around to see three blonde girls.

"We heard you're so buff, you have more balls then the guys in the gladiator classes!" The one in front said with a mean smile, "You're a mermaid, like us. Why don't you wear makeup and do your hair and look pretty like you are supposed to? I've never seen an ugly mermaid."

"Ugly to you maybe." Vesuvius smiled, walking towards them, "I'm not worried about impressing anybody with my looks. Unfortunately, looks are all you three have. I never had everything I wanted handed to me on a silver platter like you did. I learned that if you want something, you fight for it. That, and I have to ask, are you really making fun of me because I know how to fight?"

The girls did not move, they only stared at the orange haired girl.

"What would you do if I were to come down at you with a knife like this-" She brought her right hand down fast and the girl in front covered her head, "You just died. What would you do if I came at you like this?" Vesuvius' other hand came up in an undercut and the girl just screamed, jumping back."

"I'm sorry, okay?!"

"You should learn how to defend yourself. Being female, you will need it at least once in your life." She straightened and smiled at the three, "I am willing to teach you the basics if you are to afraid of asking Mr. Quinlan."

Behind them in the darkest part of the garden, Quinlan watched and listened to the scene before him. He was once again impressed by this girl.

"Mr. Quinlan is just creepy! He scares us! He's mean and such a jerk!"

Vesuvius sighed, "Have you seen him fight? Have you seen his scars? Apparently he has had a hard life and most likely has a damn good reason to be a jerk. You shouldn't judge anyone by how they act if you do not truly know them. Clearly the three of you have not matured yet. How old are you?"

"In human years all three of us are one hundred years old."

"You are still children... I'm almost three hundred."

"Mer are adults when they reach four hundred..."

A mer that was three hundred was equivalent to the human that was sixteen or seventeen. Old enough to make their own choices, there for they were considered adults. Unlike humans, merfolk were more mature.

The three pink mermaids walked away and Aria sighed happily, "That was epic."

"I was being as nice as I possibly could."

"You were toooo nice, in my opinion." The dragon said, "Come on, lets go get something to eat and I will give you that tour I promised. That is, if Mr. Quinlan didn't tire you out too terribly much?"

"I'm not weak, Aria." She laughed, "But I am hungry. I hope there's sushi."

"Sushi, shellfish, seafood, they are prepared for merfolk and dragons. Trust me!"

Quinlan watched the two leave the garden and smiled to himself, turning around and nearly running into Vaun.

"Quinlan, you were spying on my mate and the new student?" He said.

Quinlan looked down at his younger brother, "Vesuvius has impressed me. She doesn't look as if she would be wise or a great fighter at all. So tiny..."

"She passed out in my class this morning." Vaun said, worried. "She is like you, gets in such a big hurry that she forgets to eat and take care of herself. Aria likes her and has already noted that she needs to make sure she eats in the morning."

Quinlan crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. Not only was the new kid an excellent fighter with a mature outlook on life, but she was a mermaid. He always had a soft spot for mermaids but he would never admit such a thing out loud.[/center]

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The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Empty Re: The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic

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The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Toadst10Chapter 2: The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Toadst10

Vesuvius couldn't go to sleep, she was so hyper! It was Friday night she had stayed up late with Aria. She had decided to sleep in the room tonight, saying since she had a roommate now she would most likely stay here instead of with her boyfriend.

She still didn't give any clues to who he was. Vesuvius hoped she could meet this mysterious boyfriend of hers one day. All she would say was, "He's an older guy, really smart."

So she didn't nag her about it. When they got to know each other better, she'd tell her more. Right now, Vesuvius was cuddled in her pillows. Her golden eyes looking around the room. This place was so much better than the normal human schools. She felt comfortable, especially in this very neat and clean room with a beautiful roommate who she could trust and talk to.

Tomorrow was Saturday, no classes but she thought she would go back to the gladiatorial combat class. She was comfortable there and it was open on weekends. There she could train, though it'd be with a training dummy instead of Atticus like she was used to.

