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Aria belongs to Majin, Vesuvius and Santorini belong to me.

Joy, Quinlan/oc Vaun/oc Bar3a10

"Have I no control? Is my soul not mine?
Am I not just man, destiny defined?
Never to be ruled nor held to heel
Not heaven or hell, just the land between

Am I not man? Does my heart not bleed?
No Lord, no God, no hate, no pity, no pain, just me
Comprehend and countermand

Synchronous guidance, I choose my way
Never to be ruled nor held to heel
Not heaven or hell, just the land between
And am I not man?

So why do I love when I still feel pain?
When does it end? When is my work done?
Why am I lone and why do I feel
That I carry a sword through a battle field?

So why do I love when I still feel pain?
When does it end? When is my work done?

Why do I fight and why do I feel
That I carry a sword, that I carry a sword?

Like the path to heaven or the road to hell
Our choice is our own consequences bind
We are the kings of wisdom, the fools as well
We are the gods to many, we are humble men

We who build great works just to break them down
We who make our rules so we never fail

So why do I love when I still feel pain?
When does it end? When is my work done?
Why am I lone and why do I feel
That I carry a sword through a battle field?

So why do I love when I still feel pain?
When does it end? When is my work done?
Why do I fight and why do I feel
That I carry a sword, that a carry a sword through a battlefield?"

-Joy VNV Nation

Joy, Quinlan/oc Vaun/oc Bar3a10

"Why did you save me, boy?" Vaun's voice was strained as he commanded the bundled up teenager to answer him.

"You seem to have some sense unlike the others and you're fighting against them... I figured you were good."

Vaun looked the boy over. Extra clothes made him look bigger, it was obvious his body was a skinny one. A scarf and his beanie covered most of his face but his eyes along with the hood on his head. He tried to look into his mind but failed, the person seemed to be blocking him somehow.

"Don't even try to look in my head." Vaun's rescuer said, "The other creatures did that and I hated it!"

"Alright." He stood up and reached his hand out, "Come to me."


"I want to make sure you aren't corrupted."

"I'm not. Worms don't effect me."

"Really." Vaun smirked, "I should recruit you."


"To be a sun hunter."


Santorini jumped when the door opened but was relieved when she saw her bundled up sister walk in, "Suvi! You're back!"

"Tori, get some things. We are leaving." She took the hood off, "This guy Vaun just recruited us to kill these weird fuckers running around."

The younger woman nodded and grabbed the important keepsakes and some supplies with ammo before bundling up herself. Her older sister pushed the younger's hair up into her beanie and scarf so it was hidden. She grabbed the ace bandage and some duck tape to help her bandage her breasts down under her shirt so she would look flat.

"So far..." She said, "He thinks I'm a teenage kid, like most. I have blocked my thoughts from him."

"What?" That didn't sound good, "Blocked your thoughts?"

"He is a half breed, he called himself a born or something. He is determined to kill the big guy that made all these creatures. Remember how to block everything, just like I taught you?"

The younger nodded.

"Good. Lets go."


Vaun waited in the black car for the boy to collect his little brother and their supplies. The kid fought better than most humans, almost as good as his own brother Quinlan. He just hoped and prayed the younger brother was as good as this one. He couldn't read his thoughts and assumed the younger brother was the same way. An annoyed growl escaped him but he didn't want to scare the kids. Though they had a feminine scent, he was sure they were no older than sixteen.

He saw the two walk out and discreetly rolled his eyes when he saw the other was even smaller. They didn't have much, each had two messager bags that seemed fairly light.

The oldest got in the front as the youngest climbed into the back. The oldest made sure his gloves were properly situated before looking at Vaun, "Okay, where are we going?"

"Somewhere safe. Back with the other men."

"Other men?"

"A group of men and a few women that are also sun hunters."

"Oh." The oldest relaxed in the seat, "What are they like?"

"To be honest, they are criminals. Most of them are. My mate and I are the only ones who are fairly 'normal' other than Gus." Vaun turned to the left then to the right down the street, "My brother is a bit moody but tends to put the men in their place. He will want to see your fighting skills when we get there."

Vaun assured the two they would not be injured when sparring against the one called 'Quinlan.'

The oldest looked back at the youngest and gave a comforting nod that everything was going to be okay.


The ride to the safe haven was a long, awkward one. Vaun couldn't see their thoughts and they didn't talk much, it was... Weird. He was used to riding with his mate and the human Augustine. It felt like a weight had lifted off his shoulders when they all got out of the vehicle.

"This place... Doesn't look very safe." The oldest said.

"Oooh! It's underground! Look, the entrance!"

The youngest was right. Sure enough, the entrance led underground. It was dark and cold. Even through the several layers of clothes, they could both feel the chill. But they both put on the appearance that it did not bother them.

They followed Vaun into an area that looked livable; private rooms, a shower area, an area that seemed to be a kitchen-like area, and this place they were at now... It looked rather big. A few punching bags were hanging up.

"Who the hell are these guys?" A voice said from behind them.

"Augustine, these are two new recruits." Vaun nodded towards the two and the human nodded.

"Okay..." Gus laughed, "They look scrawny."

"That they do..." A deeper voice said from within the shadows of the room, "They look weak, Vaun. Tell me, did you bring them here because you felt sorry for them?"

"No. They can fight, Quinlan. Very well, in fact."

Quinlan glared at the two, "We'll see about that."

The oldest stood in front of the youngest, protectively.

"You are armed, child. Show me what you've got." Quinlan didn't even wait for him to prepare for a fight. He just jumped out and aimed to strike with a his bone sword he had pulled from his trench coat.

The boy blocked all of his attacks and moved to attack. The way he guided the blade was elegant yet deadly. It was rather impressive. Quinlan threw off his trench coat and kept moving, surprised the kid was managing against him for so long.

After about ten minutes passed, Quinlan realized something about the boy, 'He is fighting like a gladiator would...'

It caught the born off guard and he was knocked backwards with a kick to the chest. Quite a few people had gathered in the room during the fight but they were silent. Nobody was able to catch Quinlan off guard, never.

Slow clapping sounded through the area and a woman's voice was heard, "Good job, Q! Getting your butt kicked by a little girl!"

The two both shot their heads in her direction to give her a glare before looking back at each other.

Vaun wrapped an arm around the woman's waist and purred into her short hair, "Aria, meet our new recruits. The oldest brother... Helped me out in a fight against a horde of-"

"Whoa, whoa! Brother? Helped you? What happened?!" She looked worried, looking him over for any sign of injuries.

"I am fine, princess."

"Good, you better be!" Aria turned to the oldest brother and looked him up and down, clearly seeing through the disguise but staying silent about it. Two females in the vampire apocalypse, it only made since to dress up as guys and hide their gender since they were clearly alone and only had each other, "You two come with me. Quinlan, later we will show them a real fight!"

The two followed the woman up some stairs where they arrived at an area that looked to be a fancy hotel, "We take turns keeping guard here. Some of the guys take the patrols seriously, the other ones don't but they always end up dead. Don't be an idiot. I trust you two know how to use guns?"

The two nodded.

"The guys usually go underground and claim the bigger room to sleep in since it's the warmest. If you two don't feel comfortable..." She looked at the oldest, "I can find you somewhere else to sleep that isn't gross or freezing."

"Thank you, Aria."

She smiled, "You're welcome! You two should eat something... Too skinny. Guys... Aren't good when hungry and weak. Women aren't either..."

Aria led the two to get some food and the youngest whispered to the oldest, "Suvi! She knows!"

"She won't say anything..."

"Are you sure?"

"Pretty sure so stop freaking out."

They had no idea Aria could hear every word they were saying. Her hearing was very good, after all. But she kept telling herself not to reveal their secret, to treat them like she would the other guys.


Two weeks had passed and the two found they didn't get enough sleep around the other guys. Aria was the only other girl except for one and she was never there. They thought they had heard someone mention that her and Aria were enemies.

The two had gone on several missions with several of the groups. Quinlan kept his eye on the oldest when they were forced to work together. He would never admit that he was impressed by the two. The oldest was a very talented and gifted fighter while the youngest was an expert at setting traps and shooting guns. Quinlan attempted to force himself into their thoughts only to be shut out rather quickly and rudely. The older one was more threatening and defensive about it, feeling when he tried to get any information on the two. Eventually, he just gave up.

They were both quiet and secretive, only talking to each other. They took turns watching over each other when they slept and never bathed with the other guys. Vaun and Quinlan both figured it was because they were scrawny and younger than the others, a self esteem issue.

"Atticus would love it here. I wish he would've come with us." The youngest sighed, turning his head to his older brother, "He would be happy to know you are using the skills he gave you in fighting."

"And who is Atticus?" Aria asked, looking at the two in the back seat while Quinlan and Vaun were up front.

The youngest tried not to be loud or sound excited, "He is a friend of the family, part of our mother's team that were exploring the ruins of Pompeii. She is an archaeologist and in a group that studies ancient ruins and such. We lived in the Pompeii area for a long time at a camp. Atticus taught us to fight... I wasn't ever very good at it. That was when Cassia taught me how to shoot! Maximus then decided to teach me how to set traps to catch just about everything."

"You... lived near Pompeii?" Aria asked.

"In a fancy camp, yes. I filmed everything there and still have the camera and extra batteries with me-" The youngest was interrupted as the oldest held a hand up to stop the other from talking.

"Not everyone is interested in such things like we are..."

"But I got a lot of clips of mini quakes from the volcano..."

"Later, okay?"

The youngest caught on then and stopped talking for a moment before...

"Are we there yet?"

"Yes, we are. Get ready." Aria opened the door when the vehicle stopped. Her eyes searched the area, cautiously.

They had been tipped off that the master had been seen around this building. An old hospital, the area seemed empty. They went inside in search of medical supplies while looking for evidence that the master was there. Quinlan went ahead to clear the way of any strigoi.

Aria grabbed bottles of antibiotics and pain killers, putting them in her bag for future use. The others arrived in Gus' group and followed them in.

"What took you so long, Gus?" Aria asked.

"Got caught up. You grabbing supplies while in here?"

"Uh, yeah. It only makes sense to do that in the end of the world."

The oldest went ahead and looked in each and every room as they were passed, grabbing syringes, several IV bags, and other such things that would come in handy if anyone ever became ill in the group.

Stepping out of the last room in the hallway, the oldest found a gun suddenly against his face.

"Why are you not with the others? I could have killed you." It was Quinlan.

"They were slow, I was anxious."

Quinlan pulled the gun away, "I know the feeling. Lets go."

The entire place was empty; no master, no strigoi, no people. But something wasn't right.

They all grouped back up and went outside, back to their vehicles. That was when it happened. An ambush, a giant horde of strigoi just jumped them out of no where. Several of the men were struck down and killed. Quinlan rolled his eyes at the ones who had fallen, Vaun falling in beside of him. They both took out most of the strigoi along with area and the two new brothers. Gus was behind them doing some damage.

It didn't take long for them finally off every pale body that was jumping at them. Gus cussed at the top of his lungs when he saw how many of their men had fallen, licking the tires of his car.


A lone strigoi appeared from the rafters of the parking deck and sliced it's tongue at the oldest, catching the jacket and ripping it half off. Another joined in and snatched the hat. He appeared to be a she as one of the strigoi sliced her shirt and bindings underneath and she was forced to throw off her jacket, scarf, and hat. Long, slightly curly orange hair flowed over her shoulders as she stabbed the two enemies. She easily took the two out before anyone could jump in to help her. When she turned around, the others were watching her.

"That explains a lot." Vaun muttered.

Some of the other men was watching her a little too intently and she aimed her gun in their direction, "Back off."

They did so as the youngest jumped forward, running to her, "Suvi! Oh my God!"

Her hat and hood were taken off to reveal the same color of hair, only straighter and shorter with bangs.

"I thought they had got you..."

"Even if they had, the worms don't effect me. Remember, Tori?"

"We need to leave! Get in!" Aria grabbed the two and soon they were all on their way back.

They were silent for a long time until Vaun broke the silence, "I have to ask..."

"What?" The oldest sister responded, "Two females at the end of the world. The city is full of blood sucking monsters at night and gang bangers during the day. We were almost caught and raped after the first few weeks of this hell. We had every right to hide our gender."

