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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Wed May 13, 2015 6:19 pm

"We try to catch you in the night
The moon shines in a different light
We see into your fragile eyes
No more time to cry"

Vampire Romance Pentba10

"You're here again."

Quinlan heard the young woman approach him from behind on the rooftop. He would come up here at random and every time he would find her, sitting close to the edge and reading.

"You should not come up here at night." He said without facing her.

"At night is the only time I feel comfortable enough to leave the apartment."

"Correction, you should not come up here alone at night."

She sat down in her usual spot and opened her book.

"Someone as beautiful as you can be vulnerable to many things."

"Who said I couldn't protect myself?"

Quinlan turned to face her and saw her looking up into his eyes.The wind moved her black hair out of her pale face. She stood up and approached him, slowly as if she was afraid he would run away. Her pale hand reached out and he turned around before she could touch him.

"You have no idea what you are getting yourself into, girl."

"I don't?" She gave a quick laugh, "I know what you are and I'm not afraid."

He was attracted to this woman, one reason he would always come back when he was able.

"This won't work."

"Says you."

He turned back and looked into her piercing blue eyes. Half of him told him to run, to not get close to anyone. It would end in disaster.

But the other half of him told him to go for it, he deserved to feel something at least once in his life.

She reached back up and touched his face with a gentle smile, his hand reaching up to touch hers.

"You're not afraid?"


"Then you are an idiot."


She pulled him down so their lips could meet in a gentle kiss...

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Wed May 13, 2015 6:20 pm

Winter sighed with relief when she stepped into her apartment. She loved the tons of money she made at the library but sometimes it was overly annoying dealing with the people that came in.

The walk home wasn't to terribly bad but lately, with the crazy reports on the news along with Quinlan's tales, she never left home without some kind of weapon.

Once inside, the door was hastily locked behind her and her things were placed on the counter that separated the kitchen and living room.

In her room she reached into the closet and put on a black long sleeved shirt, her hair was taken down and brushed while she planned on traveling up to the roof of the apartment building as usual.

"Winter!" A voice called out.

"Yes?" She answered.

It was her roommate trying to talk to her from across the apartment, "You have a visitor in the window, again!"

Or maybe she wouldn't have to go anywhere. Maybe he'd come to her. It'd been almost a week since she had last seen him.

She smiled and walked into the living room where she saw a familiar hooded form crouched in the window, on his back was his rifle. Winter couldn't see his eyes for the shadow of his hood but she could feel his eyes on her, watching her.

"Were you aware of the two creatures making several attempts to follow you home?"

"...No." She answered with a slight narrow of her eyes, "You've been following me?"

Winter received no answer but decided not to question having someone who wanted to protect her.

He stepped down so he was standing on the floor a few feet in front of her.

"You can use the door sometime, it might be easier. Why aren't you with your group, anyway?"

Again, no answer. Quinlan approached her and put a gloved hand under her chin, moving her head up to reveal her neck. His fingers pulled the collar of her shirt over each shoulder, examining her for any kind of wounds.

"I'm fine." She smiled, "Nothing touched me on the way here."

"She won't even let ME touch her, you've got nuttin' to worry about, Mr. Quinlan." Her room mate came up behind her and attempted to nuzzle her hair, "She's a bad ass kick boxer, remember?"

"...There are things he doesn't know about me yet, Bridget."

"He doesn't know about the cage fights you used to go to? About how you'd win against WWE wannabe looking men?"

"No, I hadn't told him about that yet."

"Oh... My bad."

Quinlan wasn't always comfortable around the blonde room mate, considering she was very confident about herself and would always try to flirt with him and/or his masked partners while wearing inappropriate clothing. Bridget also had a bad habit of talking... A lot.

She worked at the nearest strip club, a job that was the exact opposite of Winter's. But together, the two made enough money to live comfortably on. Though opposites, the two were best friends.

There were so many things he did not know about the woman. Her past was a complete mystery. But Winter was smart and had wonderful taste in literature and art as well as music. He respected that and loved the conversations he had with her.

This kick boxing thing he did not know about yet. This woman was so skinny and small, she looked as if she'd break if he were to simply take her into his arms and hold her.

Now that he had some kind of personal information on her, perhaps he didn't have to watch over her and protect her...

Bridget pranced off to the bathroom so she could shower and left the two alone, finally.

"Really, you don't have to worry about me when I walk home at night. You have more important things to concentrate on."

"I could always use another fighter."

"I'll think about it."

Quinlan leaned down and put his forehead against hers before he turned around and left the way he came.

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Wed May 13, 2015 6:21 pm


It was shooting through her body and she wasn't sure what it was that was hurt in the first place.

'Dumbass! You just had to fall down the stairs, didn't you?' Winter silently scolded herself.