But for now, she would sleep and let her body rest.


Quinlan walked into his class, reading a book. He had been annoyed all morning, not having slept well. Being what he was, he did not require a lot of sleep but sometimes he just wanted to simply close his eyes and stop thinking.

A loud pop caught his attention and he looked up, seeing the one thing that had kept him from sleeping in the first place. She was attacking one of the dummies in the arena area, giving the poor thing hell. Her moves were nearly perfect, but some were a little stumbly.

Why was she here on a Saturday? Sure the students were allowed to hang out in the classrooms on weekends but they never did. Not in this one, at least.


His voice caught her off guard and she tumbled over the dummy in a ball with a cute squeak, falling. From the outside of the arena, the few feet she had fallen down, a hand shot up from behind the dummy, "I'm okay!"

Quinlan chuckled, he actually smiled! No one could make him do that!

She climbed back up, struggling as she had been training for a good while now without any breaks. The girl had gotten so caught up in her movements that she lost track of time, not realizing until now how tired she was.

"Are you injured?"

"No, I'm okay. Thank you for asking!"

So she had manners, that was rare with his students.

"I can leave if I am bothering you, sir."

'Sir?' He thought as he looked down at the book in his left hand, weapons in the other, "You can stay. You aren't bothering me one bit."

She smiled and he closed the book he was reading. Vesuvius stepped closer and looked at the title, "Total War Rome: Destroy Carthage... I haven't read that one." She said.

"My brother gave the book to me. He finds it amusing that I point out in books, movies, and television shows what is historically accurate and what's not."

"I do that too. Everyone in the room shushes me and tells me to just enjoy the movie, or at least the idea of it." She sighed, "I told Aria I would meet her..."

Vesuvius had been there a while before he had even walked in and it was obvious she was tired in how she moved, "Maybe I shouldn't have pushed myself so hard to keep going."

"Take breaks, remember to eat." He said, handing her something, "Take it. I have to keep plenty of them for one of my human students. They help him. Werewolves, fae, and mermaids can eat them as well."

It was a protein bar. She looked over it curiously, noting it was chocolate. She had tried several of these before, "Thank you." She said softly, shyly.

"I was impressed with how you put those younger mermaids in their place, yesterday." He smirked, "Are you going to teach them?"

"If they cooperate and don't piss me off."

"Atta' girl."

She shot him a smile then left. She slowly ate the protein bar while walking down the halls to meet Aria. In denial that she was definitely not crushing on Mr. Quinlan, Vesuvius quickened her pace. It was against rules everywhere for students to have any kind of romantic relationship with a teacher! But it was nothing to worry about, students crush on their teachers all the time...


"Aria, I'm here now!"

"You left before I woke up!" Aria gave her a motherly glare then turned her head curiously, "Are you eating a protein bar?"

"Ah, yes. Mr. Quinlan gave me one because he sensed I forgot to eat again..."

"Mr. Quinlan?" Her eye that wasn't behind the patch widened, "He never gives anybody anything. They have to be...Like... Dying or something for him to give a damn. We're you dying?"

She shook her head, nibbling on the bar.

"Weird... Anyway, come with me! I want to show you something cute!"

The two girls ran through the school until they came to the hematology room. On the other side of the room was a garden that no one ever really seemed to want to hang out at. It was small but there was an area was hidden from all windows.

Aria smiled and crawled under one of the bigger bushes, "Crawl under here with me!"

Vesuvius followed and made her way to sit beside Aria. That was when she saw them, tiny little critters in a little nest. They were white with black markings on their heads, paws, and fluffy tails. Their eyes were bright red. One sniffed the air, opened it's eyes, saw Aria, then took off running to her making the cutest mewling noise.

"What are they?" Vesuvius asked.

"Nekomata, they are pretty much demon cats. They like to stay little because it's easier to hide but they can transform into bigger forms if need be."

The tiniest of the litter crawled out from beneath the rest and looked at Vesuvius. It blinked and done a little army crawl to her, sniffing her.

