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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Sun May 10, 2015 7:13 pm

"And I still wonder
Why heaven has died
The skies are all falling
I’m breathing but why?
In silence I hold on
To you and I"
-Within Temptation: Fire and Ice

Heaven Has Died Bar3a10

"Yo, Q! This is the fourth time this week we've lost her!"

Quinlan held back a growl of annoyance and turned around.

"Do we really need this girl?"


Gus gave a sigh and kicked the door open. They had been chasing this woman for days, now. After running into her when scavenging supplies at a store. Gus had turned around an isle and bumped into her, knocking her down. The items she was holding went flying.

The woman jumped up and kicked his ass, he couldn't believe it. Quinlan jumped in and had a time trying to stop her. She had been trained in some sort of martial arts, that much was obvious. Eventually, she jumped back, grabbed two or three things she had dropped and ran. There was no way this petite woman was defeating him.

Quinlan was very impressed with her fighting skills and felt he needed to recruit her.

The hybrid had tracked her here every time but she always led them away in several different directions.

"There's something here, she keeps leading us away from this spot for a reason." Quinlan growled, "Search the area."

The hooded figures began to tear the place apart. Quinlan had seen this behavior in both humans and animals. He somehow knew what they would find and soon a small child of seven years was pulled out of a blocked off room.

"Stop! Leave him alone!"

"Ah, there you are." Quinlan turned to her with crossed arms, his weapon shifted to rest on his back, "We've been looking for you, dear."

"Leave him alone! You've got me, just please... Let him go!" The woman put her weapons down then held her hands up, "I'm unarmed, okay?"

Quinlan looked over her, checking for any weapons. It took him a bit longer than usual considering her black TRIPP pants had extra straps around the knees and thighs. He was sure there were knives hidden in her black combat boots. Her black TRIPP jacket also had straps around the upper arms and wrist as well as the waist, but no weapons were to be seen there. The hood on her head had little silver studs in the lining, covering her face in shadow all but her lips and chin.

"The knives in your boots."

She was still for a second then leaned down with an annoyed huff, taking several throwing knives out of her boots.

"And the gun tucked away in your belt." He watched her pull out a pistol that was hidden by her jacket and placed it on the ground, "Now the knife between your breasts behind your jacket."

"Oh, come on! You really think I'm going to throw down all of my weapons while surrounded by a group of men?!" She yelled and nodded to the child that was now being held by Gus, "Give him to me, please."

The aura around her, Gus recognized the motherly panic and let the kid go. The woman took the child in her arms then led him to stand behind her, "Why were you looking for me?"

"We are here to recruit you into our ranks."


Gus jumped in front of Quinlan and spoke for him, "We are trying to kill the Master and his freaky little minions so humanity can go back to the way it was. Please, help us..."

She looked back at the child for a moment, deep in thought and thinking of his safety. There were to many of them for her to take out on her own.

"Let's do it!" The little boy said with a bit of a smile, "Lets go with them."

"What did I tell you about being so quick to trust people, especially big groups of men?!"

"I... I think we can trust them. They aren't like the others and the leader hasn't looked at either of us like the other ones from before."

"What did I say? Do not be so quick to trust."

"Yes, ma'am."

Quinlan stepped forward, "We are not here to harm you in any way. Come with us. We have all of the supplies you need and more. You will not have to struggle to find food or water and you will not have to worry about the child going hungry."

The woman looked cautious, protective and ready to fight. The way she was standing, child behind her, Quinlan felt a flashback hit him. It was the same stance his wife had took with her child upon finding out what he was.

"You're one of the strigoi?" She asked, looking him up and down.

"Half, yes." He replied, "You have nothing to fear from us."

Again, she looked at everyone around her then back to Quinlan.

"No one will harm you. You can trust us," He held out his hand to her, "You can trust me."

The woman gripped the child's hand tight with one of hers, then reached out and took Quinlan's hand with her free, shaking, hand. She couldn't figure out why but she felt safe around this man.

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Mon May 11, 2015 10:13 pm

The whole way back to the underground base, Quinlan kept looking over his shoulder at the woman and child. She held him in her lap with her arms around him, hand on his head as he slept against her chest. She was making sure nobody was going to touch him.