Things went down at the library thanks to the 'vampires' in the area becoming brave once the sun set.

'Elevator, no more stairs tonight...' She hit the up button and stepped onto the elevator when it opened. Maybe it was the fact that she had been concentrating on the pain but it only seemed to be a few seconds before she made it to her floor.

Bridget ran to Winter when she stumbled into the apartment, catching her before she could trip over the little rug they had at the door.

"Winter! What's wrong?!" She asked, lifting her up and carrying her into the living room.

The dark haired woman shook her head with a cringe, "The library was slightly trashed."


"The big, fancy window on the roof that's in the fiction area upstairs? It's not there anymore, it's shattered completely."

"The vampires?"


Bridget looked her friend over, taking off her shirt that still had small bits of broken glass in it.

"I took one out but another fell through and landed on me. I fell down the stairs with it."

"From the top?! That's a lot of stairs, Winter! Something might be broken! You need to go to the hospital!"


If it was one thing she hated it was hospitals...

"I'm going to take a shower. Stacey gave me the next few days off until the window is fixed, I should be better by then."

"At least take a break from-"


Winter stood up and walked to the bathroom, Bridget seeing the horrendous bruise covering her lower back. The stripper seriously considered getting in touch with someone that could possibly help her stubborn friend...

She grabbed her phone from the couch and began to dial the one number she knew of that would lead to Quinlan.

"Gus! I need to talk to Quin. I'm not sure if its an emergency or not but I need him here now. Its about Winter."

After the shower, Winter wrapped a fluffy white towel around her and let herself collapse on her bed. The pain killers she'd grabbed from her medicine cabinet were finally kicking in and now she was just sleepy as hell. She stretched out a bit on her side and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

"I didn't see any cuts but her back looks badly bruised." Bridget whispered to Quinlan on the other side of the door.

He opened the door, stepped in then shut it behind him. The room was dark all except for the moonlight shining in through the window. Quinlan approached the bed where the woman was laying still and gently moved the wet hair out of her face.

There was no wounds of any kind on her face or neck. He gently unwrapped the towel from her body and examined every inch of her. Thankfully, there were no cuts or scratches. Rolling her over, he saw her bruised back Bridget had mentioned. No open wounds or broken bones from what he could tell but there were several scars he had noticed.

He shifted her so she was once again laying on her back and placed his forehead against hers, relieved that she wasn't corrupted. Now he was focused on how beautiful she was...

Quinlan pulled the blankets up so her naked body was hidden and smoothed her hair back again.

Once he left the bedroom he was met with a very anxious Bridget.

"She's fine, just badly bruised." He said, "But she has many scars all over her body..."

"That is not my story to tell, Mr. Quinlan. One day she will tell you herself, I'm sure."

Quinlan nodded and started to leave, looking back when Gus didn't follow to see the man flirting with Bridget. Seeing his annoyed glance, Gus gave the woman a quick hug and ran to follow him.

Bridget was alone again and flopped down on the couch, "Damn I need a drink."

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Wed May 13, 2015 6:22 pm

"All of the strigoi were dead when we arrived. Someone else is hunting them." Gus told Quinlan, "Maybe you can recruit him too?"


"Power in numbers, man. Just jack him up like you did me."

Quinlan smirked as he nodded.

"What about your lady friend, is she better?"

The half breed frowned, he had not been able to visit her in the past two weeks. The sun would be setting soon, she would be leaving the library about now if he remembered correctly...

He knew she could take care of herself but something still worried him about her after the window incident.

Without giving Gus an answer, he turned and left. Outside he saw the sun was low enough that he could walk in the open without any harm coming to him.

"Hey!" Gus ran up beside him, "I'm not letting you go alone, what if you see some action? I ain't missing that shit!"

"Of course. Or is it because you wish to see Bridget?"

"...No idea what you're talking about."

"That's what I thought." Quinlan smirked.

"You could get hurt, too."


The sound of gunshots filled the area and the two wasted no time in running to where it originated. Halfway down an alley, they heard the shots were closer. The loud growls gave away that there were strigoi in the area, maybe the shooter needed help taking them out, or maybe he was corrupted and needed to be put down. The second thought had been happening a lot lately...

Finally making it around the corner the two saw the shooter as he shot the last strigoi that was attempting to attack him.

The man looked at the two before he took off running out of sight. Gus started to run after him but Quinlan stopped him. The man was covered in all black, a full face ski mask on his head, minus the hole for the mouth. The black snowboarding goggles over the eyes seemed a bit dramatic but gave nothing to his identity.

The man was rather muscular from what he could tell and he had one hell of an aim, all of the shots being right between the eyes.

"You're not going after him?!"


Quinlan examined the bodies of the strigoi and saw silver bullets.