"I am not accusing you of doing any wrong." Vaun's voice was gentle, "I just want to know your names."

They were silent for a moment before the oldest answered, holding her younger sister's hand, "My sister... Santorini Thera Fausta. I am Vesuvius Gladius Fausta."

"Suvi and Tori," Aria smiled, "I like it! Both of you are named after volcanoes?"

"Uh huh!" Santorini answered happily, "Vesuvius is the one most like a volcano, though. When she gets mad, she erupts. She will sometimes black out. I'm the only one who can calm her down when she gets like that. She will get migraines."

"I only go into such rages when something major happens." Vesuvius cut in.

"Like those men who tried to hurt us. You blacked out and I couldn't stop you. But you saved us." Santorini laid her head on Vesuvius' shoulder, "You only hurt the bad people when you get like that."

Vesuvius rested her head on top of Santorini's and closed her eyes. She had the sudden feeling that something bad would happen.

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i like it thus far,please continue!

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Vesuvius reached down and picked up her bag, Santorini already had hers on over her shoulder. She was rather surprised when she turned around and nearly ran into Quinlan.

"Oh... Forgive me, I did not know you were there..." She apologized.

"Vesuvius." He said, "You and Santorini will be staying with me, away from these men."

"A-are you sure?"

"I'm not letting anyone take advantage of you." Quinlan looked up over her and glared at the men in the room, "You'll be safer with me than down here with them. Augustine, I trust. But one human can easily be overpowered by a group of others. Come with me."

Santorini followed behind Vesuvius who followed Quinlan. They were led up into the hotel area from before, towards the top floor.

"Vaun and Aria are in the room at the end of the hall. They are the only other ones who come up here." He said, opening the door to the suite. Vesuvius, though impressed by the place, didn't show it like her sister did.

"Holy crap, this place is huge!" Though she was twenty one, she always appeared to be a sixteen year old by her appearance and the way she acted. Skinny with bright orange hair down to her shoulder blades, she was pale and clearly in shape.

Vesuvius was pale, like her sister. At the age of twenty five, she had the perfect hourglass shaped figure and waist length orange hair that had a slight curl to it. In shape like her sister, she could have passed for a twenty year old by her looks.

Quinlan caught himself watching the older sister and forced his eyes away. He didn't need that kind of distraction. So he nodded to the two and turned to go to his own room where he closed the door, leaving the two women to do what they planned on doing.

Aria's moans became louder when Vaun rolled them over so she was on top. Her lips pressed against his, drinking in his growls of pleasure, "V-Vaun..."

"Come for me, princess." He held her hips tightly as she came undone on top of him. He followed shortly after with a groaned purr.

Aria sighed happily in Vaun's arms, placing her head on his bare chest. He ran his fingers over her back, a gentle kiss being pressed against her forehead.

"I love you." She whispered, "So much."

"I love you, too."

"Hopefully your big brother didn't hear us this time. I was as quiet as I could possibly be."

"Even if he did, he is slightly distracted to think about it. My brother fancies Vesuvius." He smirked against her hair, "Her skills have impressed him."

"He didn't know she was female until today..."

"Gender never mattered to him. I noticed a few days after I brought them in that he was more active around her."

Soft laughter escaped Aria's lips at the thought of Quinlan being in love, "That seems very out of character for him."

Vaun sighed a sad sigh and Aria looked up at him with confusion in her eyes.

"He was married once."

"He was?!" The woman lifted her head to look at Vaun's face. She was sure he had been joking but his expression told her different, "What happened?!"

"The master killed her along with her daughter that he had adopted and was raising as his own..." His voice was quieter, "I had a neice at one point that I was never able to meet. It was when he was known as Quintus Sertorius when this happened. He loved his wife and her child very much. It's one reason he tries to distance himself away from people now."

Aria placed her head back on his chest, softly and gently drawing her fingers over the scars there, "He doesn't want to risk getting attached to someone only to lose them all over again..."


"But Vesuvius is strong. She knows how to fight and the worms do not have any effect on her at all, like me. He would be safe to love her..."

"Yes, but he needs to realize this on his own, princess." Vaun kissed Aria, his hand trailing over her bare thigh, "We should rest, little one."


Quinlan sat on the king sized bed in the master bedroom of the suit. In his hands was a pendant that he seemed to pay attention to for hours on end. The memories of his dead family would trap him in his mind for hours.

"Your spirit visited me three times, telling me to move on two of those times. I'm... Not sure I can do it." He whispered, "The worms can't hurt this human and she is strong... She has a good chance at surviving all of this."

He sighed, annoyed. He had never fallen for anyone so fast! This woman would be the death of him.

"What do I do?" Quinlan asked himself until he heard blades in the other room. He jumped up, ready to defend if any strigoi had managed to get in but when he looked into the other room, he was once again caught off guard.

Vesuvius' voice was stern yet gentle as she was teaching her sister how to properly block an attack with a sword.

"One, two, three... Good but don't move so slow on your feet."

Santorini sighed, looking at the silver blade in her hands, "I'll never be good at fighting up close like you are."

"One day I won't be here and you will need to learn such things. I swore to protect you, remember?" Vesuvius pulled her sister into her arms, "I won't lose you."

"But I don't want to lose you, either..."

"Come, again." She took a stance and moved faster this time with the blade. Santorini blocked each one, struggling but managing, "Good, girl."

Vesuvius even trained others as a gladiator would, how he had trained some. Her technique was almost perfect. While she was distracted, he gently looked into her thoughts...

The man stood before the little orange haired girl, his goatee cut close to his face and his long dreads pulled back in a tight ponytail. He was muscular, tanned skin, standing with a fake sword in front of her.

"Try again, little warrior." The man smiled, "Don't give up, you can do this."

A strong determined look crossed over the girl's features as she took her stance with her fake sword.

"Come on, Suvi! You can do it!" Another orange haired girl, younger, shouted with two other men and a woman who was clearly the mother of the two girls.

"Come on, litle warrior. Attack me!" The man said.

The little girl, Vesuvius lunged forward and started attacking with her weapon. Everyone was shocked when the man was thrown to the ground but it was not Vesuvius' doing.

"What the..." A small contraption was at his feet, it hadn't activated to trip him until he stepped on the small piece inches away, "Tori!"

"Suvi! Finishing blow! Now!" Little Santorini giggled and Vesuvius jumped on top of the man, playfully. Santorini followed and jumped onto him with her sister.

"Mercy! I've been defeated by a crazed duo!" The man laughed as the girls were pretend hitting him.

One of the men that was watching stood over the laughing man and girls, "Really Atticus? You were defeated by two little girls?" He laughed.

"Two smart little girls, Maximus! I mean, really! Tori's trap making skills are almost legendary!" The man known as Atticus laughed and ruffled the two girls hair before climbing to his feet, "Tori, really. You can't help her all the time. She doesn't help you with your shooting."

"Because I'm perfect at it!"

Vesuvius hugged her sister, "He is right. I made a promise to protect you so I have to learn this, mmkay?"


Atticus put a hand on Vesuvius' head, "I've only trained you in swords and a shield. We could give you the training of a bestiarius."

"My daughter is not fighting against any animals!" The mother said with a playful glare.

"Kidding! Kidding. But she could use the knowledge on fighting with a spear, whips I'm not so sure she could handle right now."


Vesuvius turned to Quinlan and pointed her sword at him, "Stop that."

While she was distracted, Santorini poked her in the belly gently with her sword, earning a squeak from her sister, "Nailed it!" She laughed, "I win!"

Vesuvius laughed and play punched her sister's arm. Watching the two, Quinlan found a smile forming on his face, for the first time in a long time. The two made him think of the old days, his gladiator days, then his days with his wife and daughter.

"I'm sleeping now!" Santorini stuck her tongue out at Vesuvius then smiled before prancing into the other bedroom.

Vesuvius rubbed her belly where she was poked, a playful pout on her face. The sword was placed beside her bag and she turned to Quinlan, "What did you see...?"

"You were small, training with someone named Atticus. He tripped over something your sister made, a trap she had set."

She laughed, "I was remembering that. Atticus taught me everything I know about fighting. He was afraid that my sister and I were going to need it one day. I don't think he ever thought I'd be using it against human men and these strigoi creatures."

She sat down on the floor next to her stuff, looking through one of her bags. Quinlan watched her, sitting on the couch, "You can sit up here."

"I'm fine down here." She smiled, "I didn't come here to take your furniture from you."

"So you were going to sleep on the floor, too?"

She nodded, "With blankets, yes."

Quinlan shook his head, "I'm not even using the other room. Why not use the bed in it?"

Vesuvius shrugged and went back to her bag where she pulled out a book. It wasn't in English but Latin. Quinlan thought for a moment then begin to speak to her in Latin...

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The training room was dimly lit and filled with the sound of metal against metal. The noise had been echoing off the walls for a long while now.

"Jesus... How long have they been at it?" Gus asked Tori.

"Almost two hours." She answered, "My sister has never lost a fight since she became a professional at this crap. Atticus taught her well."

"Quinlan is damn good too, bruh. I'm surprised she is still standing..." Gus shook his head, "He isn't taking it easy on her, either."

Quinlan had walked in and after making eye contact with Vesuvius, they took out their swords and started fighting each other. The born was surprised by how powerful and determined she was. It was very impressive seeing a female holding her own against him. She was definitely a worthy opponent.

'Keep fighting, little warrior.' A voice said in her head. He lunged forward, ringing the blade down where she quickly caught it before it could strike her. The red haired woman barely dodged his uppercut from his free hand, a grunt escaping her lips.

'She's getting tired.' He noted, still full of energy, 'She is starting to stumble over her movements.'

But she was clearly not giving up.

Quinlan could hear a voice in her head, the one named Atticus who had trained her. From what he could see from her memories, he was strict in his lessons.

'I am not always going to be there to protect you! You need to learn this to survive, Suvi!' His words were loud, stern, but not unloving, 'I am not losing you so we will train until you are the perfect weapon.'

Vesuvius dodged Quinlan's next attacks, catching his thrust. A kick to her chest, just hard enough to knock her back, caught her by surprise but she didn't fall. She was to tough for that. Her sister and Gus watched anxiously on the sidelines as the fight went on for another thirty minutes.

'Extend your arms, baby girl. You won't take anything down if you act like you're scared to attack.' Her teacher's voice filled her head again. 'Do not hesitate, your opponent won't.'

Quinlan saw she was panting quietly after quick, countless attacks from his sword. He did not stop but she caught each one, surprising him yet again. They paused, staring each other down. He held his sword up to defend himself, sure she was going to attack once more...

Vesuvius fell to her hands and knees with an exhausted, moaned huff. Tori gasped loud from where she stood with Gus, her hands flying over her mouth in horror, "B-but... She always wins!"

"Dios..." Gus shook his head, "There's no way she is human. She should have fallen way before now..."

Vesuvius was still on her hands and knees, trying to catch her breath. She had always forced herself to keep going until she won but Quinlan was far more experienced, it seemed. She should have known better than to take on a hybrid.

A gloved hand was held out before her and she glanced at it. Atticus spoke through her head again, 'You look up to no one, you hear me? You will not give anyone the satisfaction. The only person you look up to is the man you love.'

Hesitantly, Vesuvius looked up at Quinlan. She was unaware he had heard her thoughts, seen her memories. Her hand slowly took his and he helped her to her feet, not breaking eye contact with her as he did so.

'God, please don't tell me I've fallen for someone who could give a fuck less about me... I didn't think it was possible for me to actually love someone like this...' She scolded herself and forced herself to look down at his hand that still held hers, 'This gorgeous creature deserves someone as beautiful as he is, anyway.'

He frowned at her thoughts, wanting to tell her just how beautiful she was but decided against it. He could not become romantically involved with someone, not again.

Her hand gently pulled away from his and she glanced back up to meet his gaze again before turning to walk out. Tori pranced along behind her and Gus walked up to Quinlan, "I saw that look..."

"Your point, Augustine?"

"Spend more time with her between missions. Get to know her better. You two have a freaky connection. I'd go for it, man. Not many people would go for something that drinks blood and looks like Powder but it's clear she has the hots for you, Q."