Gus sat beside her, watching her with the child and thinking of his own mother, "So uh... You two have names? You can call me Gus, the one driving is Mr. Quinlan. He's dark and broody."

A growl was heard and Gus snorted a quick laugh. The woman didn't look amused, however.

"Agatha... This is Aiden."

"Those are nice names."

"I still don't trust you."

"I wasn't expecting you to trust us so soon." He said, "But giving names is going somewhere, right?"

Agatha didn't answer, she only shifted so that her and the child were facing more towards the window.

Another growl was heard before Quinlan spoke from the driver's seat, "Augustine, do not annoy her with small talk."


After making it to their base and getting the two some food, Gus had managed to become friends with the child, treating him as if he were his own little brother. The both of them were running and play fighting. Agatha still didn't trust him, though. She was still hesitant about eating, making sure they absolutely had enough to last for everyone and making sure Aiden had enough to eat before she even looked at any of the food.

"You should eat something." Mr. Quinlan handed her a snack bag of chips from the box Gus had found a few days earlier.

She accepted the bag with a soft spoken, "Thank you."

Agatha felt she could trust the vampire more than the humans. After all, the strigoi didn't have genitals, right? She automatically assumed the Born was the same way.

"What did you do before the dead guys took over, Agatha?" Gus flopped down next to her with Aiden.

"She chased storms and stuff." The kid said, proudly, "Then in her spare time she would cage fight and box with boxing gloves!"

"Badass! Q, you were right about recruiting her!"

"Language around her son, Augustine."

"Uh, don't repeat that." Gus said, pointing a finger at Aiden who only laughed with a nod.

"My nephew." She explained with a smile, "He's my nephew."

"Ah, okay. Don't repeat that, nephew." He said again, "You two should get some sleep. I think you both need it."

Agatha just sat there and pulled Aiden close to her side, watching Gus with cautious eyes. Her reaction caused Quinlan to stand up and motion for her to follow him, "Come with me."

Agatha just sat there and pulled Aiden close to her side, watching Gus with cautious eyes. Her reaction caused Quinlan to stand up and motion for her to follow him, "Come with me."

It was dark in the halls they followed him through until they came to a room. Once inside, it was lit up with a few lanterns. Weapons of all kinds decorated the room, on the walls, on the table in the corner and neatly placed out of the way on the floor.

"Augustine can sleep through being pistol whipped across the face, he wouldn't wake up if anything was able to get down here and attack. I, however, do not require much sleep."

On the other side of the room was an area of dark red cushions, pillows, and blankets. It didn't take long for Aiden to dive-bomb the set up, burrowing under the blankets like a worm. He only poked his head out long enough to put his shoes, jacket, and belt neatly on the floor beside the pillows. After that, he was burrowed back underneath the blankets. Agatha bent down and untucked it from the child's head. She stood up and looked at Quinlan, approaching him and taking one of his hands in both of hers, "Thank you for this."

"You are safe here, nothing will harm you while you rest. I will make sure of that." He nodded and put his weapon down on the table, "Now, rest."

She walked over to where Aiden was sleeping and laid down over top of the blankets behind him in a protective position. It took her no time at all to fall asleep.

There was no way she was comfortable. Quinlan had seen protectiveness like this before. Keeping all clothes and weapons on in case they had to bail out. He shook his head and walked over to the two. The coat on the woman was unzipped and taken off and he almost jerked back when he saw her body.

While gorgeous and petite, she was unhealthily skinny and pale. All food she had found before was given to the child to ensure he wasn't hungry. All she would take was a few bites before she gave the rest to him. It was obvious she was purely running on the will to protect the last of her family.

The black spaghetti strap shirt showed off her arms and chest, thankfully no wounds but there were bruises. He folded the jacket then took off her boots, pulling a blanket over her so she would be more comfortable. It was quite cold underground even though the child was giving off enough heat to warm the entire room.

Without another thought, he left them to rest and went to the table where he had sat his weapons.

Several hours had passed and Quinlan had managed to upgrade his weapons. Now he sat reloading his main gun. It was quiet but he could not shake off the feeling that he was being watched. He looked up and there on the other side of the table was Aiden, only his eyes and nose peaking over and looking at him. He watched his every move, making the Born a bit uncomfortable.