"It seems this human is worthy to fight along our side as well. Perhaps you will have a partner to watch your back."

"Like I need someone watching my back."

"Do not get cocky with me. Everyone gets caught off guard every now and then."


"Sooo, snowboarding goggles, a mask, wearing all black with police gear..." Bridget smiled at Gus, "You have no clue who or where he is?"


"Winter, your ex hunted vampires, didn't he?"

Winter looked nervous as they spoke of this new man who hunted the vampires, "Yeah, he wasn't very nice to me..."

Gus looked up at Quinlan then to Bridget, back to Quinlan again, "Wasn't very nice? Like, what? He abuse you or something?"

"More like neglect. He cheated on me with several girls at a time." She said with shame in her eyes. She saw by Quinlan's expression that he wanted to know more so sighed, getting up and walking to her room, "I don't really want to talk about it, though."

Bridget shook her head when Winter was out of the room, "She wouldn't give it up to him so he went out with all of these other girls and screwed them instead. The only reason he went out with her was because she was a virgin and he wanted to brag about taking someones virginity. He made an attempt to rape her one night but she kicked his ass before he could even touch her."

"Fucking douche bag." Gus stood up and changed the subject after seeing Quinlan's expression.

"There are plenty of guys that hunt the vampires now, though."

"Maybe we could get info from the people in the area that saw him. We should do that while the night is still young."

Quinlan nodded and stood up, facing the closed door that Winter was behind before leaving.

Winter came out of her room after she heard it was quiet and sat down on the couch, "Bridget, Stacey said some man came in the library today. She said he was asking for books about witches."


"Then he asked for me by my full name. Stacey said I wasn't there because he looked like a total creeper."


"Yeah, we hired him to take care of the monsters that were starting to kill people in the area. He wasn't much of a talker and I'm not sure where he is now. We paid him after the job was done then he left. A woman that works at the gas station across the road was the one who told me about him."

Gus nodded at the old man in the motel next to where the masked shooter was last seen. His next stop was apparently the gas station.

Crossing the road seemed to take forever. Quinlan was already there, standing outside and nodding towards the door.

The woman behind the cash register looked bored out of her mind, flipping through a magazine and letting out a lazy, "Welcome, how are you?" when he walked in.

"I'm having a vampire problem."

"Good for you, sir."

"No, I need help getting rid of one. You got anybody for me? Someone I can get to kill these things?"

The woman nervously pulled at her light brown hair and took out a piece of paper after seeing nobody else was in the store. Quickly, a name and number was written down and the paper was folded, "I should warn you, he's kind of scary."

Gus opened the paper to see a number, above it was what he guessed was a codename: Black Swan.

"The name may sound sissy but this guy is the real deal, text him a location and a time. He will meet you there and take care of your problem."

If it was one thing Gus knew it was to not take sissy sounding nicknames lightly. He remembered the one man he was in trouble with one time named 'Sugar' and a chill ran down his spin. Such a big guy with such a sissy name.

He laughed to himself upon remembering the memory, "Thank you, ma'am!"

He walked out to see Quinlan's serious and expecting gaze.

"Good luck, man. Got his info."

"Tomorrow night we will meet him, get in touch with him later today."


At the library, Winter was organizing the books. Her fingers found an old one that had fallen between the wall and the book case. It took some effort on her part to finally pull it out. The thick, crusty layer of dust and mold on it suggested it had been there a while.

The title was scratched out and some of the pages were stiff. One page she saw scribblings in what seemed to be another language.

"I think this is German..." She whispered to herself, "Witches of the past..."

She moved her gaze across the room, confirming she was alone before she slid the book into her jacket. She planned on burning it later.


Gus arrived at the designated area and stood with his hood up against the wall of an old broken down building. Quinlan stood out of sight, in the shadows.

A quick touch on his shoulder caused him to jump and he didn't even try to play it off as he usually would. The shadow of Gus' hood hid his face.

"Black Swan?"

He received a nod.

Gus went to punch the goggles on man's face but he dodged and popped him on the head with his gun. He made several attempts to trip the mystery man but he was to quick for him in the dark. Gus was thrown against the wall and the man made an attempt to run but Gus reached out and grabbed the back of his jacket, jerking him back and punching him in the face.

Quinlan attacked him from behind, his arms forcing him to the ground but the half breed fell when his feet were kicked out from underneath him.

'Can't believe I fell for that.' He thought.

'Black Swan' flipped over, seemingly disoriented. A punch to the face from Gus made it worse.

While he seemed to be stunned from the hit, Quinlan jumped out and grabbed the man, trapping his arms behind his back. Gus then took the opportunity to punched him in the side of the head, knocking him out cold.


"He has enough gear on him..." Gus said, "Damn, this is the same room you had me tied up in! I don't feel comfortable in here."