Quinlan growled and sheathed his sword, "Just stop talking, boy."


"Aria!" Santorini pranced happily to the short haired woman, "I need help with something!"

"Okay..." She responded, hesitantly, "What is it?"

"Okay, so it goes like this..."


Vesuvius put held her sword down, not feeling threatened in this place at all. Quinlan apparently sensed no danger, either. They were starting to think there was nothing here in this old building.

"I don't think we're on to anything here." The woman said, making sure to look all around them. No surprises seemed to be waiting for them anywhere, "Do you feel like anything is here?"

"No." He was slightly annoyed, "There's nothing worth looking for here."

Vesuvius turned and looked into his eyes as he was staring back at her, "M-maybe we should leave. Aria, Gus, and Santorini have probably hit a wall and got lost somehow."

With a smirk, he agreed with a nod, "We should."

They were stopped by a loud set of beeping, not having time to think before a small explosion rocked the area. Vesuvius went to jump out of the way of a falling beam but wasn't quite quick enough. With her leg pinned, she gasped. Her eyes looked to Quinlan, "G-go! Get out!"

She wasn't expecting him to run and jump over her, catching a beam that was aiming to squish her. He was kneeling over her, the heavy rubble on his shoulders and upper back as he held it to keep it from crushing her. He was able to stand great amounts of weight but she wasn't. He tossed the beam only to be knocked over by more rubble. First his own leg was pinned then something large fell over his back, pinning him down completely. It wasn't until the dust cleared when he realized the awkward situation he was now in.

"It seems we have skipped a few steps..." He muttered, his face pressed against her breasts where he had been over top of her protecting her from the debris.

She coughed a bit, gasping for air in the dust. Though she was pinned with a half breed on top of her, she didn't feel any pain other than the dust and dirt in her eyes, "Oh my god, Quinlan? Are you hurt?!"

"I do not feel any pain. I assume I am well for the moment, at least..." He turned his face to the side, laying on her breasts as if they were a pillow, "I was not expecting to get this far so soon."

A dark blush touched her cheeks and he heard her heart when it started beating even faster. Vesuvius was able to freely move her left arms, the other was slightly held down by a bit of wood. Ignoring his comment, she tried to blink the dirt from her eyes, "The others heard that, they should be here to help pretty soon... At least I hope..."

"Gus is bad at rescue missions but I trust in Aria and Vaun to get us out somehow." Quinlan closed his eyes and tried to wiggle his arm free, "Are you injured?"

"I... Don't think so. Just pinned."

He managed to free his arm but could not move to reach for anything or push himself off of the woman beneath, "Damn it all..."

"Now what?"

"We wait."

"Nice." It was sarcastic, the way she said it. She rubbed the dirt from her eyes but there wasn't much to be done for the bits that were already in there. Her eyes watered, leaving streams through the dirt on her face, "Ugh, all I want now is a shower."

Quinlan chuckled, "Lets focus on getting out of this entrapment first, little one."

Again, she blushed. With the dirt in her eyes, she closed them and stopped moving. Her breathing was slow and Quinlan couldn't sense or feel that she was even doing so anymore. He wriggled up and put his ear over her chest, listening for a heartbeat. It was still going strong, thank God.

For a few moments he just listened to her heartbeat. The sound was soothing, calmed him down. He heard her head shift and she was looking down at him, "Have you ever been in a situation like this?"

"Not under fresh ruins caused by a bomb, no." He responded, resting his head against her again.

More silence...

"Can I ask where you grew up?"


"Can I ask who taught you how to fight?"


"What about asking if you have-"


This man was going to be the death of her! She was so curious about him, "Can I ask one question and you answer?"

"...Fine. One question."

She brushed more of the dirt off of her face, "Have you ever been in love?"

He paused. That question was not what he had expected. Now he had memories playing through his head, giving him whiplash.


"With who?"

"That's two questions, dear." He said, "Answer one question for me."


"Have you?"

"Have I what?" She asked, questioningly.

"Have you ever been in love?"

"Not... Until recently..." She trailed off with a blush. How did they get to this point in the conversation again? Vesuvius was going to smother in the awkwardness of the situation if the others did not hurry and get them out, "They aren't coming, are they?"

Quinlan's soft growls and purrs calmed her. It was a sound that was soothing yet terrifying but she loved it. If he kept up the sound, she would end up falling asleep, which did not sound like a bad idea considering how she wanted to kill time until they were found.

"Rest." He gently demanded, "It will be a while."

His purrs continued and she found herself drifting off. Her eyes were begging to be kept closed from the debris in them. But if she were to go to sleep, she couldn't enjoy this lovely creature on her chest. No, she would not think of it like that. Her mind was tired, anyway. Her mind did not register when her hand gently reached up and came to rest on the back of his neck.


"I can't believe you risked their lives to get them together." Vaun was sitting on the ground, back against the wall and Aria lounging in his lap. She was doodling on his hand with a pen, "If he finds out-"

"He'll do his manly little pout he does and get over it." She smiled. The pen slide over his skin and Vaun paid no attention to what she was doing, as long as she was entertained and happy. Even though he sensed his brother's emotions, he also sensed that he wasn't in a life threatening situation. It wouldn't hurt to leave them a bit longer.

The pen stopped and Vaun looked down at his hand, "Daisies?"

"With little smiley faces, yes." Aria answered proudly.

"Just wait. You sleep with me, remember?"

"But it's cute!"

Damn that pout of hers! He couldn't resist the pout. The cute and pitifulness made him cave in every time, she knew it was one of his weak spots.

"You are forgiven, little one."

Aria hugged him with a cute, happy squeal, "I love you."

"We should go get them  now, princess."


Blue eyes opened upon hearing quiet humming. He must have dozed off for a bit, it was darker now. Quinlan felt Vesuvius running her fingers over the back of his neck while she was quietly humming and singing to herself, eyes closed.

When he moved, she opened them and looked down at him. Concern was on her face for a moment until she saw he was just waking up. Her fingers along with her heartbeat had put him to sleep. Such comforting things, it had been a while since he felt this kind of comfort. He wasn't sure how to feel about it. His wife, he still loved her. But she was gone, even telling him in a vision and once in a dream to move on. Moving on was hard, though. He didn't want to fall in love only to lose her, it was bound to happen because that was just the type of luck he had. He huffed then struggled against her and the debris on top of him.


"We need to get out of here. We can't-" He strained to lift himself up, angry that he let himself get distracted by such emotions, "We can slide out if I could manage to free our legs."

Quinlan was almost frantic now, it seemed, "Quinlan-"


"Just... Don't hurt yourself." She tried to move her leg from under her bit of rubble but still no luck. No pain, just stuck, "Damnit."

What has caused him to suddenly just freak out?

"Quinlan?! You there?!" Aria's voice had never sounded so beautiful to the born. Finally help had come, "We'll get you out."

Vesuvius managed to move her foot and leg when Santorini and Gus both struggled but managed lift the bit of tin that had her. She slid out with Quinlan and Vaun's help, then both of them managed to pull Quinlan out. He simply dusted off his long coat and started walking away.

"Well, for someone who just had several hours of boob in their face, he doesn't look happy."

"No, Aria. He is confused. Conflicting emotions in his head." Vaun worried for his brother but he had never seen him this way before...

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Joy, Quinlan/oc Vaun/oc Empty Re: Joy, Quinlan/oc Vaun/oc

Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Fri Jan 22, 2016 5:54 pm

He was falling for her...

Quinlan was falling for Vesuvius and he had no idea how to deal with it. He still felt faithful to his wife, even though she was long gone. Now here he was, letting off steam by beating the fuck out of a punching bag. The other men were terrified to go in for the fear that he would try and attack them.

But not Aria. She wasn't afraid of anything.

"Hey! Quinlan!" He looked up at her, "What's wrong?"

He punched the bag, sending the insides flying and the chain finally snapping, making the whole thing fall in the floor.

"Nothing. I'm fine." His growls under his breath were deep and full of angst.

"You're not. No one is in here now, you scared them all off. You can tell me. I can try and help you out." Silence passed for several minutes before she spoke again, "I am not leaving until you say something."

Blue eyes turned to glare into hers. They were full of emotions she felt she could not understand, he was full of to much angst. But she wanted to help, even if he was a complete dick at times.

"Aria," Vaun approached them from behind, "Leave us for a few moments, princess."

She saw in her mate's eyes that something was wrong. He looked worried, something that didn't settle well with her. Everything in her was telling her to stay but she managed to nod, quickly exiting the room.

Vaun approached his brother and stood in front of him, arms crossed. The two would do this when something was bothering the other, just stand and look into the others eyes. The conversation they had was silent to any mortal. There words were being passed back and forth in their minds through their link with each other.

'You need to let go of the past.'


'Do you think your wife would want you to live like this?'

'You leave my wife OUT of this.'

'She is GONE, Quinlan.' Vaun continued to look into his brother's eyes, 'I saw in your memories, her spirit... She wants you to move on while you are on this mission to kill the master. She wants you to feel happiness again.'

'Vaun... What if it was Aria you had to let go?'

'I've let her go once, already. Remember when we met in Spain eons ago?' He looked down, 'I heard her screams and could do nothing. Her father took her away from me. I was miserable for so long. I do not want you to feel such pain... I can see how much you love Vesuvius. It was clear from the moment you first sparred with her. She cares very deeply for you, she aches to keep you safe...'

'Stop...' Quinlan turned away but Vaun grabbed him by the arm, making him turn back around, 'Let me go.'

'There is something about her.  Her blood is different than the others. She is strong but she needs you. Something bad is going to happen to her, I can sense it. You will need to be there for her when it happens.'

Quinlan was silent, his eyes shifting down to the floor. He had a bad feeling as well but he tried to ignore it, 'I will try...'

'Good. Now go back to the suite, you're scaring the mortals.'


Vesuvius and Santorini sat on the couch in the suite Quinlan had made them stay at with him. Her pale hands gripped her head and her breathing was uneven. After an incident with one of the other sun hunters, she was still trying to calm down. Thank God Gus came in when he did or the guy would have been dead.

"Suvi, I'm okay. I promise! No harm done and he didn't even touch me! Look!" Santorini pulled at her closed and stood up, twirling in a circle, "See? I'm okay!"

"What's this?"

Santorini looked up from where she was kneeling in front of Vesuvius, "Mr. Quinlan... She's... She just has a headache, a migraine. One of the guys tried to touch me earlier and she lost it. I think that guy might be bleeding internally or something..."

She turned back to her sister and gently took her hands in hers. Quinlan watched as the younger moved the older one's hair back out of her face and stroke her cheek, whispering in Latin. Soon, the older started whispering back and her breathing slowed to an acceptable pace. But her head was still pounding.

"Just stay calm. Don't tense. We're okay, I promise. Just breathe."

Vesuvius nodded and let herself gently drop onto her side on the couch. Her gold eyes closed and she shivered, Santorini cuddling up with her after climbing up next to her.

Quinlan took the opportunity to look into the older sister's head again...


"This place is scary! I don't like it!" A young Santorini whined, holding her little camera as she hid behind her sister while they walked. The older did not seem afraid at all but remained cautious.

In front of them was their mother with the one known as Atticus. She was very intently studying a piece of paper.

"They had quakes on such a daily basis, it was just a normal thing to them, I reckon." The mother said to Atticus who responded with a shake of his head.

"The mountain was ten times bigger before it erupted in...79AD, wasn't it?" He asked.

"Yes." The two adults continued on with their conversation as the girls had their own.

"Suvi," Santorini whispered, "It's getting dark, what if ghosts are here at night?"

"I will protect you. I promise." The younger Vesuvius told her, "Just stay behind me."

"Hey, Su." Atticus turned around, "Know where we are?"

The girl looked around for a few seconds, "It's... This is an arena."

"Can we go back now? I don't want a gladiator ghost to beat me up!"

"Oh, Tori." Their mother said, kneeling in front of them both with a smile, "Don't worry about ghosts of gladiators. Even if there were any, they wouldn't hurt you."

Atticus sighed, crossing his arms and shaking his head, "That's it. No more ghost stories for you. Not until you are older."