"Oh, hello, little love."

A squeaky mew was given then it jumped up onto her lap. The little marking on the center of it's forehead began to glow faintly for a few seconds.

"Well, that was quick."

"What was?"

"She adopted you!"


Aria laughed, "When one claims you, they stay with you. A bond is formed. This one will stay with the litter a bit longer but once she is ready, she will find you again."

Vesuvius pet the little kitten with a smile. She had a pet now!

"Are we allowed to have pets?"

"Well, no... But when one of these adopts you, it can't be helped. You just have to inform Martinez so she can make a note." Aria smiled, looking around at the hidden area, "You should give her a name."

"Hmm... Well, they sound Japanese so... How about a Japanese name?" A happy meow was given, "Let's see... One of my favorite characters in a book was named Hitomi. Do you like Hitomi?" Another happy meow was given, "Okay then, Hitomi!"

Aria played with the others with a long bit of string. She was terribly allergic to cats but she was able to be this close to them at least, and they were so cute, you just can't resist them.

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The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Empty Re: The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic

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The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Toadst10Chapter 3: The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Toadst10

"Do you think Quinlan likes Vesuvius?"

"He does, princess. She seems to feel the same way but is brushing it off as a crush."

"He gave her a protein bar."

"Did he now? He never even gives me anything."

"He's in love!"

"We should rest now, princess. Classes are tomorrow."


Vesuvius adjusted her uniform, the red skirt and white dress shirt always disagreeing with her. She HATED the jacket and had thought several times of tweaking it like Aria had hers. But today her hatred for the article of clothing was just going to have to deal with the cold morning air because she was not wearing it.

The white knee-high socks were comfortable, so were the black sandals she was to wear. She was thankful for that. Though she felt more comfortable in the clothes she wore in Mr. Quinlan's class. Leggings and lose tank top with a comfortable sports bra. Most of the other guys in the class just go shirtless. A female now in the class didn't seem to phase their style of dress one bit. Probably because she could have given a fuck less what they looked like.

At lunch, Vesuvius sat with Aria who happily ate her pretty fruit she had been eating ever since she met her the other day. She figured it was just something she had to eat so didn't question. She had also noticed the same fruit in a tree in the garden outside of Mr. Vaun's classroom.

But she ate her sushi quietly, excited that she was able to eat her favorite food every day here. A few muscles or some clams, they had steamed oysters and everything. Vesuvius loved it here, the human schools were never this awesome.

"Are you coming back to the room tonight?" She asked the dragon, "Last night was too quiet for me."

"I will." Aria replied, taking a bite of her fruit, "We can study for a bit if you want."

Vesuvius nodded, "Okay."

"You have any problems from the jocks in Mr. Quinlan's class?"

"Not yet, he hasn't let me fight against anyone else yet."

Aria gave a nod, looking down at her food, "Just be careful, okay? The guys in there tend to be unfair. They don't like to look weak so they might cheat and try to actually hurt you."

"Then I will hurt them back." The mermaid smiled, "I won't go down without taking at least one person with me."

Aria seemed worried, having Vesuvius turn around. She pulled her hair back in a tight ponytail, braiding it then twisting it into a tight bun, "Just so you will be able to see better. Just a ponytail can even get in the way sometimes..."

"Thank you."

Aria cast another worried glance her way when they stood up to go to their last classes of the day. Vesuvius felt exposed with her hair bound so tightly away from her face but when she changed out of her uniform and into her clothes for Mr. Quinlan's class, she looked in the mirror and smiled at how pretty the hairstyle actually looked. It was tightly bound so it wasn't coming down at all until she pulled it down herself.

The arena was cold today and the other guys watched her when she came out, one glaring at her. Yep, she was going to end up kicking his ass sooner or later.

"Choose a partner to spar with." Quinlan appeared out of no where, his voice loud as he spoke, crossing his arms.

The more gentle looking boy smiled at her, walked up and put an arm over her shoulders, "Called it, first!"

She sniffed the air then looked up at him, 'Human.'