"Quiet." Quinlan said to Gus then looked down and saw the one known as 'Black Swan' starting to regain consciousness. Slowly at first, he looked around through his black goggles then started jerking his arms, "Calm down, you are safe."

Black Swan let his head face downward slowly and Quinlan reached down to pull off the goggles with the ski mask.

Familiar blue eyes looked back up at him, pitifully and he couldn't seem to form words.


She closed her eyes and sighed, "Yes, I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Wed May 13, 2015 6:23 pm

Posted this chapter in the NSFW forum.

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Wed May 13, 2015 6:28 pm

 "We can't let them do this! They are crushing her to death!"

 "She is not afraid. We need to leave."

 Winter was watching this horrid scene through her ancestors eyes and it was making her chest ache to the core.

 'How can a human do something like this to one of their own?!'

The woman didn't scream and she showed no fear, staring up at the night sky with tears in her determined eyes. The rocks being piled up over her chest refused to let her take a much needed breath. All to sudden did she seem to be going through this ancestors life in fast motion until she was reborn into what seemed like another body. Still everything was passing by her quickly until she was carrying a baby in her arms, now handing it over to a woman who she assumed was her sister.

 "Run, now!"

 The woman escaped but Winter looked down through her ancestor's eyes and saw hands grabbing her around her wrists and waist, being forced to the ground and dragged out of the house she had been in. Everything was in fast motion only she was looking the eyes of the child she had just been holding. Now she was looking into a small pond at her reflection, now grown. This ancestor looked just like her, same hair and eyes along with the same facial features. She was wearing a dress with a little bonnet-like hat.

 Winter, as this person, stood up and walked to a small house where she saw a man and child.

"Listen, love... A man saw you with the other two. They think you are evil and I will not just stand by and watch as you are burned alive! We need to leave."

 "And go where? They will find us. Take the our child and run, I can save both of you by letting them catch me."

 "No! There has to be another way for all three of us to escape."

A loud knock was heard on the door and she turned to look at her husband. Tears were in his eyes, it made her chest ache seeing him like this. She kissed him one last time as passionately as she possibly could, pouring all of her love into it. After, she looked down at her child and took off her necklace, placing it gently around the child's neck.

'Wait, I have that necklace! Back at the apartment!'

"This wand will protect you, dearest. I love you so much! Survive..." She looked up at her husband, "Both of you. Keep her safe."

 'A wand... So that's what that thing is. I never could figure it out...'

She kissed her baby on her forehead and gently pushed them to the back door. Her husband stared at her, so many emotions in his tear filled eyes, "I love you."

"I love you more." She closed the door with a sad sigh and ran back to the front of the house after she saw they were gone.

The front door was opened and the men grabbed her, dragging her outside.

Everything went black, she seemed to come to after being tied up to...

'Oh my God, why am I seeing this?! I don't want to experience this!' Winter screamed in her head, still looking through the eyes of her ancestor.

The man took the torch and approached her, a prayer on his lips.

If it was one thing Winter was terrified off, it was fire...

She felt the heat and started screaming.



"Wake up!"



Quinlan firmly gripped his lover's arms, shaking her rather roughly now in a panic. Her screams were becoming louder and more pain-filled.

"Winter, open your eyes! Wake up!"

After what seemed like an eternity, her blue eyes shot opened in the middle of a scream. Reality didn't seem to sink it at first, her screams still sounding through the room.

"Winter, you're safe!" He said, purring a soft growl.

The noise seemed to calm her and her eyes focused on him, "Quintus..."

"I'm here, you're alright."

"I was burning..."

"It was a nightmare, you're safe."

"Not a nightmare, a memory." She let herself be held, resting against his bare chest. The feeling of his strong arms around her made her feel safe, calming her down.

Then she remembered, "I need to go back to my apartment!"

She jumped up with speed he had never seen from her before and threw on her clothes, running out. Winter felt she didn't have time to wait for Quinlan, or time to even jump in a vehicle. So, she ran.


When she reached the door, Quinlan had caught up to her, fully clothed and armed. It was impressive that he had to time gather all of his things and still catch up to her, or maybe she was just slow...

There was no time for the elevator, Winter ran up the stairs and ran down the hallway. She dropped the keys several times before she tried getting them in the lock but even then she couldn't quite seem to unlock the door.

Thankfully, Bridget opened it, the noise had alerted her, getting her out of bed, "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"Thank you!" She danced around her room mate and went straight to her room.

"What the crap is going on?" Bridget asked the half breed, who responded with a shrug as he slowly walked inside.

The two of them made it to the door of Winter's room where they saw clothes flying through the air from the closet.