"Aww.... But..."

"Nope, pouting will get you no where."

She gave a pitiful pout and Vesuvius held her tight, "I'll protect you from everything, even ghosts! Don't be scared."

With a sniffle, Santorini nodded, "Mmkay."

"Why did you even come here, Atticus?" There mother laughed.

"Why, for the public pornagraphy, my good lady!"

"Atticus!" The woman laughed.

Santorini peeked her head over Vesuvius' shoulder, "What's pornagraphy?"

Their mother looked at Atticus, trying to keep a stern expression on her face, "See what you have done?"

"Well, little Tori. When a man loves a woman, sometimes he films-"



Quinlan smirked at the memory, then his smirk darkened at the memories of his time as a gladiator. The women and men both, such thing were treasured memories but then his wife came along. The memories of her...

That was when he went to the bedroom and closed the door to think some more on this 'love' situation.

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Joy, Quinlan/oc Vaun/oc Empty Re: Joy, Quinlan/oc Vaun/oc

Post by Majinkura on Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:22 pm

awwwwww poor Q!!
hopefully things get better for him soon.

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Joy, Quinlan/oc Vaun/oc Empty Re: Joy, Quinlan/oc Vaun/oc

Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:05 am

Two days had passed and Quinlan had gone no where with his thoughts, still in the room. All he had done was bring back memories then question himself about Vesuvius. If anything, he had only annoyed himself further! Without thinking, he picked up his gun and shot at the potted plant in the corner of the room, the shot echoing through the entire top floor.

One minute later, the door to the bedroom was kicked opened and Quinlan turned to see Vesuvius with her silver sword in one hand, a gun in the other, aiming. The only surprise was, she was in a purple spaghetti strap shirt and panties. Beside her was Santorini with her gun, also aiming but wearing just a sheet around her naked body.

"What's wrong?! Where are they?!" The younger sister yelled.

Quinlan blinked confused. Behind the two women with another gun aiming was Gus, wearing boxers. The born actually struggled not to laugh. Apparently he had gathered the information he needed from their thoughts. Vesuvius had been sleeping under a blanket on the couch while Santorini and Gus decided to use the other bedroom for 'other' activities.

"Why the hell are you gonna shoot a damn gun in your own damn bedroom?!" Gus asked, pointing his gun to Quinlan as he said each word, "You're gonna give somebody a fuckin' heart attack doin' that shit, man!"

Outside, there was loud knocking on the door. It was Aria and Vaun. Though Vaun was yelling, Aria was the only one everyone heard, "Who died?! WHO DIED?! OPEN THE DOOR!"

"Everything is fine!" Gus answered her, "Quinlan just flipped his shit and killed the plant in his room!"

Quinlan looked Vesuvius up and down when she quickly reached for the blanket she had been cuddled up in, "The one time I decide to actually try and sleep, a gunshot wakes me up... I am not happy with you right now."

The born smirked rather wickedly, "My apologies, Vesuvius."

"I guess I can read until one of your missions pops up."

Now that he looked at her, she truly looked as if she would drop to the floor at any given second. He hadn't realized she was so tired, he usually notices such things. She slowly turned around and started walking back to the couch.

"Vesuvius." She turned to look at him, "Come here, little one."

Hesitantly, she approached him and he took her hand, taking the weapons and placing them on the table next to the bed. He then led her to the bed itself.


"I didn't-"

"Come here to take the bed away from me, I know. But I am not using it." Quinlan took the blanket from around her and covered her with the bed sheets, "I won't shoot anything and no one will dare to bother you, sleep."

His voice and him simply being there made her feel safe. After watching him as he gazed out the window in the room, she trusted that she was able to sleep.

After she was asleep, his eyes looked her over. The purple of her top she wore, a color of wealth in ancient times. The first wealthy woman who had paid for his time after he became a gladiator was in purple, like the others that followed over the years. He would always remember the woman's tanned skin and dark wavy hair. She wore many jewels with her long purple gown.

Quinlan's blue eyes focused on Vesuvius' long hair, orange like lava and fire. He felt she was a powerful woman, powerful enough to rival the actual mountain she was named after. He had seen the eruption from afar when it had happened and what he saw he would never forget. It was terrifying, the born could not even begin to imagine how terrified the people of Pompeii felt during the event when he was paralyzed with fear from where he was.

Looking at the woman that slept before him, he knew he couldn't keep himself from loving her...


When Vesuvius woke up, Quinlan was in the same position, the same spot he was in when she fell asleep. She was still for a while, trying to figure out if she had just closed her eyes for a few minutes or actually slept for a while. Quinlan sensed the confusion and turned to look at her.

"You should continue to rest."

"But... I'm not sleepy anymore."

"I did not say sleep, I said rest."

"How long have I been out?"

"Approximately eleven hours. Your mind is tired more than your body." He said, "You should eat something."

Her golden eyes watch him when he walks out of the room and she follows, grabbing her black pants and quickly putting them on. Quinlan was back by her side before she could buckle her belt, handing her a bottle of water.

"Thank you..."

"Your sister is still with Augustine. I would not interrupt them, though."

Her eyes looked up into his and he instantly saw fire reflecting in them.

"I'm going out. Stay here with your sister."

She nodded and watched him leave through the door, sitting down after it shut. A shaking hand went to her head and she leaned back onto the couch with a deep breath.

"That was painfully obvious." Vesuvius jumped when she heard a voice coming from the kitchen. She was relieved to see Aria standing against the counter, "You two love each other, I can tell."

"We haven't even known each other that long..."

"Love doesn't care how long you've known each other." She said with a smile, telling Vesuvius the story of her and Vaun. Vesuvius listened and started thinking back to when they were pinned together, telling Aria about him nuzzling against her chest, "He was listening to your heartbeat, making sure you were still alive. Vaun does it with me a lot. It's a form of comfort."


"Quinlan cares about you. Vaun confirmed it! But he has had a long, hard life. He can't seem to move on from past loyalties." Quinlan's story was not hers to tell but she could warn the woman that it was a crazy yet horrific one, right?


Quinlan stumbled into the building, hand over his abdomen. He managed to walk past the men patroling the entrance to the refuge without them catching on that he was injured. Now he just had to get past the others. When he stepped through the door, Vesuvius was right there as if she were getting ready to leave.

"Quinlan! Oh my god!" She caught him as he started to fall, helping him to move inside, closing the door with her foot and hitting the lock with her knee, "Come on, you're okay!"

The born's eyes slid shut but he felt himself being pulled then placed on the bed. He did not protest when he felt her pulling his jacket and shirt off. Quinlan silently scolded himself for getting distracted and wounded so badly. Vesuvius' hands were taking his mind off of the pain for the moment. She remembered Aria saying that Vaun's body healed very quickly when it came to injuries. Considering Quinlan was his brother, she assumed he would heal fast as well. But it wasn't going to stop her from cleaning and bandaging the wound.

"What happened?" She asked, softly.

Quinlan cringed, "I'd rather not talk about it."

"Alright, just tell me if you are hurt anywhere else, okay?"

"I'm not." He growled but from the pain. Two days, the wound would be gone for the most part.

Vesuvius took his boots off to get him more comfortable before running to get the first aid kit. When she came back, she started on examining the wound, moving him to his side, "Whatever it was went all the way through you. Nothing is stuck  inside of you, which is a good thing. I... I'm not sure how long it will take you to heal."

"Two days, give or take..."

She cleaned the wound as best she could, bandaging his abdomen when she was finished. She frowned at the fact that there were no stitches in the kit, she should've thought to grab more supplies at the hospital during their last run. But he said he would heal in two days.

He opened one eyes through the pain and watched her concentrate on bandaging him. The worry in her eyes made his chest hurt, "I've had injuries worse than this."

"What? How?" She asked, "If you want to tell me, that is."

"Back when I was younger..."

"How old are you?"

"Old." He chuckled through the pain.

She finished with the bandages and reached for his hand, taking his in both of hers, "Tell me one of your injury stories."

"You will have to be more specific."

"Alright," She looked down at his chest and pointed to a long scar, "This one?"

His eyes looked up at hers, "By a slave who caught me by surprise in the arena. One of the men in the barracks insisted on putting maggots into the wound to clean it."

Her eyes held his gaze when she turned her head. She looked down at his shoulder, "What about this one?"

"A retiarius managed to dig into me with his trident."

Vesuvius' eyes looked into his and a gentle smile formed on her face, "You were a gladiator?"

"I was. I was known as the Barbarian Gladiator, later Quintus Sertorius."

Her eyes grew wide as she recognized the name, "I... I think my ancestor might have sponsored you..."

Well, this conversation took an interesting turn. He hadn't been expecting that at all. But there was a question he sensed she really wanted to ask but kept silent, "What is it that you really want to ask me about?"


"Yes, I witnessed the eruption of Mount Vesuvius from far away." He seemed more relaxed now, the pain being numbed by whatever it was she had put on the wound before bandaging it, "Though I am unable to describe what happened. One cannot put into words the destruction that took place... From where I was, it simply looked like the end of the world. I imagine the people in the area were sure the gods were delivering some sort of punishment unto them. That, or they thought the gods had forsaken them for some reason. A lot of people died. The survivors were never the same."

"Was the mountain bigger before the eruption?"

"It was."

She looked a bit shaken, pretending to check his bandages, "I should let you rest..."

Vesuvius moved to stand up but Quinlan held her hand tight, not letting her leave, "Stay. Your presence is comforting, calming."

"Okay." She smiled and sat down on the bed next to him, "I'll stay."

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Sat Jan 23, 2016 8:31 pm

The pain was no more, but a sort of weakness overtook his body. Quinlan felt he could not sit up, the wound making him shake when he tried. He was careful not to alert the sleeping woman next to him. Vesuvius had grabbed a chair and pulled it up to the bed where she rested her arms and head on the top of the blanket. He watched her when she had fallen asleep.

His pale hand reached out and brushed against her hand and he saw another quick memory.


"I wish you would stay here, Vesuvius. It's dangerous over there!" It was her mother, holding her oldest daughter close, "You go get your father and you come right back! No stopping in between!"

"I will try, Mom. But you know how he is."

"Come on! I'm anxious to get there!" Santorini jumped up onto the ship before Vesuvius could, "Let's go!"

"Tori, please don't go! Not you, too..."

"Suvi and I do everything together!" She protested.

Atticus put a hand on their mother's shoulder, "You know how hard it is to find one without the other... While I wish she would stay here as well, you know it is impossible to separate these two."

"I know..." Their mother pulled them both close, "Just be safe and come back to me."

The two had a father that lived in New York. Their parents were still together, they just spend time apart because of their jobs. Now, they were to bring their father back here with everyone else so he would be safe.

But when the two sisters made it to New York, it hadn't become so bad yet. But the 'sickness' had been spreading. Their father had been infected, trying to attack them as soon as they walked through the door to his apartment.

Luck was not on their side as they were unable to find a way back. The ships and other boats and planes were grounded. No one was to leave, no one was to arrive. So they were stuck. Several weeks when everything went to hell was when they were attacked by a group of humans in their father's apartment.

Vesuvius stood in front of her sister, her sword out.

"A knife to a gun fight, girl?"

"You know it." She answered, "Leave."

She charged at the men, taking their mind off her sister. With their backs to the youngest, she was able to scramble to her bag with her guns inside. She shot each and everyone that Vesuvius was unable to get with her sword. The oldest sister had been severely ruffled up and had her shirt ripped off but stood over the last man with a strong look of confidence, rage, and disgust. He was scared, looking up at her. He knew he was going to die, she fed off of his fear as he waited for her to deliver the final blow. Her sword sliced the man's head from his body and she inhaled a deep breath to calm herself.

"Tori, are you okay?"

"I'm okay but you-"

"I'm fine." Vesuvius smiled, "I was able to protect you, so I am fine. One of those guys looked like one of your one night stands, by the way."

"Oh, geeze... I'm sorry, Suvi. They almost raped you..."

"It's fine now."

"But you're still a virgin."

"It's fine, okay?"

"But, my ex tried to..."

"Not your fault. I hated that guy anyway. I was just able to actually do something about him this time around." She smiled, "I will always protect you, Tori."