He was very tall and buff but had a gentle air about him, "My name is Tristen."

A hand was held out and she took it, "Vesuvius."

"Hey, uh... Try to stay away from Blaze, okay?"

"Which one is he?"

"The one who keeps trying to glare a hole through you."

"Ah, okay then."

"Please, always choose me when we have to partner or choose another to fight against. Sometimes Mr. Quinlan chooses for us but when he doesn't..."

"Choose you, okay." She smiled sweetly at him.

"Vesuvius and Tristen, go against Blaze and Xander."

'Damn!' She thought, 'Well, guess today is the day a bitch dies.'

The scent around Blaze gave away that he was a werewolf. Xander was harder to figure out so she just assumed he was something who's true form had wings.

The fight began and both Blaze and Xander instantly jumped towards Vesuvius. Tristen tackled the Xander and the two began to spar on their own against each other. The human seemed insistent on trying to get back to her side.

Blaze managed to tackle Vesuvius but she kicked him off when they both fell to the floor of the arena. She jumped back up and took a fighting stance, dodging his punches and kicks. He was aiming to actually hurt her! Thank god, Aria had been the one to put her hair up because he surely would have grabbed it. Blaze growled when she landed several hits to his chest and a few kicks to his outer thighs.

With a fierce snarl, he jumped forward and tackled her to the floor, twisting her wrist behind her. A cry escaped her as a command was called from the other side of the room but she wasn't having it. Vesuvius bashed her head into his and flipped them over so she was on top, pinning his arms beneath her knees. Her fangs extended as her anger took over and she began punching him in the face. The left wrist he had twisted was unable to land hard punches so she used her right fist until he pulled his arm free, grabbing her injured wrist and throwing her off of him, rolling them over so he had her pinned to the floor. Blaze only delivered one hard punch to her face before she brought her knee up and forced it  into his crotch, making him fall to the side. Out of anger, she kicked his face before Tristen gently pulled her back to stand behind him and Mr. Quinlan grabbed the werewolf by his neck.

"Did we forget how to spar, boy?" He growled, his voice giving away that he was pissed, "You do not land heavy blows in this form of training and you do NOT attack to injure any of your classmates!"

Tristen turned to Vesuvius, "I'm sorry, I got Xander off of me as fast as I could..." He looked over her bloody nose and gazed down at her swollen wrist she was holding tight against her chest.

"How bad is it?" Mr. Quinlan came up, gently moving Tristen to the side, his hand reaching out to Vesuvius.

"I'm not weak..." She said, sounding offended.

"Alright then." Mr. Quinlan looked at Tristen, "And you?"

"Same. Doesn't matter."

All of the guys in his class would shrug off even the most severe of injuries but he hadn't expected Vesuvius to do so as well. He doesn't usually look into the minds of his students but when he looked into the top layers of hers, he saw that even though her wrist was in terrible pain, she just could not bring herself to give a shit.

She wiped the blood from her nose and looked at him, straightening her wrist back out, "So, what's next?"

Mr. Quinlan saw that she did not want to be treated any different from the males in the class so he looked at each and every student before telling them to run laps until the class was over with, he didn't feel like fooling with them.

"If anyone attacks another classmate without my permission, I will not hesitate to put you in the hospital quarters for several weeks." He said, turning and walking to the weapon room.

Tristen stayed by Vesuvius' side while they ran, talking to her and asking questions about where she was from. He was so nice to her, acting as if he were truly interested in what she had to say.

"Look, you managed to hold your own in a fight with one of the biggest guys in the school so Blaze shouldn't bother you for a good while. I had to literally put him into one of the hospital rooms for him to stop talking shit about me."

"Why talk shit about you?" She asked.

"I'm gay. Like most guys, he automatically assumed I was looking at him and wanting to 'butt-fuck him' so, I had to explain with a fist in his face that he is too much of a jerk even for the females in the school. Nobody wants to deal with him, nobody wants to be friends with him... Except Xander and that's only in here."