"I'm confused, what's wrong?" She asked, walking in. A dress was thrown and accidentally thrown on the blonde's head, "Winter, what the hell! Hey... This is actually really cute." The long and elegant mermaid styled dress was held up, a sweetheart neckline with tank top-like sleeves that went over the shoulders. They were covered in black feathers, "Oh, Winter! This is adorable! Why don't you ever wear it?"

"Because I don't do pretty, I do comfortable and/or badass. Here, take the bag of shit it came with." A bag was thrown at her.

"Aw, Winter..."

"It was my great, great...great...great? I don't know how many greats are in there but it was one of my grandmother's..." Various types of shoes were flying from the closet, now. "Ah, ha!" Her voice was a bit muffled, "I found it!"

Bridget and Quinlan both poked their heads around the opened closet door to see Winter sitting on her knees, before her was an old jewelry box. In her hands she held a long charm of sorts that had a rather large crystal on one end, a smaller one on the other. between the two on a long bit of what looked like rock were smaller jewels decorating it.

"That thing again?" Bridget sat down next to her, "You never figured out what it was supposed to be."

"Its a wand."

"A what?"

"A wand, its been passed down through the women in the family." Winter said with a smile.

Though her smile faded when she held it up by the chain it was on. She held the wand itself several ways.

"Now that I know what it is... I have no idea how to hold it or even use it..." She threw it down with an annoyed hiss, "Why couldn't they have shown me that in the memory?! Something useful about this thing would have been nice!"

"Does it even do anything?" The blonde asked, picking it up, "Besides look pretty?"

"I don't know."

Quinlan watched the two, focused on this 'wand' Winter had freaked out over. It somehow looked familiar but he wasn't sure why, then it dawned on him, he had seen pictures of these.

"Its silver, the body of it is silver."

Of course this information was handy but she still had no idea how to use it, "I'm picturing some Harry Potter kinda crap happening with this thing."

Quinlan gave her an expression, telling her he had no idea what she was talking about.

"We'll watch the movies one day, don't worry."

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Vampire Romance Empty Re: Vampire Romance

Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Wed May 13, 2015 6:34 pm

This chapter is being posted in the NSFW area x.x even though it sucks butt.

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Wed May 13, 2015 6:39 pm

"You just HAD to follow that thing in here, didn't you?!"

"Uh, you didn't have to run in here with me, Winter."

"Damnit, Gus! I sure as hell wasn't staying out there by myself!"

Winter clutched to the back of Gus' shirt, burying her face in it. When they had decided to kill the strigoi in the carnival area they did not expect it to end up like this.

Not only did they run in to a corrupted clown, but they were chased in here...

"A maze of fucking mirrors..." Gus shook his head, "You have got to be shittin' me."

"Just break the mirrors and get us out!" Winter said ready to kick one of the mirrors over.

"No, no, no!" Gus stopped her, gripping her wrist, "Seven years bad luck if you break a mirror and there are shit tons of them in here."

Winter gave an annoyed sigh, "Fine."

"Besides," Gus said, a cocky grin on his face, "This ain't so bad."

A mirror behind them broke and they both turned to see the damned clown strigoi again.

"Damn, he caught up to us." Gus aimed his pistol and shot, only discover that the vampire clown was a reflection in one of the mirrors. The real one was in the room with them, but neither could tell which one was the real thing.

"Damnit! 7 fucking years!" He spat.

Winter took out her gun, praying that Quinlan would show up soon.

"Gus, its almost time for the sun to set. W-won't they be waking up about now?"

"Don't freak out, we got this!"

"No, we don't!"

"Yes, we do!"

Trisha aimed and pulled the trigger, hitting the real clown in the head. When it hit the ground she sighed in relief, "Gus..."

She received no answer and Gus was no where to be seen.

"G-Gus?!" She panicked, "This shit is so not funny! Where are you?!"

"I'm over here."

She heard him but she didn't see him...

"I wish Quinlan was here! We never should've come here without him! What made you think the Master was in here, anyway?! God, I feel sick..." Winter leaned against one of the mirrors. Disoriented, she looked around and saw many reflections of her friend and partner but she didn't see the real him.

A crash of a mirror was heard before a loud, "Ow..."

"What the crap are you doing?!"

"Trying to find you! I tried to grab you... Apparently that wasn't you! Where the hell are you?!"

Winter huffed and punched the mirror she had been leaning against. She didn't feel her knuckles when they were cut opened but once the mirror fell and completely shattered, she saw Gus standing before her. Cautiously, he reached out and poked her.

"Stop that..." She gave him a warning glare, if it was one thing she hated it was being poked.

"Just had to be sure."

Winter rolled her eyes and spotted another doorway, "There! Is that the way out?"

"Only one way to find out."