"Is something the matter?"


A quiet moment passed and Quinlan looked up at the boy once again.

"Do you need anything?"


The child looked at the weapons and tools on the table then on the wall beside them.

"Is that an AK-47 with 6H3 bayonet?"

He looked back up at the kid, "Yes..."

"Didn't they use those in World War II?"

The child was smart for his age, he could sense it. Quinlan felt he should be annoyed but instead felt a smile tugging at his lips, "Yes."

"My dad used to have a lot of guns. He taught me how to shoot."

"How good are you?"

"Pretty good! He took me hunting!" Aiden looked around and pointed to a sword on the wall, "That looks like something from Clash of the Titans!"

"Hn, might as well be."

The child moved around beside Quinlan and studied him without his hood, "Are you really a vampire? How old are you? Were you a warrior or anything in the past?"

"Yes, half. I admit, I am old and yes, I guess you can say I was a warrior."

"That's really cool!"

He went back to his guns and finished loading the last one.

"Agatha was getting sick, I think. She never sleeps. She taught me how to fight and defend myself but if anyone ever came close to us she would lead them away." Aiden sighed, "When my mama got sick and made my dad and little brother sick, Agatha made sure to come and get me. I hid in my bedroom closet while she had to kill them. She didn't smile after that. I don't smile much, anymore either."

"I'm sorry you had to go through such pain." Quinlan was thinking back to his wife and child.

"Agatha can't have babies, the doctor said she couldn't. She treated my little brother and me like we were hers when we would spend time with her. I heard her crying one day after she came back from the doctor, saying no one would want her because she was defective." He turned and looked up into Quinlan's eyes, "What's defective mean?"

The Born looked up to the sleeping figure and looked over her, "Defective means to be faulty or imperfect, not like it should be. But I've come to learn that it can also mean for something to be beautiful because of the imperfections."

Aiden jumped up on Quinlan's lap and sat there. Quinlan felt like he used to when his wife and adopted daughter were alive, for a moment.

"She is different. My mama called her weird a lot but she said weird can be a good thing and not to be mean to someone because they were different."

So his family wasn't a judgmental one, that was always a good thing. But still, it had been a long while since a child had been so talkative and accepting towards him. He almost wasn't sure how to react.

"I want to hurry up and grow up! I want to help fight with her so she won't be so tired anymore."

"Do not wish to grow up to terribly fast. Life already passes by so quickly."

"I know, but I don't want Agatha to die. If she dies, I'll be all alone."

Listening to this boy talk, he pretty much told Quinlan that he understood death and what it means to die.

"I'm not afraid."

For a child so young to understand death, it made Quinlan want to kill the master even more to protect the kid and his aunt.

"She would tell me not to bother you by talking so much."

"You are not bothering me, little one." The Born wanted to be annoyed but he didn't feel that way at all, "But you should rest more."

"Hmm.... Okay." He walked to the bedding area and burrowed under the blankets once again.

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Thu May 14, 2015 7:15 pm

Two days passed and Agatha was still asleep. Quinlan had manage to get her pants and bra off without revealing to much in an attempt to make her more comfortable so her body would be able to relax. While examining her, he discovered an irregular heartbeat, which concerned him.

'Not uncommon with sleep deprivation. I do not think her heart's muscles were effected, luckily.' He thought, putting a hand on her head. A few strands of hair were on the pillows, 'Hair loss is a sign of a protein deficiency. Not surprising since she hasn't been eating.'

He looked at her left arm and was surprised upon turning it over. The skin from the wrist to the bend of her arm were horizontal scars. At one time she had obviously been a self harmer.

A soft gasp was heard and Agatha's eyes shot open. Quinlan caught her when she shot up into a sitting position.

"A-Aiden! Where's Aiden?!"

"He is safe. He is with Augustine, both of them are eating." Quinlan gave her hair a soft stroke before leading her to lay back down, "You need to rest, your body still needs to recover before you can be allowed to do anything."

Agatha looked up at him, into his eyes, and seemed to relax, "I want the master dead after what he done to my sister and her family. Tell me you have some sort of plan to kill him."