Tristen limped when he ran, having hurt his ankle in the brawl with Xander, "Is your foot okay?"

He laughed, "Just gotta walk it off. Is your wrist okay?"

"I will admit that I've never hurt either of my wrists this bad before but I will deal with it." She smiled, "Pain is just weakness leaving the body."

"Now you're starting to sound like Mr. Quinlan!" He laughed, "I might need an ankle brace or something for a few days, though, come with me to the medical area to at least get your wrist looked at?" Tristen sounded so caring, "It wouldn't hurt to get it looked at, right?"

"I guess not."

"Okay, I'll wait for you outside the locker rooms after getting changed."

After class, on her way to get changed, Vesuvius was stopped by Mr. Quinlan when the others had all disappeared into the men's locker room.


"You do not have to act like you are not in pain."

"I never said I wasn't, I just said I could deal with it."

His hand reached down and gently took her wrist in his hands. It was already swollen and bruising darkly especially around the thumb. She was unable to stop her arm from shaking from the pain, it was one she wasn't used to. Quinlan's fingers gently touched over the wrist and she couldn't help the pained whimper that left her lips. It was quiet and she was hoping he hadn't heart it.

"You should go see one of the medics."

"I am, Tristen requested that I go with him."

"Are you feeling pain anywhere else?"

"I'm not a porcelain doll, I don't break easily."

He smirked at her attitude, "If you need anything, i am here."

"Thank you." Vesuvius walked into the locker room and slowly changed into her uniform. After getting everything on, she sat and looked down at her wrist, examining it on her own. Her long fingernails had blood under them, 'That's not mine...'

But she washed her hands as best as she could, letting her sore wrist linger under the cold water for a few moments. There was no hurry in leaving the locker room, she walked slow and met Tristen outside, Aria standing next to him.


"I was afraid this would happen. My boyfriend said he heard some guys in the second period class talking and asked me to warn you. I didn't think they'd actually hurt you, though." She stepped forward and took out a tissue from her bag, "Your nose is bleeding."

'Great.' She thought.

The three made it to the hospital quarters and met with one of the nurses there. It didn't take long for the woman to examine her wrist and wrap it, "It's between a grade II and a grade III sprain but you did not damage any ligaments. Just rest it, don't use it until it can function normally. Rest it for forty eight hours at least and keep it elevated above your heart."

"I can still use my other arm, at least."

"Try ice on it for twenty to thirty mines every three hours."

Vesuvius nodded and thanked the nurse before getting up and leaving the room, walking out to see Aria and Tristen. He nodded to her, "You didn't break it, good! I'm going to go back to my dorm and sleep my ass off now."

The two girls giggled, Aria managing to get some words out between laughs, "Have fun with that!"

"Oh, I will."

"You know, Vesuvius," Aria said, "You should go back to the dorm and rest too. I'll go by the lounge and get some junk food and sodas for you and meet you there, okay?"

"I can help you-"

"Nope! Rest your wrist, remember?" She stuck her tongue out, "Really, go rest. I'll be there soon."

Vesuvius smiled, muttered a thanks then started on her way back to the dorm area. She wasn't surprised she met Quinlan as he was on his way out of his class.



"Everything okay?" He asked, concern in his blue eyes.

"I'm fine. Aria is making me rest. On my way to the dorm now."

He looked down at her and she looked up at him, neither saying anything. Quinlan brushed the back of his fingers over her cheek then quickly pulled his hand away, "Stay safe and away from Blaze."

"I will."

He left and she turned to continue on her way. She was so happy when she finally made it to her room she shared with Aria.

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The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Empty Re: The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic

Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Sat Apr 16, 2016 9:30 pm

Vesuvius hadn't been feeling well but she promised herself she'd make it through all of her classes then she would spend the rest of the night resting. She was on the way to the last class of the day when she felt a pain in her head. Vesuvius thought as she walked and ran into Tristen.

"Hey! You alright?" He asked, everyone had already gone to class as the bell rang. But Tristen saw something was terribly off with his friend.