The two ran through but it was pitch black. Gus pulled out a flashlight, having to pop it a few good times for it to fully stay lit up. When he pointed it in front of him Winter heard him squeal a short, somewhat girly squeal and he dropped the flashlight.

"What's wrong?!" She jumped.

Gus didn't answer, instead rubbing a hand over his nose and shaking his head. He pointed in front of him and Winter saw a manikin.

"Damn thing... Wait..." He moved and used the flashlight to look around the room. It seemed to be a storage unit of some sort, and it happened to be storing manikins, "This wasn't in the job application when I signed up."

"It might have been, all you focused on was the 'money' part."

The manikins in the far corner were knocked over and piled up. Gus could easily count about twenty of them-

"Gus, they aren't manikins."

"In the corner?"

"Yes! Wait, did you hear that?"



Quinlan ran as fast as he possibly could, annoyed that his two sun hunters ignored his demands to stay. He had told them that they would all go together. Several of his other vampire partners were behind him, breaking up into groups to surround the area.

Once in the middle of the area, he caught a faint scent that he recognized as the exotic smell of Winter's shampoo. Upon following it, he found a trail of red blood that seemed fairly fresh.

The scent took him to a dark doorway and once he was inside he had to question his faith in humanity.

'Mirrors? A maze of...mirrors? How is this entertaining?'

With a growl he kicked the mirror, knocking it to the floor. Elbowing the others, pushing some over with his gun as he made his way through. The commotion caught the attention of the strigoi in the structure. He easily took them out, only having trouble when two came up from behind.

Quinlan flipped the biggest one over his shoulder, shoved the barrel of the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger before he headbutted the last one. The strigoi, caught off guard, stumbled backwards. Quinlan had time to turn around and nail the creature between the eyes.

Various growls were heard outside but he sensed they were being taken care of by his silent partners. He continued on his way and ran through the doorway on the other side of the room where he discovered manikins laying all over the floor, a few were standing.

He wasn't surprised when one of the manikins turned around and charged at him. One quick shot was the end of him, or her, he couldn't tell.

A few steps forward and he found the flashlight, still turned on.

Something wasn't quite right. He sniffed the air again and caught the fresh yet very strong scent of blood. Gus and Winter were no where to be seen.


He heard Gus' voice and ran to where it had originated which was just outside the storage room. He ran down the few steps then jumped down the drop off. It was a good seven to eight feet before his feet hit the ground. When he saw the man he noticed a big bruise forming on his head with blood running down over the back of his neck. There was no doubt that he had a concussion.

Quinlan caught him just before he fell to the ground, dizziness overtaking him.

"I'm okay, just give me a minute..."

He reached up a hand and examined Gus' head. He would need a doctor of some sort to check this out, a hospital trip was definitely in his future.

"O-okay, maybe I need more than a minute." Gus stuttered after a failed attempt in standing up.

"You're going to a hospital. Where's Winter?"

"I... I don't know. She ran that way. We fell, she hit her head on the concrete. I hit the damn railing. She can't be far, go! Go get her, I'll be alright."

Quinlan took off around the corner as soon as he heard a gunshot. There he saw Winter, standing before several strigoi bodies. She seemed to be fine, until she turned around.

"Quintus?" She started to fall but was caught by his arms.

Once she had turned to face him he saw red pouring over her face, some soaking her hair, dripping off of the lose strands and onto the ground. It was running down her neck, over her chest and staining her shirt.

"Winter, you should've waited for me! Both of you!"

"S-sorry..." She lost consciousness and Quinlan picked her up gently, turning to see Gus stumbling up behind him.

"You two are going to a hospital. Now."

"S-she's not going to like that..."

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Vampire Romance Empty Re: Vampire Romance

Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Wed May 13, 2015 6:42 pm

In the waiting room of the hospital, all Quinlan could smell was medical supplies. It wasn't an unpleasant smell but he had certainly smelled better things.

The waiting area was empty all except for him and Bridget. The blonde had forced her way into the ER when she walked in, no one could stop her. So Quinlan leaned against the wall next to the doors, arms crossed and his hood covering most of his face.

"Um... Mr. Quinlan?" The doctor came out, sounding unsure about saying the name. When Quinlan approached him he started talking, "He said to call you that, you just don't seem like the 'Mr.' type. We have checked over both of the patients you brought in."

"How are they?"

"Augustin just left x ray, we were checking for a spinal injury. Thankfully, he doesn't have one and he seems rather eager to leave. He seemed confused several times when we were speaking with him and there was some vomiting which can be quite common with a concussion. He needed stitches but he should be fine." The doctor pushed his glasses up over his nose, "Miss. Swan has a severe concussion and blood loss. She keeps having panic attacks and trying to leave. She was saying something about energies around her... Do you know what she is talking about?"