"Yes, though it is taking some time." He stood up and walked to the table where his weapons were, "The boy told me what happened, how you were forced to release your sister, her husband, and youngest son."

Agatha didn't say anything, the memories replaying in her head.

"You treat Aiden as if he is your own, protecting him and teaching him to fight."

"I know there will be a time when I won't be there and I want him to know how to defend himself. I made a promise that I would protect him, that he would survive." She reached beside of her and grabbed her pants and belt. Though her belt was the same, the pants were different.

"I figured you needed something a bit more armored considering you will be fighting beside us."

The one thing she wanted to know was how he found clothes like this to fit her. She pulled the pants and boots on that he provided, thankful that she had her own belt. There was just something about the three rows of spikes on a thick bit of leather, this one she had been wearing since she was in high school. It was a sort of comfort, an emotional attachment she had with it.

The tight black spaghetti strap shirt she wore, in her opinion, completed the look. She tucked the bottom of the pants into the boots and turned around. Her weapons were on the table with his, all seemed to have upgrades. A soft sigh left her lips as she tried to convince herself that there was no way she was tired after eating and sleeping.

"You need to adjust to a normal routine of eating and resting. You went so long without, your body is trying to get used to it all over again." Quinlan held up a jacket for her and she took it from him with a smile. Her long red hair was pulled back in a low ponytail before she put it on. It was similar to his, black on the outside, red on the inside, symbol on the sleeve. But it was comfortable. The hood was probably her favorite part of it, being able to cast her entire face in shadow.

Slowly, she walked to the door and opened it. Her body felt stronger but still had a sluggish dragging feeling.

In the area she recognized from last night were a group and Aiden sat among them talking about something that involved dramatic hand movements.


"Agatha!" He jumped up and ran to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and burying his face in her lower belly of the jacket, "How do you feel?"

"Who are these men?"

"This is Creem and those are his men. They are part of his gang."

Upon hearing the 'gang' part, Agatha glared at them all and pulled out her 9mm Winchester Magnum and aimed at the man's head.

"Whoa! Hey!" Creem reached back for his gun but was stopped by Gus.

"If you say you're the Jersey Sapphires I will kill you."

"What?! Why?! The hell we do to you, lady?!"

Agatha still glared at the man, her gun aimed and ready, "Two of your men tried to do shit to both of us several weeks ago."

"What? Who?"

Just then, two men entered the room and she aimed towards them and shot the first one in the shoulder. His screams were loud and he fell back on the floor. The second man, in panic mode, reached to his belt but seemed to have left his gun elsewhere.

He squinted at her then widened his eyes, "I remember you... We found you and the kid in a church a few weeks ago..."

"Yeah, you did." She shot at him but he dodged the bullet when he tried to run, tripping over his fallen friend.

"You two should be dead!" He screamed, "We left you for the group of vampire freaks that broke through the windows."

"After you tried to rape us both!"

Gus jumped up, "What the fuck did you try that shit for?!"

"And in a damn church?!" Creem screamed, "We don't do that shit, man!"

Aiden stood behind Agatha, tears in his eyes at seeing the two men that had entered the room.

Quinlan stepped forward after witnessing the event that was playing out. He stepped up beside Agatha and Aiden grabbed his jacket from behind, using him as a hiding place as well.

The child's reaction and the tears forming in Agatha's eyes is what set him off.

"Take the child to another room."

She started to protest but nodded and took Aiden into the other room. Once they were gone, Quinlan started forward until he was close to the two men. His stinger emerged and shot out, draining the first man in a few seconds. The second man, who was already bleeding from the hole in his shoulder, looked up at the dhampir and started to beg but Quinlan wasn't having any of it. He didn't drain him of his blood, instead he snapped his neck to be rid of problem.

Gus and the others said nothing when he turned and walked back the way he came.


Agatha was sitting on her knees, her hands on Aiden's face, talking to him quietly as he stood in front of her, nodding. Quinlan walked into the room and watched them.

For her not to be his actual mother, she truly cared for him like a mother would a son.

Then a flashback hit him, the way the two were positioned, his wife had spoken to her daughter using this same stance and gentle voice.

Aiden looked up at Quinlan with a sniffle and Agatha turned around to face him.

"I took care of it."