The halls were quiet now, to quiet. Vesuvius felt she couldn't move, only able to stand in one place.

Mr. Quinlan stepped out the door and looked at the two, "Care to join us?"

But Tristen ignored the teacher, "Suvi, you should go see the nurse or one of the med-!" She interrupted him when she fall into his arms, "Vesuvius!"

Quinlan ran to the girl and put a hand on her neck, checking for a pulse, he found one. It was always his first priority to check, "Tristen, tell the others to run. I'll take her to get checked out."

"Yes, sir."

They were the only two in the hallway now. He lifted her up into his arms and ran to the medical area. Halfway there, he felt a tug at his jacket. She was conscious again, gripping the material, "I'm so sorry..."

"What's wrong?"

"...Forgot again."

"Forgot... To eat again?"

She nodded, Quinlan walking into the medical area with her. He placed her on one of the beds and took her jacket off. The dhampir had never noticed how skinny she was before. The nurse made it over to him and instantly put her hands on her hips, "Miss. Suvi, this again? This is starting to become a major problem!"

She had orange juice forced into her hands, "I just forget, I fell asleep yesterday doing homework and had to rush and finish this morning. I just... I don't know."

Quinlan shook his head, "Did you ever have this problem at home?"


Quinlan made a note to her roommate. The lifeless gaze in her eyes disturbed him, making him remember events from the past.


Aria fwapped Vesuvius on the back of her head when she came into the room, "Don't scare me like that ever again! How do you manage to forget to eat even lunch?"

About that time, the nekomata, the one that had adopted her from before, jumped up onto Vesuvius' lap and placed its paws on her chest, mewling frantically as if scolding her for her actions.

"You too, Hitomi?"


"I need to make a note then. I don't want a dragon and a demon kitty to murder me."

"Damn right you don't!" Aria held a hand down and Hitomi took her paw and popped her palm with it, giving her a high/low five.

"You two are so meeeean."


A few days later, Vesuvius was walking to Quinlan's class. Hitomi had hitched a ride on her head, following her everywhere. Since the cat had been with her, she had remembered to eat. She happily shared her sushi with her.

"May I ask what that is on your head?"

"Ah, Tristen! It's a nekomata."

Tristen ruffled the cat's fur on her head, "I'd never actually seen one before! That's so cute! You're lucky to have one bond with you! Just make sure it knows-"

The cat interrupted him with a hiss.

"Her, so sorry, ma'am. Remind her that Quinlan's class is just that, a class. Not to transform and hurt anyone."

'Transform? Did Aria mention something like that? Oh, well.' She thought. Once inside, she changed then walked out, the cat still on her head. The guys in the class that saw the nekomata backed away. Everyone knew what the critter was but Vesuvius had never even heard of them until she saw them for the first time the other week.

When Quinlan saw her, all he saw was the little cat ears poking up from behind Vesuvius's head.

"And what, pray tell, is that on your head, Vesuvius?" Quinlan asked. Hitomi popped her head up and the ex-gladiator sighed, "Not this again... Please make sure she understands when you are in real danger so no one is attacked and killed this time?"

Her eyes widened, "Okay. Hitomi?"

The demon cat looked down at her, "Mew?"

"This is just a class, no real danger. I'm learning and might get hurt while learning every now and then but you can't interfere."

The cat nodded and jumped from her shoulder to Quinlan's. He just started at it, one brow raised, "Huh... The last one we had in here hated me."

Hitomi purred and licked his face, he cringed a bit before patting the animal's head, "Just practice your sparring today..."

He watched Vesuvius while she sparred with Tristen, noticing she seemed stronger. His blue eyes looked at Hitomi on his shoulder.

"You're reminding her to eat?" He received a happy meow, "Good girl."

Vesuvius was actually wearing shorts today, though they were right, her tank top was baggy. Her hair in low pigtails.

It was cute.

She kicked her shoes off and her technique became quicker, attacking Tristen with hits that were faster than the last. Vesuvius was so skinny and tiny but was so powerful when she wanted to be...