Quinlan growled, recognizing the faces of the men who had attacked the two. He had been wondering what had happened to that team he had sent out. Vesuvius was more merciful than he would have been. She was a very strong fighter but even someone like the born himself could get overpowered by a large group. Vesuvius had held out longer than most would have been able.

She was just shaken up, no harm had actually been done physically but he could see that it took a toll on her mentally. The constant thoughts of 'what if' constantly crossing her mind, if they had taken the only innocent part of her she had left. Quinlan had seen the result of rape plenty of times in Rome, the act performed sometimes by his own men. He wasn't always able to stop it. For men who claimed to be all about strength and honor, they would perform such honor-less acts. Humanity disgusted him then, and it did now.

Vesuvius still slept next to him, peacefully. She still looked exhausted. Her sudden gentle jerk somewhat startled him when she woke up, blinking the sleep from her eyes.

"Quinlan? Are you alright?"

"I am."

She looked under the bandages and surprise caught her features, "It's almost healed..." Her fingers gently touched around the wound, examining it, "You said two days... It looks like it will be gone by tonight..."

"I am still weak in that area, one more day should be more than enough time to recover." His hands pushed himself up, ignoring her protesting that he should stay still. The concern in his eyes reminded him of his wife from long ago. She always had the same concerns, trying to keep him from doing anything dangerous, only Vesuvius knew he had to fight so did not protest on that subject.


"Yeah?" She responded to her name, looking at him. His hand reached up around the side of her neck, moving his hand and fingers up into her hair, gently bringing her to him. His lips touched hers in a slow kiss, giving her every chance to pull away if she wanted too. But she didn't. It was hesitant but she deepened the kiss as best as she could. It was obvious she had never kissed anyone before.

She was pulled onto his lap, straddling his thighs and her cheeks turned bright pink. Although she had fantasized about kissing the born, she wasn't expecting so much body contact at the same time. His hand held her to him as he kissed her, fingers ever so gently gripping her hair as he did so. His other hand had moved to her lower back, pulling her body against his completely. Vesuvius seemed to catch on to his movements, mimicking them. Soon she had the hang of the kissing thing.

Quinlan gripped her hair and ran his fingers through it, something he had been longing to do for a while now. He memorized how soft it was as well as how sweet her kisses tasted, his body ached for hers badly. She was longing for him to keep her in his arms-

"Hey, Quinlan! I heard you were injured..." Aria walked in and her eyes caught the scene before her, "Ah, sorry! Sorry! I'll come back later!"

The door shut quickly and Vesuvius climbed off of him, "I... Um... You still need to rest."

Quinlan watched her tug nervously at her hair, a smirk forming on his face, "Alright then. You should go to the others, I'll be fine."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

She kissed his forehead and left the room. In the lounge area, Aria stood with Vaun with a big and beautiful smile on her face. Vaun looked as he always did but seemed somewhat excited along with his mate. Aria spoke in a language Vesuvius did not understand. She looked curiously to Vaun.

"The best translation I can do for you is, "Best day ever." With a few discreet words in between." He said.

Vesuvius blushed and went to the couch where her things were, picking up a book and pretending to read it.

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:29 am

"Why did you hate the outfit?!"

"Tori, it was so historically inaccurate... All of them were."

"Nuh uh!" Santorini laughed, "The Romans were into some crazy shit! How do you know for an actual fact that they didn't wear slutty dresses for their...husbands...or crazy sex parties?"

Vesuvius sighed and sat back on the couch. The area was clear of strigoi and earlier Gus had found alcohol. So, now they were all sharing the bottles. Quinlan disapproved but he understood that the area was quiet and the humans did need some down time. With a roll of her eyes, Vesuvius took a few shots of the whiskey. He could hear her thoughts loud and clear, 'I'm going to need it to deal with her stories, oh my god. She knows everything and has the blackmail to prove it.'

"We were in Rome, so why not dress up-"

"Tori, stop talking!"

Gus laughed, "No, no! Keep talking! I wanna hear about this!"

"Better yet! I can show you!" Santorini flopped down on the floor next to he bag, rambling in it.

Vesuvius was horrified, "Please don't..."

Santorini rambled until she pulled out her camera, the one she had since she was very little. She happily turned it on and flipped through her memory cards, "I NEVER delete a picture or video."

"No, you don't." Vesuvius sighed and picked up the entire bottle of whiskey, her voice desperate and shaky, "I'm going to need more of this, Gus? Where are the other bottles?"

Now Quinlan was overly curious. Surely the stories were rather good if she needed alcohol to deal with the pictures...

Quinlan sat down next to Vesuvius on the couch and watched her with mild amusement. Santorini jumped up and held her camera in the air, "The Halloween SD card! Found it! Okay."

Gus looked at Santorini after looking through the pictures, "Your outfits... Are a bit..."

"Yeah, I know. I'm one of the girls who dresses as slutty as possible on Halloween. I always pic out Suvi's outfits too!"

Oh, this was going to be an interesting thing to see. Vesuvius took another long sip and sat up, glaring at her little sister. The alcohol was starting to take effect now and she was feeling a bit more brave and talking somewhat out of her head, "Tori always claims I'm 'sooooo beautiful' that I need to 'show off what I have' so she always guilted me into wearing ancient Roman themed Playboy outfits, knowing how I have no self-esteem in how I look."

"I was trying to help raise your self-esteem! You're gorgeous!"

"I'm not. End of argument. No! Wait! Not end of argument! You always got me outfits with crotchless panties on purpose!"

Santorini cackled with laughter, "Mr. Quinlan should see the pictures too! Here!"

"P-please don't..."

He caught the camera that was tossed to him and began flipping through the pictures from each year. Vesuvius was right, half of the outfits were so inaccurate. But she looked damn good in each and every one of them. The one from this last year, she wore a purple Roman dress.

"She makes such a beautiful Roman goddess with her features." Santorini stated with a happy sigh.

"That she does..." He spoke without thinking and when he looked up, everyone was looking at him as if they were surprised.

"Give me that!" Vesuvius grabbed the camera and turned it off, "We don't need that filth turned on anymore..."

"Suuuuuvi! Turn it back on! I have videos!"



"Ugh... What happened?" Vesuvius opened her eyes and looked around the room, "What...?"

"I had to separate you from the others." It was Quinlan she was sprawled on top of, "You tried to murder Gus after he said you were attractive in your sexy gladiator costume then tried to burn him alive when he started kissing your sister."

"Oh..." Her head hurt and they were supposed to go scavenge today. She just would not be able to handle any bullshit from anyone today. So a prayer was said for the other guys to not piss her off, "Okay... We should... Go now..."

"Eat first."

In the kitchen, Vaun and Aria stood with Santorini and Gus while they ate. Now that Vesuvius thought about it, she had never seen Aria, Vaun, or Quinlan eat anything. Vaun and Quinlan she understood why but Aria wasn't part strigoi like they were. She assumed she was one of those people who always ate in private. Maybe she was self-conscious about table habits? Oh well.

Fresh air was what stopped her headache, as soon as she stepped outside. Vesuvius took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds, then let it out. She remained quiet while they made their way around town. They made it to a bridge, Santorini instantly squealing when she saw a small four legged critter walking towards them.

"It's a kitty!" She leaned down and picked up the cat, "Hey, kitty!"

Santorini turned to hold the cat up to Vaun and Aria.

"Isn't she cute?"

"No! No!" Aria backed away, rubbing a gloved hand at her nose. She acted as if she were going to sneeze but when it finally came out, it was with a rather cute, loud squeak and flames filled the area, making everyone jump back. When it faded, Aria stood with watery eyes and smoke coming from her nose, "I'm sorry."

"What the-!" The cat jumped from Santorini's arms and ran, "What was that?!"

"Ah, yeah. By the way..." Aria poked her fingers together, "I'm not human..."

"Oooh, right! The girls don't know about you yet!" Gus laughed, "This will be fun to watch."

"Shut up!" Aria looked to Vesuvius and Santorini.

"Are we still drunk?" Vesuvius asked.

"No," Vaun answered. Slowly, wings started forming from Aria's back, her body starting to glow. Then she had a tail. The horns on her head were beautiful and her mix matched eyes were brighter, "She's a dragon."

Santorini slowly moved behind Vesuvius, something she had always done when she was scared, a habit that started when she was very small. Vesuvius seemed relaxed, knowing Aria would not hurt them.


"Relax, if she wanted to hurt us she would've done it already." She looked at Aria, "Don't take it personally, she even hid from our father whenever he would visit us in Rome."

"I... I'm sorry." Santorini apologized, "I've just... I don't... I never... We..."

"It's alright, you're safe. I won't hurt you." The smile on Aria's face is what made the youngest sister relax, "Just... No cats."

"Noted." Vesuvius propped her sword on her shoulder, "Lets get this scavenger hunt over with, now."

Santorini walked beside her sister and Quinlan curiously looked into her head, her thoughts were unguarded and her emotions were so strong.


"Suvi... Suvi, are you okay?"

"I'm okay, Tori. Don't cry. Everything is okay." Vesuvius and Santorini were in their teens now. Vesuvius didn't appear to be hurt or struggling at all other than the constant attention to her arm and both of her sides, some blood was on her lips and nose. There was no pain in her stance or facial features, "We are almost there."

The two girls made it to the camp where Cassia ran to them when she saw them, "There you two are! It's dark! You were supposed to be back an hour ago!"

"Sorry, Cass. We got stuck..."

The woman caught sight of the blood on Vesuvius' face, "You were near the mountain again, weren't you?! What happened?"

"It doesn't hurt, really." Vesuvius smiled.

The two were led Atticus, Maximus, and there mother. Atticus instantly sat Vesuvius down and looked her over. He shook his head and rolled his eyes, a hand placed on her head. It was something he done to both girls, hand on top of the head when it was a serious moment.

"What happened? You can tell me. No one will yell, I promise." He said.

Santorini burst into tears, "It's my fault! I slipped and rocks started falling and she pushed me out of the way when three bigger rocks started coming down..."

"I gladly took the blow for her." She smiled, "Like I said, Tori. I'll always protect you."

Atticus looked concerned, "Well first off, you have some broken ribs and a sprained wrist. You apparently bit your tongue during the event and I'm guessing a rock hit you in the face? Your nose is bleeding."

"Okay, so it all hurts a little bit..." She finally admitted, "Am I in trouble?"

Her mother behind Atticus sighed angrily but calmed her voice, "Since you told the truth, no." She looked as if she would cry at any given second, "You two just need to be careful! I cann't lose you two, alright?" She ran to them after Atticus and Maximus were done looking them over, "Please, be careful. I love you both, so much."

"We love you too, Mama."

"Now, go get bandaged up then try to sleep. I'll be in shortly."

The two girls nodded and Santorini helped Vesuvius to get fixed up.


Vesuvius seemed to risk her life quite often for her younger sister. Quinlan looked over to Vesuvius and quickly searched her head. She protected Santorini because she was, not only the most loving, gentle, and prettiest (and most likely the favorite), but she was weaker. Santorini was loved by everyone, especially her sister and she was not going to let anything happen to the younger woman. She cherished her little sister above all else. Her sister was like a princess of the family and Vesuvius was the warrior and loyal bodyguard.

Feeling the born inside her head, Vesuvius shot him a warning glare. He stopped and gave her an apologetic nod. She seemed happy with his apology and turned back to their mission.

He sensed her power but could not figure out how a mortal could be so powerful. Maybe he was sensing something else? He could not quite pinpoint what it was. There memories, he never looked at the others clearly. He focused on the girls in an attempt to understand them better. Trapped in his thoughts, Vaun broke him out.

'She thinks her ancestor sponsored you?' He spoke in his brother's mind, 'Faustus?'

'Their last name is Fausta. Faustus Sertorius did have children. Over the years, names tend to change. The last name could have went from Sertorius to Faustus, then to Fausta. They both seem to know their family line.' Quinlan was ranting without realizing it.

Vaun shook his head, 'Ask her? She seems to have so many questions but seems to be afraid to ask them.'

'I know. She wants so very badly to hear everything about Mount Vesuvius but is very hesitant.'