Aiden sniffled and ran to Quinlan, hugging him with a quiet but sincere, "Thank you, Mr. Quinlan..."

Quinlan was still for a moment, unsure of what to do. Then a fatherly feeling that he hadn't felt in such a long time began to rise within him and he put a hand on the kid's head, comforting him.

"A-Aiden, I'm sure Quinlan doesn't want you clinging to him." She stood up and approached them, seeing drops of blood on the hybrid's lips. But she couldn't find it in her to be afraid of him.

"He's fine."

Gus ran into the room and looked at the three. The way Quinlan was looking at Agatha made him stop. The way she looked back at him with such trust in her eyes surprised him.

Quinlan noticed Gus standing in the doorway and the three looked up at him.

"Hey, uh... The other guys ain't like that. I know for a fact, you're safe around them."

"If any of you do so much as look at her or Aiden the wrong way..."

"We won't, boss."



This woman and her nephew were making him have so many flashbacks lately. It was giving him whiplash. He wasn't sure how to deal with it.

Quinlan looked up at the ancients after they finished drinking the human that was given to them.

'Is the female going to be a distraction, Mr. Quinlan?'

He glanced at each of them, 'No.'


'I have things to do.' Quinlan turned around and made an attempt to leave.

'Getting close to her will cause you pain when she dies.' The second said with a growl.

The third watched the hybrid, 'And when you take out the Master, you will be destroyed.'

'Mentally, mortals aren't as strong as we are.' The first spoke again.

'I'm leaving.' Quinlan left and went up to his personal room and sat down on the far end of the bedding area with a lantern and a map of the city, not to close to where the woman and child were cuddled up and sleeping, 'Why am I feeling such things? I swore not to get attached to anyone else as long as I live.'

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Sat May 16, 2015 3:58 pm

'Be careful, my baby boy...'

It was the last thing he heard from his mother. it would echo in his head whenever he was forced to fight. The movies the humans made were nothing like the real thing. The fights were beyond brutal but killing off mass numbers of gladiators would have been bad for business.

No, it was the crowd that decided if someone was to fight to the death. That was the worst part. Some would survive only to suffer from their injuries, they were taken care of with a hammer to the head once they were off the arena and away from the crowd's eyes.

Quintus, though he was a slave, became a crowd favorite after defeating everything that was thrown at him. For a while, they would put him against several men at a time. He was always injured but he never lost, the wounds healed quickly which allowed him to be back in the arena sooner than most.

After he was purchased by the senator, he had a form of PTSD for a while, some nightmares the first week or so, nearly killing two of the women that had came to 'keep him company' at times. Not many spent the night after that, instead they would leave after the deed was done. But he wasn't treated as a slave anymore, the PTSD was gone within a few weeks and he was thrown onto the battlefield. Quintus became ruthless, killing anyone who stood in his way, torturing men and women for information, destroying armies and cities.

Years later, after many changes, he decided to get married. After the many battles he had lived through, understanding his wife was the most complicated thing he had ever done.

She was terrified of him at first, making sure to avoid him as much as possible. She knew what he was, as did her daughter. But one evening, at twilight, something changed that.

"No, no. Like this." The woman was milking the cow in the barn, showing her daughter how it was done.

The little girl giggled when their cat jumped up and started drinking from the bucket, "Mama, Neptune is being silly!"

The mother sighed and picked up the cat, shooing it away. She shook her head when it ran out. Her hands went down to pick up the bucket but she was interrupted by a pair of arms grabbing her roughly from behind. She felt her arms being pulled behind her back.

"Get off of my mama!"

"Baby, no!"

The man easily took care of the little girl with a swift kick. The woman was sure both of them were going to die by the hands of this random stranger. She was thrown to the ground, hard. Her eyes shut tight...

The pain never came.

She opened her eyes and saw her husband, holding the man up by the neck with one hand. His red eyes looked into the stranger's terrified ones as his grip became tighter then he threw the man down. Quintus stood between the thief and his family, keeping them behind him.

The man tried to crawl away but the dhampir placed a foot on top of his back, pinning him to the ground, painfully.

"Take the little one inside, love."

"Quintus..." She nodded and picked up her crying child, running out of the barn. Once he heard the door to the house shut, Quintus shot his stinger into the man's neck and fed on him slowly, making sure the man felt fear after threatening his family.