Quinlan remembered she hated hospitals, hate being an understatement, but she never told him why.

"I know what she's talking about."

The two men turned to see Gus and Bridget coming out of the doors.

"Mr. Elizalde, you haven't been cleared to leave-"

"I'm not leaving the hospital, I just couldn't stand that damn room anymore." Gus had bandages wrapped on and around his head, spots of blood had made themselves visible through the white material, "I asked her why she hated hospitals and she said the energies trapped in here are bad, negative."

"The energy there, I can't take it. I can't go in a hospital without having a bad panic attack."

"What do you mean bad energy?"

"Scientists don't have a reliable way to detect this kind of thing yet and I'm not sure how to explain it." She thought for a moment, "Since I was little I have been able to sense spirits and energies around me. The energy at hospitals are so strong that it feels like..."

She thought for a moment.

"It almost feels like when you haven't eaten and you get very lightheaded and weak, I start sweating and I feel like I can't stand up. Then there is a prickly feeling, like when your arm or leg has fallen asleep only its all over. That turns into a panic attack which only makes everything worse. Its so much energy trapped in hospitals, that's why it makes me freak out so bad."

That made sense, at least to them it did. The doctor seemed more confused than concerned.

"Well, Miss. Swan was trembling, not letting anyone touch her. Her heartbeat is irregular, she has sensitivity to light and noise. We stitched her up and she seemed to calm down for a bit. Both of them are going to suffer from fatigue and drowsiness. They both need to rest, its safe for them to get some sleep now. The best treatment for a concussion is rest, physically and mentally."

That was when one of the nurses came running out of the doors that led to the ER, "Your patient Winter D. Swan is gone, we can't find her anywhere!"

Bridget shook her head when the doctor ran off, "She's probably at home. Whenever she is taken to a hospital she sneaks out when no one is looking."

Quinlan closed his eyes and nodded, trusting the blonde.


When they entered the apartment, the first thing they saw was Winter sitting on the floor against the wall. She had her black jeans on but her shirt and bra were on the floor beside her. On her upper body was the hospital gown. Her dirty feet were bare, the shoes were no where to be seen.

"Winter! Y-" Bridget was interrupted by Quinlan holding up a hand that silently told her to be quiet, stop talking.

The dark haired woman looked up at Quinlan with tears in her eyes, "Please, don't be mad at me."

Quinlan picked her up in his arms and carried her to her room. He gently placed her on the bed and pulled the pants off of her so she could relax more. When he moved to untie the side of the hospital gown to take it off so she was in nothing but her white panties he spoke in a quiet voice, "You could have waited, I would have helped you out."

"Its not that far from here, I was okay for the most part. I tried getting into someone else's apartment thinking it was this one but other than that I'm okay."

"Lay back, you need to rest."

"But the master-"

"Don't worry about him, you're injured."

"I heal fast, though."

"You can't go out hunting for the master in undergarments and bandages."


"Do I need to tie you to this bed?"

She didn't respond and laid back so her bandaged head was on the soft pillow. As soon as she relaxed her body she was asleep.

Quinlan could sense her heartbeat, noting that it was a bit fast. He went to the bathroom to grab a washcloth and soaked it with warm water. Once he was back in the room with Winter he gently washed the dirt off of her feet, careful not to wake her up.

He climbed up next to her, covering her with one of the blankets on the bed and watched her.

Quinlan thought back to the very first time they met...


'Damn it all, these things jumping from roof to roof. I can't keep up with them!' He had thought to himself.

A panicked gasp caught his attention on the next building. Once he jumped on, he saw a woman kicking the strigoi in the chest. It fell back, its long tongue shooting out to grab her. She fell to the floor of the apartment roof and Quinlan shot the creature before it could try and drink the human.

He held the gun down and looked over the pale woman. She was still, unmoving. Wearing a long black skirt, black shirt, black boots, she looked to be a dark angel.

The wind blew her black hair out of her face and she looked up at him. That was when he spoke, "Did he injure you?"

"N-no... I'm fine. Just caught me off guard." She looked into his red eyes, "Thank you."

He nodded, reaching down to help her up. Her blue eyes never looked away from his.

"Does my hero have a name?"

He looked into her entrancing eyes, silent for a moment then he spoke without thinking, "Quintus Sertorius."


"Most just call me Quinlan."

"Okay, Quinlan. Thank you." She smiled and he almost went weak in the knees. No one had made him feel like this, no one except for his wife.

She looked away and started looking around as if searching for something. Quinlan looked down and saw a book on the ground, "Is this what you are searching for?"

"Yes, it is."

He looked at the cover and read the title, "Ancient Roman Mythology and Culture?"

She blushed, "Yes, there is a section on the goddesses. That was what I was reading before I was so rudely interrupted by that thing."