'Perhaps she is afraid she will offend you. She does understand that the eruption is a sensitive subject, even now. To ask someone who actually lived to see what happened, even though you were in no danger from where you were. It was still a disturbing sight from what I have seen in your memories.'

Quinlan looked around them, eyes open for anything while the others got what they needed from the building. The scavenging trip didn't seem to last long at all since he was so enraptured in his thoughts.

He had to find out what this power of hers was. Faustus was into the dark arts, perhaps he done something to create such power in the bloodline?

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Joy, Quinlan/oc Vaun/oc Empty Re: Joy, Quinlan/oc Vaun/oc

Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:18 pm

"I know she is not human. I cannot figure out what she is." Quinlan was looking through books at an old library they had come across. Aria watched him flip through books, trying to gather any information on various super natural creatures.

She did not keep track of how long they were there but their team member was already annoyed and wanted to leave, "Can we just grabs some books and go?"

"No, Fet. We can't. At this point, Quinlan will try and take the whole library with him. What took you guys so long to come back, anyway?" Aria asked. Fet and his group disappeared for a good while and made no move of any kind to contact them.

Fet chuckled under his breath, "Damn munchers, man. They slowed us down."

"Uh huh... Okay." Aria yawned, turning back to Quinlan.

"If she would tell us what she is-"

"Quinlan, she doesn't know what she is! She just knows she is strong and uses that strength to protect her sister."

Quinlan looked up at Aria, "But her sister is a normal human being. That's why it is so odd."

So she hadn't thought of that, it was odd. Santorini moved, acted, even smelled like a normal human. Vesuvius had this energy about her as well as her unnatural eye color. The worms did not effect her but they would effect Santorini. They needed to watch her closely without her catching on to the fact that they were watching. Vaun and Gus had stayed back with the two, leaving Eph there as well. Probably not a good idea since Vesuvius hated him the very first moment she saw him, she didn't care if he was with the CDC.

The radiation in the area was getting stronger and Quinlan wondered if simply being inside would be enough to keep the others from being exposed to it. They would eventually have to move underground.


Vesuvius was glad when the others returned. She looked at Quinlan when he walked in after Aria, longing to just run to him and hold him as close as possible but she managed to control herself. She had been controlling her anger and annoyance with Eph since they left, there was just something about him that she did not like.

Maybe she should give him some credit, though. He was trying to be friendly with her. While she had been sitting down, reading her book, he walked over and introduced himself again and tried to get to know her. But it was just something she did not like about him that made her hate him completely. It was hard to keep an open mind with him for some reason.

She rubbed at her head, feeling a migraine starting to form and Santorini took her into Quinlan's room where it was fairly quiet, "Suvi, you okay?"

"Headaches are getting more frequent..."

"Maybe we should have stolen a boat to get back to Mom and the others. I feel like we would be safer there."

"There are no boats to steal, those damn things would swarm us before we could leave. Mom is probably worried sick." Vesuvius sighed.

Santorini was quiet for a moment, "So, I didn't get to ask you. The other night, did you find anything out about Quinlan?"

"I... I did..." She said, resting her head on Santorini's lap, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"I don't know, Vaun is pretty old himself. I assume that Quinlan  lived through some crazy stuff, considering how much older he is."

Vesuvius grinned. It was a sort of dreamy grin Santorini had NEVER seen before on her sister. She never thought she would live to see the day, when her sister found love. The oldest giggled a bit, "Quinlan was a gladiator."


"His sponsor was Faustus Sertorius."


"Shh! Not so loud!" She rubbed her head.

"Sorry, but what?! Are you for real?"

Vesuvius laughed while her little sister ran her fingers soothingly through her hair in an attempt to ease the headache.

"Wait, you mean he is Quintus Sertorius?" Santorini received a nod, "You know Atticus and Mom would shit themselves if they knew!"

"Do you think he would want to come back with us when all of this is over?"

"We can ask him." Vesuvius closed her eyes, the pain in her head starting to throb with pain.

"I love you, Suvi. Just thought I'd let you know."

"I love you too, Tori."

Quinlan watched them from the doorway after Vesuvius had finally fallen asleep


"Suuuuvi, here!" Santorini had given Vesuvius a small box. Inside were raw, orange citrine stones, crystals the color of fire and volcanic rocks.

Vesuvius gave Santorini a small box as well but inside of this one were aura geodes, raw amethyst crystals, and beautiful moonstones, "Merry Christmas."

Santorini squealed over the stones and cuddled her sister. Every year, they would give each other gifts but always made it a tradition to give each other a box of their favorite stones and such. While Santorini loves the sparkly and colorful crystals, Vesuvius was happy with molten rocks and dull geodes because it just fit her better. Vesuvius wasn't a 'sparkly' person like Santorini.

The two were in their room inside their home, the place was decorated with tons of bottles of incense, vials of small crystals and rocks, larger crystals and rocks, seashells were every where as well as mermaid statues and pictures. Little bags of different herbs were here and there with decorative boxes and containers, bottles of body oils and soaps, and jewelry. Vesuvius had various weapons on her side of the room while Santorini's side was more 'pretty' with flowers and such.

They seemed like magical people. They had a beaded curtain they would close that split the room in two when they slept. It was enough privacy as long as no one touched or moved the sparkling strand. Soft, quiet meditation music played while they slept, coming from Santorini's side of the room.

Time skipped forward to another holiday, the jack-o-lanterns gave away which one it was.

"Vesuvius! Come on out! I want to see you in the outfit I got you!" Santorini was in a Roman styled dress, the purple material and design was cute on her, She had pulled her hair back with clasps and curled the strands that hung down and framed her face, "I got us something more accurate this year, be happy! I may have to start doing more accurate costumes, this dress makes my boobs look amazing! Come on out!"

A quiet groan was heard from the bathroom with an eventual, "Fine..."

The door opened and Vesuvius stepped out. Her hair was pulled back tight into a braided bun, circlets and sparkling hair beads and accessories decorated the bright orange strands. She wore a gladiator outfit that was fir more for a female, the sandal straps reached her knees and she had a real sword and a shield. The jewelry she wore was beautiful but not flashy at all. She looked like a goddess...

"You always make me dress up for Halloween..."

"You. Look. AMAZING!" Santorini jumped up and down, "It looks perfect! Oh my gosh, you look like you stepped straight out of a Spartacus DVD or something!"

Vesuvius looked at herself in the mirror and just kind of stood there.

"Come on! Strike a pose or something!"

"I... Don't really feel like it."

"You party pooper! Come on, everyone is waiting!"

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Joy, Quinlan/oc Vaun/oc Empty Re: Joy, Quinlan/oc Vaun/oc

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"Tori, no! No, no! You can't do this to me, please!" Vesuvius was frantic, holding her sister. Several strigoi had attacked them after they both got separated from Quinlan and Gus, "Tori, please..."

"I can feel the worms... I don't like it, Suvi."

"Maybe Quinlan or Aria or someone can help! I am not losing you!" Vesuvius was in tears, for the first time in her entire life, "Why did you block the strigoi from attacking me? I could've taken it!"

Santorini smiled, holding her hands over her bleeding neck tight, "It would have killed you, the claws would have killed you. It was going for your neck. You have always protected me from everything, now it's my turn to protect you."

"Santorini, no. Please, just hold on."

"You know that there is no way to stop the worms or the bleeding at this point. Just let me go, I had a beautiful life with you as my sister. If you had died, I could not live without you. It would have killed me to lose you. I love you, Vesuvius. I was finally strong for once in my life!"

"You were always strong!"

Vesuvius was horrified, this could NOT be happening to her! This was a nightmare, it was the only explanation! Any second now, she would wake up.

"Tori... Please, don't leave me... Pleasse, don't..."

"Suvi, you have never cried before..." Tori forced herself up. She was in pain and suffering but she would not ask her sister to take her life. She would never put that on her, "Everything will be alright, I promise."

"There is no life without you, Santorini."

"There is, I will watch over you. You haven't seen the last of me. I'll talk to you in your dreams, I will visit you if I can. I don't know how the after life works but I will always be with you." She let go of her neck to put her trembling hand over Vesuvius' heart and Vesuvius done the same to her as their foreheads touched, "You are the best sister anyone could have asked for. I love you. Thank you, Vesuvius. For everything."

The gunshot wasn't even heard when her sister pulled the trigger, putting a bullet into her own head. Her red blood bathed Vesuvius as her body fell against hers. She hadn't even seen her reaching for the gun.

"T-Tori..." She breathed, "Tori... Tori!"

She shook her body, begging her to come back. She couldn't live without Santorini, there was no life without her. They were ALWAYS together, it was overly impossible to separate them.



Quinlan and Gus ran as fast as they could to the area where the girls were. Gus saw them first, backing away from the door with a fist over his mouth, "Oh no..."

Quinlan felt pure dread at the way Gus looked, "Quinlan... Ah... Dios..."

The born walked over to the door and saw Vesuvius holding her sister in her lap and arms, her forehead against Santorini's. They were both covered in blood and Santorini wasn't moving. Around them were scattered bodies of the strigoi they had killed.

"Vesuvius?" He received no response, "Vesuvius..."

Her bloodied face looked up, tears streaked through the red, "Q-Quinlan..."

Then he saw the bullet entry and exit wounds on Santorini's head. He slowly approached them but saw there was no way they were getting the body out of Vesuvius' death grip.

"Gus... Go find Vaun and Aria."

Gus nodded and left. Quinlan gently touched her hair, whispering her name. He put his other palm on Santorini's forehead. Sadness overtook him, Vesuvius was full of one feeling and it was so strong. She had failed in protecting her sister, protecting Santorini was her life mission. One of the worms crawled out of Santorini's neck wound and Vesuvius caught it, her eyes watching it and never leaving. Her expression went from agonizing sadness to pure rage.

"You fucked up. You majorly fucked up when you killed my sister. You FUCKED UP!" The ground shook a bit, he felt it when he saw her golden eyes glow like fire as she spoke to the master through the worm between her fingers, "I will have you begging for mercy before I'm through with you. I will make you suffer, that's a promise..." Then she threw it down and sliced it in half before turning back to her sister, "Quinlan... I can't leave her here."

"We should leave."

"No... I'm not leaving her!" She sounded panicked.

"We can burn the body and take the ashes back home when everything is finished. I will go with you." He said, pulling the woman and her dead sister into his arms, "I will you help you through this, you will make it."

"Quinlan... How am I supposed to tell my mother that Tori is dead?" The look in her eyes when she looked up at him was one he had never seen on her before. It made his chest ache, "I broke my promise, I failed..."

"You have always protected me from everything, now it's my turn to protect you."

"Vesuvius, you did not fail. Fate can be cruel but she has good reasons for being so. Santorini's death will not be in vain."

"Quinlan?! Vesuvius?!" Aria ran in and stopped dead in her tracks, "Tori..."

Vesuvius looked up and tried to wipe the blood from her face, only adding more and making it worse. She gently placed her sister on the floor and stood up, walking out of the room. Outside, she sliced a strigoi across his face, reaching up and ripping it's head off. The others she encountered where easily cut down as well.

"Shit, she's gone on a fuckin' killing spree. Go get her, I'll get Tori's body." Gus said, only to be interrupted by Quinlan, who picked up the body and nodded for the others to leave.

She was gone when they all left the room but they followed the trail of freshly killed strigoi. So many were freshly killed, they finally caught up to her and she was still going, taking them on one at a time. Gus reached for her only to have her blade against his throat, "Don't. Touch. Me." Then she continued on her way. The last one she found, she kicked to the floor and repeatedly started stabbing it, fast.

"Vesuvius! Stop! It's dead!" Gus was afraid to go anywhere near her, "Over kill, much? You can stop now!"

Aria, understanding that she was feeling extreme grief and a great amount of failure, knew she would hurt herself if she kept on with this. She backhanding the orange haired woman in the back of the head hard enough to knock her out.

"Please tell me I didn't kill her." She said to herself, feeling her pulse, "Okay, good. That was a bit harder than I intended."

"She will forgive you." Vaun sighed, "She isn't thinking clearly. One she loved so dearly is gone... It is a horrible feeling, an emptiness that you can't get rid of."