It was an hour or so later when he walked back inside the house and saw his wife and adopted daughter at the table. The two looked up at him silently asking what happened with the man.

"I took care of it." He simply said, "Did he hurt either of you?"

"We're okay. Thank you for showing up when you did." She stood up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"W-waaait! I want huggles toooo!" The daughter jumped up out of the chair and hobbled over to him where she wrapped her arms around one of his legs, "Thank you, new daddy!"

He wasn't sure how to act to contact such as this. Quintus put a strong arm around his wife's waist and put a hand on the child's head, "As long as I'm here, nothing will harm the two of you."

"Neptune want wants huggles!" He looked down and saw the gray cat, looking up at him with its tail twitching. The cat could sense what he was and always made an attempt to stay a few feet away from him. When he slowly reached out, the cat sniffed him before giving him a cautious glare but he head butted his hand, a sign of affection.

"Yay! Everyone gots cuddles now!" The little girl smiled at him and ran to the other side of the room to play with the furry creature.

Quintus nuzzled his wife's neck, lovingly with a purr. Although she tensed up, Quintus was surprised when she didn't jerk back from him.

"You... You can control your hunger, yes?"

He nodded with a smile touching his lips, "You have nothing to fear from me."

"Mama, I'm sleepy." The child said, tugging at her mother's dress.

"Okay, baby." She looked up at Quintus, "I'll be back soon."

She went to put the little girl to bed and Quintus pulled a chair out from the table to sit on it. He looked at his hands, seeing they were so much different from a human. All of his fingers were sharp, the middle being the longest. He'd tried filing them down but they grew back to quick. Maybe he'd try wearing gloves...

He sat there looking at his hands for a while, not seeing his wife when she walked back in. She caught his attention when she took his hands in hers.

"Is something wrong?"


She leaned down and pressed her lips to his, sliding up to straddle his lap after taking her undergarments off. He broke away from her kiss, "What are you doing?"

"Can a wife not please her husband?"

"You don't have to do this if you do not want to."

"Oh, I want to. Will you let me?"

He then kissed her slowly but passionately, tangling his fingers in her long black hair to pull her closer.

*********the rest is in the NSFW thread**********

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Sun May 17, 2015 12:03 pm

The night was clear and bright, the full moon lit the entire area as far as the eye could see. The stars were brighter than usual, or maybe it seemed that way because he had never took the time to really look at them before.

He was done with everything that needed to be done so now found himself looking up at the night sky.

"New daddy, are you okay?" A voice from behind him said.

He turned around and saw his adopted daughter smiling up at him, "What are you doing out here? You should be in bed."

"But I'm not sleepy."

He had never really spoken with the child before, and what was that she called him? New daddy?

"Can we walk to the big lake?"

Countless times he had remembered his wife telling the girl that the 'big lake' was called 'the sea' but she seemed to forget.

"The sea, you mean?"

"Yeah, that!"

It wasn't far away, within eye sight of the house. He would be able to keep an eye on the house, no problem at all.

"Okay, but not for long."

"Okay!" She smiled and took his middle finger in her tiny hand. The child led him to the ocean and broke into a run as soon as her feet hit the sand, "Come on, new daddy!"

"Be careful in the water, little goddess." Quintus found himself smiling despite the fact he hated water but she never went any any farther than ankle deep. When the waves would flow in she would run back so they wouldn't touch her.

Her little hands started scooping up seashells and put them in her dress which she held up like a bag. Every now and then a shell would fall out without her seeing and she would pick it up with a comment on how it looked like one she had previously picked up.

Something in the waves caught the dhampir's attention. Quintus sighed then stepped into the water, until it was up to his knees and bent down for what he was after. He turned and walked back to the girl, "How is this one for your collection?"

She looked up and saw he was holding a conch shell, at least ten inches long, "Oh my gosh! It's sooo prettyful!"

He held it down and she took it with a happy smile.

"Thank you, new daddy!"

"Here, let me carry the smaller ones for you." He put the smaller shells in his tunic pocket and took her hand in his, "We should go back, your mother might be awake and worried by now."