Tristen looked at Vesuvius with a smile, "Mr. Quinlan has been watching you through the entire class. I think he likes you."

"Or annoyed about the cat. He could still be angry that I fell out the other day." She sighed.

"Oh, yeah! By the way..." Tristen nipped her on the head with his weapon, "Don't do that ever again! You scared the bejesus out of me!"

Vesuvius rubbed her head with a pout, their sparring over for the moment, "I'm sorry, I just forgot. I already had a migraine the night before and it was still there the next day when I woke up. I guess it just made me forget."

They took their stances and started sparring once more. But Tristen was talkative today, "You and Mr. Quinlan would be cute together."

"He's my teacher!"

"So? That kind of relationship may be frowned upon but it is allowed. You are an adult by mermaid standards and age. Neither of you would get in trouble." He laughed at her expression, "What? You need a boyfriend, a lover, a mate, a significant other!"

"I don't need a man to be happy." She caught him off guard and knocked him back, making him fall over his own feet.

"Have you ever even been with a man before?" She didn't answer and Tristen jumped up, "As gorgeous as you are? Girl, you trippin!' There ain't no way!"

"I've never had any interest in being with anyone. I was always trying to perfect my fighting skills." She said, sitting down on the floor, "Is it really that big of a deal?"

"Well... No but I just figured a girl as beautiful as you, especially being a mermaid... Have you never been through the complete transformation yet?"

"I have..."

"I read that mermaids, once adults, have certain urges that need to be taken care of-"

"Tristen, I just do my best to ignore it. Fighting helps..."

He helped her up off of the floor, "How bad is it when the urges hit you?"

"Unbearable... I've come here in the middle of the night to beat the crap out of the punching bags several times since I was here."

Tristen laughed and shook his head, "Take care of it yourself."

"No... I... I'm not weak. I refuse to do that." Vesuvius put a hand to her head, "Y-you know what? I'm going to... Disappear..."

She dropped the weapon and ran, Hitomi jumping down from Quinlan's shoulder with a distressed meow. In the locker room, the orange haired mermaid sat down on the bench in front of her locker. Having forgot her urges until Tristen said something, they all came back and she knew dhampirs could smell anything a mile away, and Mr. Quinlan was only a few feet away. She had feelings for the teacher, she admitted it to herself but she hadn't even breathed a word to anybody else. Now it was bothering her.

'Maybe I can stop by the potions class and ask the teacher if she has anything to stop these... Urges.' She thought, squeezing her thighs together in an attempt to get some sort of relief, 'How embarrassing...'

Hitomi put a comfortingly paw on Vesuvius's knee with a sympathetic mew.

'Well, at least tomorrow is Friday... I'm going to skip...'


Later, Aria walked into their dorm room and saw the bathroom door open. When she looked, she saw an orange and purple mermaid over the side of the bathtub. It wasn't moving so she went to investigate. There in the tub on her back was Vesuvius, on her back and her hands over her eyes. Aria reached into the freezing cold water and pulled the drain plug. Once the water had all drained out, Aria waited until she uncovered her eyes before she spoke.

"I'm guessing the urges are back and everything has gone to hell?" She received the most pitiful nod, "Come on, let's get you dry and warm then you can tell me what's wrong. I won't judge. Promise."

A towel was grabbed and Vesuvius was dried off, water squeezed out of her hair. Aria brushed the long orange strands, "Now. Tell me what's wrong."

"I... I like someone."

"Oooh? Tell me!"

"You never even told me about your boyfriend."

"I said he was older."

"Fair enough." Vesuvius sighed, Not pouting out the dark love marks on Aria's neck, "I can't be with him because... Because..."

"Hey older?"

"Y-yes..." The mermaid looked back at her best friend, "He's older..."

"You should tell Quinlan that you like him! Who knows, he might even feel the same way. Mine did about me when I confessed my love to him. I'm in his class every day now. It really kind of sucks though, because he makes classwork harder for me on purpose."