Aria smiled sadly, pressing her face against Vaun's chest, "We should get her and take her back."


Vesuvius groaned, clenching her eyes before she opened them. She looked around and saw she was in Quinlan's arms, holding her head, "Ugh... Hey, Tori?"

"She isn't here."

"Huh, why... No, it wasn't a dream?"

"It was not, I'm sorry..."

Her head buried into her hands and Quinlan nuzzled her hair. He had promised he would help her through this, "Would you want to burn the body now? There is a container that Gus found a few moments ago, you can put her ashes in it until the time comes to take her home."

"I have to be the one to do it." Her hand gripped his, seeking strength before having him put her down. She looked over her sister once more when Vaun placed her down, something about her looked peaceful as if she were only sleeping. She wanted to just yell for her to get up, that this wasn't funny but she knew it would not help a thing, this wasn't a joke. Vesuvius positioned the body and fixed her hair the best she could. A bit of water from the water bottle she had took care of the blood on her face. Once she was satisfied, the body was burned and Vesuvius seemed to go into a trance. Quinlan pulled her against him, gently.


The bodies were still there. The two girls walked around, looking at each one. Santorini was behind Vesuvius with her camera.

"This place is scary too! I don't like it!"

But Vesuvius was entranced by the figures in front of her, "There poses are...They're..."

"It preserved their bodies." Atticus said.

Vesuvius walked up to one that sat on their knees against the wall. The person had been praying, perfectly positioned. She touched the person's face and hands ever so gently. The gesture was one of sorrow and curiosity.

"Everyone has to die, eventually." Cassia said from behind the two girls, "Sometimes... Some people go out with a bang. You can't really know when it will happen. The best you can do is to just deal with it."

"But everyone here looked so scared." Santorini said with tears in her eyes, "I don't want to be alone when I die."

"You won't, Tori. You have me and I'll always protect you." Vesuvius smiled and Santorini walked back to her mother, "This person, the praying person. They didn't seem to be afraid. It's like they just accepted what was going to happen." A wind gust blew through the area and around Vesuvius.

"Holy shit... Please tell me you got that on camera, Tori..." Atticus said with wide eyes.

"Uh huh..."

Vesuvius stood, rubbing at her eyes and coughing from the dust. She watched her little sister when her eyes were cleared. She didn't want to think about anyone she loved dying...


"I should've been faster. I wasn't fast enough to pull her out of the way..."

Quinlan held her against him, waiting until they were able to put the ashes into the container. Once they were finished, Quinlan gave the container to Vesuvius who held it in her arms for the longest time, simply cuddling it. She looked broken, eyes glowing again. The air around her crackled. He touched her shoulder and snapped her out of it, leading her inside, back to the room.

Vesuvius put the container down on the table and grabbed her sisters bags. Taking out her laptop.

Quinlan took the laptop from her hands and placed it on the bed. His hands took hers and led her to the bathroom. She was red all over, covered in her sisters blood. Her gold eyes caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and she became horrified for just a second before Quinlan turned her away. The blood was thick on her skin, on her clothes, she felt like she was in shock, she couldn't move. Her sisters blood covered her and she wasn't sure how to feel about it.

Her jacket was pulled off and her boots unzipped. Quinlan helped her out of her clothes, folding them neatly after starting the shower. He took off his own clothes and picked her up, sitting down on the shower floor. She was placed on his lap with the warm water falling over her. He made no sexual moves at all, he just simply held her and let her cry against him.

At one point, he shifted so her back was against his chest. He washed the blood from her hair for her, helped wash what was still on her skin, using a soft washcloth. He respected her, didn't look at her body except to clean the blood from it. Her crying stopped for the moment and when he was satisfied that she was clean of the color red, he picked her up and took her out of the show. He used the fluffy towels to dry them both of, dressing her in her purple tank top and panties then wrapped her in a blanket. A pair of black pants were put on and he sat down next to her.

The laptop was picked up after a quick sniffle. It was turned on and started loading.

"Thank you, by the way..."

He responded with a kiss to her head. She was going to click on the video files from all of their years together but Skype popped up, ringing.

"The... Internet is back up?!" She gasped, Quinlan looking from beside of her, "It's... It's Atticus..."

Quinlan gripped her hand, knowing this wasn't going to be the happiest of video chats for her. She looked up at him with pleading eyes and he nodded. She answered and saw Atticus, Maximus looking over one shoulder, Cassia over the other with a cup in her hands. They were speaking in Latin, something Quinlan noticed they seemed to love to do after visiting her memories.

[translated from Latin]

["Suvi! Thank God, you're okay! We saw Tori's name come on line and nearly freaked out while trying to hit the call button! Are you two safe?"] Atticus appeared to search the background behind her, ["Where is Tori?"]

Vesuvius was quiet, lip quivering before she started sobbing.

On the screen, the others looked horrified. She never cried..

["A-Atticus... I n-need to talk to M-Mom... Right now.... Please, go get her?"]

Maximus nodded, ["I'll get her."] Then he left.

["Stay strong, little warrior."] Atticus said, ["Everything will be okay, just focus... Focus on the good, alright?"]

She was trying so hard to be strong and the others could see that. When her mother was brought to sit in front of the webcam her smile faded when she saw Vesuvius in tears, "Vesuvius, baby? What's wrong?"

"Mom... Tori... Tori is dead..." She sobbed again, Quinlan gripping her hand.

"Oh, Suvi, baby! What happened?!"

"She jumped in front of me and took a fatal blow. She saved me, told me she was able to protect me for once in her life. But I couldn't save her, I wasn't fast enough. We were swarmed by those things! A big one came out of no where... She was infected, Mama. I couldn't protect her!"

"Baby, you did the best you could and you were there to comfort her." Her mother was crying, "I'm proud of you for staying with her. All she ever wanted was the chance to protect you."


"Vesuvius, listen. I want you to come back to me."

"I will, I promise. We had to burn Santorini's body but I have her ashes to bring home when all of this is over." She sniffled, "I have to help kill the master, the guy who caused all of this."

"Baby just be careful. I hope you have someone to help protect you."

Quinlan squeezed her hand and gave her a smile, "I... I did meet someone..."

"Oh?" Her mother sniffled, still sad but curious, "Who is he?"

"You remember when you always tried to hook me up with someone and I always beat the crap out of them because they ended up being douche bags who only wanted one thing? Tori and Atticus said I'd never go out with a normal human being?"

Her mother laughed, not crying as much anymore. Atticus peeked from the side of the screen, only his eyes showing, "How could I forget?"

"Well... She was right... Ah, Quinlan isn't but half human..."

From the other side of the screen, Maximus peeked his head out just enough to see his eyes, like Atticus was doing.

"He is half human, half... Uh... Strigoi. No worms but he drinks blood..."

Atticus looked at Maximus and held up his fist, ["Nailed it."]

["Damnit, fine. Take your money."]

"I always said she'd end up with someone like Quintus Sertorius!"]

Vesuvius coughed, ["Uh, that's the interesting part... He... He kind of... Is Quintus Sertorius."]


Her mother pushed the guys out of the way, "Anyway, I need to tell you something and I need you to listen. Every few generations in our family line, a child is born with this ability..."

"Ah, okay?"

"You are the child of this generation, Vesuvius." Her mother sighed, "I should've told you before you left but I was afraid. You will be able to shape shift and control elements to a certain point. Baby, you're a mer-" The connection was broke and the internet button blinked to say the connection was gone.

"Damnit!" She tapped several keys on the keyboard, "Mama?! Atticus?! Cassia?! Max-" The internet was obviously not being cut back on any time soon, "Mama! This is so not funny! What was she saying?! I'm a what?"

Quinlan held her tight, comforting her, "Calm down, rest for now. We can figure it out later."

She curled up against him and closed her eyes, "This is just a bad dream..."

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Tue Jan 26, 2016 11:59 pm

This chapter is posted in the NSFW thread. Find the 'Joy NSFW Chapter' and click it.

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Post by MrQuinlansBloodDoll on Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:54 pm

Aria pranced happily on the sand, a few steps ahead of Vaun. She was ankle deep in the water, looking at the sky. It was still covered and she knew the radiation was at a higher level. She sighed, turning to walk back to Vaun where he embraced her in his strong arms.

She positioned so her back was against his chest, both of them looking out over the water. A few colorful wild flowers were held up in front of her and she playfully sniffed them, "Where'd you find these?"

"Back towards the industrial area. I was surprised to see they were still alive and growing." He smiled against her hair, "Beautiful in looks and spirit, wild and able to flourish anywhere, untamed and able to spread their love and beauty to all who can appreciate it... Much like my beautiful princess."

"She sounds like a very interesting girl." She laughed, turning to look up at him, "Tell me more about this princess."

Vaun put the flowers in her hair, "I am not able to live without her. She is my everything and I love her so deeply that I can't contain it."

"She sounds pretty amazing."

"Oh, she is very amazing." His lips touched hers and he pulled her closer against him, "She also smells nice."

"Well, that was random." She laughed, pulling her weapon back out, "Think we will run into any munchers on the way back?"

"Most likely. We should continue on our way."

The couple walked hand in hand back towards the center of the city. There weren't any strigoi or humans anywhere to be found. It was rather nice walking through the place without having crap jump out at you.

They walked past one store and Aria looked into the window, "Vaun! Wait!" and ran in. Vaun watched her back while she ran through the small shop, "Look!"

"What is it?"

"It's a bubble ring that you can put a photograph in! Quinlan's suite had a scanner in that one area of the living room, against the wall. All I have to do is hook up the camera to the scanner, print a picture out on that glossy paper he doesn't have a use for and slide it inside!"

Vaun looked at the ring, the bubble being just a little bit smaller than a quarter, "Will the picture not fall out or get ruined if wet?"

"All it needs is a little heat to melt the sides down a bit and it'll be there forever! It's silver too. Hypo allergenic, it says!" She smiled, "Besides, I did hit her pretty hard when I knocked her out. I want to do a little something to make up for that. That, and she is my friend. A friend mourning the loss of her other half. I think it'll cheer her up."

"She might get emotional."

"I know, but it'll help. You know, to look down and see her there on her hand." Aria smiled. She then looked up, grabbing something else.

"We were supposed to be looting and killing strigoi."

"Yeah but this bracelet has a pretty dragon on it, it's mine now."


Vesuvius opened her eyes and reached for the laptop on the side table. Once again, there was no internet connection at all, so no calls were to be expected.

Santorini's video files were never ending! But then again, she had filmed almost every day since she got the camera when she was six years old. Some videos were a few minutes long, some were up to an hour.

Quinlan held her close, his head on her shoulder to comfort her. Her shaking hands clicked the very first video file and there was Santorini when she was a child, looking into the camera.

"Hello! My name is Santorini Thera Fausta! Reporting from our home on Amalfi Coast!" The screen cut out to a big, beautiful house next to the ocean, "This is where I live with my mother, sister, and family!"

Another cut away, now showing a younger Vesuvius, "And this is my beautiful, warrior sister Vesuvius Gladius Fausta! She knows how to kick some serious butt!"

"Tori, put that down! We're supposed to be packing for the Pompeii camp so Mom can meet up with the Volcanologists."

"As you can see, she is all serious. But I still love her!"

Yet, another cut away. This time showing the man known as Atticus eating some chips in a bag and looking out towards the ocean where he was watching two people wrestle on the sand, shaking his head. He laughed loud, "Maximus! That is NOT how I taught you to body slam someone! You have to- Wait a minute." The chips were put down and he started walking towards the others. Santorini spoke again, "This is Atticus, a real life gladiator! No, really! He knows how to fight and he trains my sister! He is like a big brother to us, sometimes he can be like a father too. We don't get to see ours much but he takes his place, so it's okay."

"Over! Not under! Extend your arm! You won't do any damage like that!"

"The one he is yelling at is Maximus, another brother figure. The woman is Cassia, she is our cousin! The orange hair gives it away that we are related! Maximus and Cassia are brother and sister, they play fight a lot. Atticus has tried teaching Maximus to properly fight but he is tooooo hard headed to remember his lessons."


Quinlan watched the man on the screen, Atticus. He thought he had looked familiar before but when he heard his voice commanding and teaching, he sounded so familiar.