Quinlan smirked a bit under his hood, "Do you have a favorite, by any chance?"

"Diana, goddess of the moon and the hunt."

"And birthing. She is one of the three maiden goddesses who never married. She was often prayed to by women who wanted children."

She nodded, still looking into his eyes, "You are into mythology?"

"You could say that."

"Mythology and chasing vampires on rooftops?"

He chuckled, "I should return to my team."

"Thank you, again."

Then he was gone.

About a week later, he tracked down two strigoi and didn't realize where he was until he heard a familiar voice.

"You again?"

He turned around and saw the same woman, another book in her hands. This one was on Greek mythology.

"You, again." He said, "You should go inside where it is safe."

"I needed fresh air. Didn't think I'd see you again. I'm glad I did, though."

"You're glad to see me? A stranger on a rooftop? Do you know how dangerous I might be?"

"Who said I wasn't dangerous, as well?"



He had no idea how involved he would become with her. But he was glad he did. She showed him how to love again.

With her he didn't feel alone. He didn't feel like an outcast that others looked down upon. With her he felt loved and accepted.

Neither did he know what she was, who she was.

Watching her now, he swore to protect her. She was his Diana.

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Vampire Romance Empty Re: Vampire Romance

Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Wed May 13, 2015 6:44 pm

"You know, babe. Quinlan was a gladiator back in his younger days."

"What?! Oh my God!" Bridget was straddling the wounded man, rubbing his back as he lay on his belly, "He's that old?"

"Yeah, but he was a fucking gladiator." Gus smirked.

"Does Winter know?"

"Not yet, he's afraid to tell her about his past. Don't let her know, though. It's his place to tell her something like that."

"Okay." Bridget formed an evil smile on her face and giggled. She whispered, just in case the hybrid could hear from the other room, "I AM planning a costume party in a week or so..."

"He won't go for it."

"No, but Winter might if I buy her an outfit and guilt her into wearing it."

Gus opened his eyes and rolled over on his back so he was facing her. That smile, he knew that smile, "You want to dress Winter up in some kind of ancient Roman crap to fuck with Q?"

"Hell yes!"

"Oooh, yes."

She leaned over to kiss him and rub his bare chest, "I'm going to go online right now and order something for her." The stripper jumped up, not caring that she was nude, and grabbed her laptop. Prancing back to the bed with it, she positioned herself beside her Mexican, now boyfriend, and started typing.

"Looking for something sexy or...?"

"Something like the rich girls wore. Purple was a popular color for the rich girls back then because the dye was the most expensive." She clicked on a website and scrolled through several outfits. Several were obviously historically inaccurate but she just skipped over those, "Women back then spent a lot of time grooming and shit, they were worse than the high school preps could ever dream of being."

"How do you know all of this?" Gus asked, his finger twirling around her long blonde hair.

"Winter loves ancient Greek and Roman mythology. She has books on just about everything about the culture. She talks about it a lot and I read the books when I'm bored." She turned to him, "What, you think that because I'm a stripper I can't be smart and know things?"

"I-I never said that..."

She giggled and kept searching, "Something silky. Silk was expensive and appealing..." More clicking, "Necklace, earrings, bracelets. I'll have to curl her hair and put it up in a cute but fancy style."

"How much is this going to cost you?"

"A lot." She laughed, "Honey, I'm a damn good stripper. I make over five thousand a night, at least."

Gus had to laugh, "You know if Q approves, we won't see her much that night, right?"

"That's the plan. Now, for the wine... Get enough in Winter and she will be as crazy as I am."

"Vinum Diachytum." He laughed, "I don't know who is going to get it worse, Q or Winter."

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Vampire Romance Empty Re: Vampire Romance

Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Wed May 13, 2015 6:45 pm

Chapter 11 is in the NSFW forums.

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Vampire Romance Empty Re: Vampire Romance

Post by Skylar96 on Tue Aug 02, 2016 2:39 pm

Where is the NSFW forum?


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Vampire Romance Empty Re: Vampire Romance

Post by Lynxcat1 on Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:23 pm

Skylar96 wrote:Where is the NSFW forum?

I'm pretty sure that you have to ask an admin for permission.

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Vampire Romance Empty Re: Vampire Romance

Post by Skylar96 on Tue Aug 02, 2016 6:10 pm

Okay, so where is chapter 11?


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Vampire Romance Empty Re: Vampire Romance

Post by Lynxcat1 on Tue Aug 02, 2016 6:16 pm

Skylar96 wrote:Okay, so where is chapter 11?
Chapter 11 is under the NSFW forum and you have to PM an Admin to get in- or atleast that is what I have heard. I haven't been able to get the NSFW forum yet either so I am not 100 percent aware. Sorry.. pale

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