"Okay!" The whole way back she cradled the giant shell in her arm like one would a baby.

When they walked into the house, his wife was in the process of running out, "Quintus?"

"Mommy! Look what new daddy helped me get!" The girl held up the conch shell and her mother slowly took it from her to look at it, "Isn't it pretty, Mama?"

"Its very pretty, just don't disappear like that, okay? You scared me." The shell was handed back to her.

The little girl hugged the woman, tears forming in her eyes, "I'm sorry, Mama. I didn't want to wake you up, you looked tired. Do you want to help me put my seashell with the others?"

"Of course I will, baby." She smiled and watched the girl as she ran to the other room and came back out with her box.

"Don't forget about these, little one." Quintus reached into his pocket and pulled out the other shells she had collected. She took them and sat on her knees, motioning for the two adults to sit with her.

The two helped her sit out each seashell before sitting the new ones with it and putting them back in the box.

The sun was rising and the little girl picked up her box so she could put it back in her room. After she ran outside to find the cat, Quintus looked at his wife. She saw the hurt in his eyes and it was obvious he knew what she had thought.

"I am so sorry..." She then knew that he would never hurt the child, "Quintus..."

"I'm going downstairs."

"Quintus, wait..."

But he gently closed the door behind him after entering the basement. He wasn't angry at all, he was sad and that seemed to make the dark haired woman feel even worse.

"Oh, gods..."

Later, when day turned to night, Quintus couldn't seem to wake up. After a while he rolled over-

"Hi, new daddy!"

He jumped up a bit but smiled at the child, "What are you doing, little one?"

"Mommy is sad! I can't cheer her up! Can you make her smile again?"

"I will try, little goddess."

She smiled, handed him a flower then ran from the basement to go play with her seashells.

Quintus found his wife sitting under a tree not far from the house. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the breeze. The hybrid gently stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers and she turned to him, opening her eyes.

"Quintus!" She sat up on her knees and wrapped her arms around him, "I'm so sorry for this morning..."

"All is forgiven now, my goddess." He held her against his chest, "Everything is alright."

The moment was ruined when a rather large acorn fell from the tree they were under and landed on his head. Another fell, then another. When he looked up into the tree...

"Neptune, you cursed creature..."

The cat was climbing in the tree causing the acorns to fall onto the couple. Now, as the animal stopped, it licked his paw and groomed himself, Quintus heard his adopted daughter running up behind him, "Neptuuune! There you are! Come down and play with meee!"

Surprisingly, when the girl held her arms out, the cat jumped down and cuddled into her arms.

"Lets play house! You're the baby!"

As she walked away, the cat looked at the couple over her shoulder with sudden huge eyes. It seemed she knew what 'play house' meant and it always ended up with the cat in a little dress, wrapped in a blanket.

Quintus and his wife tried not to laugh at the horrified cat as it stretched a paw out and meowed as if it were saying, "I don't wanna!"

"Poor Neptune. He loves her so much and will put up with anything she does to him." She said with a laugh, cuddling against her husband's chest. The smile he loved to see on her touched her lips. He tilted her head up so he could kiss her. It lasted a good few minutes until she broke away in order to catch her breath.

"Let's go inside, my goddess."

The two walked into the house to see the girl in the large, fluffy chair. Across from her was Neptune, wrapped up like a baby and unable to move. A quick growl left its mouth and Quintus looked at the cat's expression and swore he could hear the animal's thoughts, "I'm getting to old for this crap."

The child turned and looked at the couple, lifting a finger to her lips, "Shh! Baby is sleeping!"

Quintus almost laughed out loud at the scene but managed to keep a straight face for Neptune's sake.

"Come on, baby. It's time for bed, now."

"But Mama, can baby sleep with us?"

"I think 'baby' needs a break."

"Aww, okay."

The mother took the child to their room and closed the door. Neptune started moving and rolled off the chair, unable to get out of the blanket. Quintus chuckled at the blanket wrapped creature and helped him out of the death trap, "Come on 'baby,' follow me."

The cat growled at the name but followed Quintus to the barn where he saw the hybrid reach into a barrel.

"Take this, you monster." A fish was held out and Neptune took it, with a sudden cheerful sound before prancing away.

Quintus just shook his head and went to work.

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