Now everything was starting to fall into place. It was so well hidden but now she understood. Aria was always way early to Mr. Vaun's class and always stayed late, never missing out when he offers to tutor her on her work...

"You and Mr. Vaun?"

"Mhmm." The dragon smiled, "Mr. Quinlan's brother."

Her eyes widened at the fact and shit around, messing up the braid Aria had been weaving into her long hair, "Do they talk often?"

"I will be completely honest with you. Quinlan walks in on us all the time and just talks to us like nothing out of the ordinary is happening at all. But he does talk about you a lot, all good things. He talks about you like you are a goddess."

A blush formed over their mer's pale face.

"You two, though." Aria continued, "He's so tall, muscular, and buff and you're so... Not. You're petite. He might break you if you got with him."

Vesuvius sighed, completely dry now and her tail had formed back into her normal, skinny legs.

Aria finished the two low pigtails she had loosely braided into her friend's hair. "Trust me, you need to just tell him! Tonight is Friday, everyone is fooling around in the lobby and the gardens! You can sneak to talk to him without anyone seeing."



Quinlan stood looking out of the window in his room. It was open, the cool night air blowing over him...

But he could still smell that sweet, intoxicating scent from yesterday. It had been so strong, he was lucky he was able to restrain himself. Yes, he had feelings for the girl and smelling her arousal just made him long for her even more. He could not deny his attraction to her any longer. Vesuvius had not been in class today, and after she just dropped her weapon and ran, he was worried. The other day when he had carried her in his arms, it took all of his will power to put her down.

The dhampir jerked his head up when he heard a soft knock on his door. At this hour? Not mention no one ever came up here, not even for emergencies, not even the school teachers and headmaster, nor his own brother dares to come up here. He moved to the door and opened it.

There stood Vesuvius, barefoot but in her school uniform. Her hands nervously pulling one of the two braided pigtails, a light blush on her face.

Quinlan looked into her thoughts and what he found was surprising to him.

'This is a huge mistake, he can't love me back! There's no way this will work! I need to leave!' But her bare feet would not move, she was rooted to the spot, "Mr. Quinlan...?"

"Yes...?" He looked down at her, as patient as he could possibly be.

She looked terrified.

'Say something... Just tell him you love him!' She was practically screaming at herself, "I..."

It was quiet but only for a moment, then it happened. She stepped forward, closing the distance between them and wrapping her arms around his waist. Her face buried in his black shirt. She hadn't noticed until now that she only reached his lower belly.

But all words failed her.

Quinlan shut the door and locked it, then wrapped her in a strong embrace.

"I think I love you..." She was crying.

"I can't deny that it seems you are my destined mate." He tilted her head up so he could look into her golden eyes. Without thinking about it first, he pressed his lips to hers in a hungry, passionate yet heated kiss. It was obvious she was greatly inexperienced but he felt excitement at the thought of being her teacher in other aspects.

When he pulled away, he pressed his forehead to hers, "I'm only going to ask you once if you are sure you want to go down this path."

She nodded, looking into his eyes, "I am sure. But I don't know much on how to go about it..."

"I will teach you. There's no need to be afraid."

She nodded, clearly nervous as hell but absolutely sure on her decision to be with him.

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The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Empty Re: The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic

Post by Lynxcat1 on Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:34 pm

I love It!! I love how each character teaches a class that matches their personality-It's really clever! I would love to see more.The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic 2860615554 (Even though this forum is a ghost town..)

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The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Empty Re: The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic

Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:40 pm

I need to update this, there's more chapters between so it isn't rushed. I'll start over

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The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Empty Re: The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic

Post by Lynxcat1 on Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:45 pm

MrQuinlansBloodDoll wrote:I need to update this, there's more chapters between so it isn't rushed. I'll start over

oh ok awesome! You are a really good writer!

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The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Empty Re: The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic

Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:51 pm

Thank you :3

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The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic Empty Re: The Institute for the Paranormal and Gifted Society - AU Fanfic

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