The screen cut away to everyone in a van with loud music playing and everyone singing loudly. Atticus and Maximus acting overly dramatic as they sang in different high pitched then deep voices, Cassia doing the same thing only with a better voice. The mother was singing and driving, Vesuvius and Santorini in the back, bouncing and singing along as well.

"I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me, he's just a poor boy from a poor family! Spare him his life from this monstrosity! Easy come easy go will you let me go? Bismillah! No we will not let you go - let him go!"

The sight was rather funny to see. The camera was turned around so it was filming Santorini and Vesuvius singing together and bouncing happily to the music.

Vesuvius smiled as she watched the video, tears in her eyes, "That trip was unforgettable. Oh, Tori..." She laughed, "Our hair used to be so poofy and frizzy back then."

On the screen, the scene cut away. The next thing was the group still in the car but Atticus was talking with the mother while she drove. Maximus was asleep with his head laid back and his mouth wide open, Cassia sleeping on his shoulder. Then Vesuvius was trying hard not to fall asleep, her eyes closing and her head starting to move forward before she would jerk back up then do it all over again.

"We took the long way because the other people said they would be an hour or two late." Now everybody is tired from riding." A loud snore was heard followed by a cough, Maximus waking up long enough to lean his head over on top of Cassia's, "Teehee! They don't know I'm filming!"

"I do!"
Atticus whispered from the front seat with a laugh.

"That ride was torture." Vesuvius said with a shake of her head. She clicked the next video file.

On the screen was a familiar mountain then Santorini's voice started again, "Santorini again! Reporting from Mount Vesuvius!" The camera pointing at little Vesuvius stepping onto some rocks, "Vesuvius is on Vesuvius!"

"Haha, funny."
The older sister didn't sound thrilled.

"I thought so, too!" Santorini said in a happy voice.

Atticus was on the screen now, "This place brings back so many memories."

"What kind of memories?"
Santorini asked, curiously.

"All kinds, little queen. All kinds of memories. I had some good friends explore this place with me when we were let lose to do what we wanted for the night." He laughed, "Good and bad memories, though."

That face he made...

Quinlan knew that expression anywhere. Then a memory of his own hit him...


"He used to be a gladiator, like you, only he was free. He was part of a wealthy family, he wanted to fight and be a warrior. Now he is with the Auxilia, to fight beside you. He is very strong. There is no possible way he is a normal human but he is a powerful man to have as an ally."

"What's his name?"

"Brutus Atticus Evangelus, it is rumored that he is secretly with Faustus Sertorius' daughter."

"Brutus. I want to meet him."


'There was no way...'

"Vesuvius, does Atticus have any family?" Quinlan asked.

"Us. Don't ask me how old he is because whenever we asked, he came up with some big ass number. He never told us his age. His ancestor married the daughter of a senator."

Quinlan nodded, completely sure now that Atticus really was as old as he said he was. He was sure that this 'ancestor' was actually him and the daughter of the senator was Faustus Sertorius' daughter. If that was the case, then what was he? Better yet, what was Vesuvius?

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(The beginning of this story is the second post in the NSFW thread that was made for those scenes in this story)

"You should occupy yourself until I finish with the men downstairs. I do not wish for you to be near them anymore than you have to." Quinlan almost snarled while getting dressed, "Apparently, they need another lecture on how to do things right..."

"What did they do now?"

"What do they not do?" He gave a sigh and pressed a kiss to her head, then left.

'Occupy myself, alright then.' Vesuvius decided to take a shower in the fancy bathroom in Quinlan's bedroom. The bathtub was huge, she had already taken a bath in it but now wanted to check out the shower.

The water was hot enough to create a steam in the room, she loved hot water. She found the shampoos and washed her hair, used the soaps to wash her body. When she was finished, Vesuvius just stood and let the water pour over her body. The last few days were allowed to play through her head, the good and the bad. So many emotions were racing through her...

"O-oh my god!" She looked down and just noticed she had fallen, she was on her back down in the tub. Her scream was high pitched and full of terror, "SOMETHING'S WRONG! HELP!"

Aria, Vaun, and Gus were in the other room and heard her scream. All three ran into the bedroom but stopped at hearing the shower running behind the closed door. Aria jumped into action, kicking the door but Gus stopped her, "Whoa, what! She is in the shower, she's naked!"

"Don't be so immature! Naked or not, something is WRONG, Gus!" Another kick took down the door and all three ran in. Vaun was aiming his gun in case of possible random strigoi, Gun had his fists up.

Aria was just fanning the steam away. When it cleared, the three looked down in the bathtub and saw Vesuvius but instead of legs, she had an orange mermaid tail with purple scales and highlights. The same scales covered her breasts and formed a pattern around her eyes near her cheekbones. Her hair flowed down over her shoulders, some covering half of her face as she rolled around in the tub.

"Get it off! Get it off!!!" She screamed.

Still, the others just stood there, watching the scene in front of them.

"Am I... Really seeing this right now?"

"Says the real dragon- Ow!"

"Shut up!" Aria turned the water off and ran to straighten the mermaid in the tub, "You two... Ah, leave please."

Vaun grabbed grabbed Gus before he could finish reaching over to poke the tail and left the room, leaving the women alone.

"Suvi..." Aria spoke softly, using the nickname Santorini had always used in an attempt to comfort her, "Calm down. You're okay."

"Get it off!"

"It's a part of you, I can't. Just don't freak out."

Vesuvius allowed Aria to help her out of the tub and sat her on a towel she had placed on the floor. Once she seemed calm enough, Aria reached down and touched the orange fluke, her fingers tracing down to where the color changed to purple.

"It's pretty! And fitting!" She smiled, "Don't freak out. I can help you deal, okay?"

Vesuvius held her head tightly in her hands, "Too much... This is too much at one time!"

Footsteps were heard and Aria looked up. Quinlan stood at the door with wide eyes, looking at Vesuvius and studying every new detail on her.

"It all makes sense now..." He said, kneeling down in front of her, "Vesuvius..."

She looked up and his eyes calmed her instantly. She hadn't realized she had tears streaming down her face until he kissed them away. His arms lifted her up and carried her to the bed room where he sat her on the bed, grabbing a towel and drying her hair for her.

Vesuvius seemed calm now, looking at her tail and poking the scales. She seemed more interested now than she did before.

"It's... Faintly glittery... The orange scales fade to purple up near my hips and down into the fluke... Mama said 'mer' before the call cut off... So..." She was rambling softly to herself.

"Your hair is purple underneath now, my goddess."

"It is?!" She went to stand up but fell straight to the floor, "Ow! I forgot... How do I turn back? I can't fight like this!"

Aria knocked on the door and peeked in. When Quinlan nodded for her to enter, she spoke, "Think about your body forming back to the way it was before."

Vesuvius rolled over onto her back and closed her eyes, concentrating. She was still for a moment but her legs started forming and the scales began to fade after she relaxed her body.

"See? You got it!" Aria said happily.

Vesuvius opened her eyes and looked down to see she was indeed human again, lying naked on the floor. She sighed and stood up, wasting no time in grabbing the blanket on the bed to hide her body.

"This... I can't deal with this much all at once. I want to sleep..." Then she fell face first into the pillows and was out like a light.

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When Vaun found Aria, she was sitting on their bed with an expression that said she was deep in thought. He wasn't sure if he should break into her thoughts or not so instead of speaking, he sat down beside her and waited.

After a moment, she turned to him, "Quinlan really cares about Vesuvius..."

"That he does."

"I know mermaids have a binding ritual, similar to the one I done with you, but I'm not sure I remember exactly how it was to be performed. If he doesn't live when the master is defeated, I really don't think Vesuvius can take anymore lose just yet..."

Vaun rubbed his chin as he was now the one deep in thought, "Somewhere I read about mermaids being able to bind others to them. When they lure sailors to them, most bind them to become their sex slaves. I'm not sure what breed of mer she is... Her fluke was long and elegant and she had purple mixed in with the orange. Purple indicates that she is part of a royal blood line but which one... Merfolk from the Mediterranean sea have the bigger and longer elegant flukes..."

"The Mediterranean sea? She did live somewhere near Rome. A coastal area she said." Aria sat and listened to him, thinking along with him. He had some knowledge on merfolk but it had been so long...

"Most mermaids of the royal bloodline stay within the sea but she is here. A descendant must have fallen in love with a landwalker but for Vesuvius to be a pure blood means... No, wait... Once a mermaid or merman has a little one with a human, the trait, use of magic, and ability to transform skip several generations. When the ability skips for so long, it needs to be released."

"Which means?"

"She has power if she is part of the royal blood line, she can easily bind Quinlan to her with her blood. He has to pledge his loyalty for her, become her protector, kind of like a bodyguard. Once he consumes her blood that has magic within it, he will be able to sense when she is in danger, to find her when she is lost. But it almost means she will protect him, give him what he needs and so on. If they do not truly trust each other, it will not work."

Aria smiled, "He'll do that, protect her and everything." She was sure of it. Sure, Quinlan may have trust issues because of his past but she could see he at least wanted to trust Vesuvius. He must trust her at least a little, he did sleep with her after all. She trusted him to help her when she had transformed, trusted him when he said everything would be okay.

"We should tell them about the ritual!"

"We should." Vaun pulled Aria onto his lap, "A little later, perhaps."

"Ah, okay then."


"Were they really as cruel as history claims they were?"


"Roman soldiers?"

Quinlan looked at Vesuvius and noticed she would not look at him when she asked, "I'm not saying you were cruel... I was just wondering if the humans were really so bad..."

He had no idea how to answer him, he wanted to tell her the truth but he was afraid the truth would break her heart. But Quinlan had promised himself that he would keep no secrets from her.

"They were... And... I was..." He said, "But we did have a sense of honor. Not all of my men were evil. I did not accept violence towards women and children, and I did not accept any betrayal. Not all of the soldiers accepted that. Usually fear set them straight but I was not always able to stop them. Though I did not accept such things, I hate to admit that I was forced to go against what I believed in to make the leaders happy... I did horrible things that I am not proud of... To men, women, children, the elderly. Humans, I could not understand why they were so horrid and brutal to their own kind..."

"Did you..." He waited for her to ask her question but heard her thoughts, 'I don't think I want to hear the answer but I need to know...'

"Ask me anything and I will not lie to you. But I can't guarantee you will like the answer."

She looked scared, "Did you ever rape anyone?"

He was silent and closed his eyes, "I... I did... I had to in front of a few others, claimed her as my own and took her from the others. But I later helped free her, I explained that the others were cruel and would have killed her, but with me there was a way out. I tried to make up for what I had done. She was seventeen at least and I would not let any of the others take her life. I gave her the nice clothes and money she needed to pass as a noble, weapons and quick tips on how to defend herself. She looked up at me before she left, smiled and said, 'I forgive you.' Then she kissed me and ran."

"You helped her in the end." Vesuvius smiled, "She was lucky to have met you when she did. Things could have been really bad if you hadn't been there."

He held her tight, relieved that she didn't hate him for his past actions.

"Were you ever in love when you were a soldier?"

"I was... She did not know of my feelings. I did not wish for her to know. One of my best friends became her lover and protector. I knew she would be safe with him watching over her."

"Who was she?"

Quinlan chuckled under his breath, "She was Faustus Sertorius' daughter. Long hair that was always decorated with pearls and seashells. She was so kind and gentle but if you were to anger her, she would raise hell in an instant."

"I used to wear a lot of seashells back home. Tori and I both did. We used to pretend we were mermaids... Funny, right?"

"It's ironic."

"Any other loves?" She looked up at him..

"The second time, I was married and adopted my wife's daughter as my own."

"Aww, what were they like?"

"They were slaves. I bought them, built a home and became a farmer. My wife was terrified of me at first but her daughter loved me from day one. I had to rescue them from a thief one night. He threatened to kill them. I was in the darkness when it happened. I warned him three times, to leave and never come back."

He paused, reliving the memory.

"Three warnings, I said... I told him he would receive no more. If he did not leave, I would kill him. He refused and reached for my wife. When I stepped out of the shadows, he realized he should have listened to me. I had his wrist in my hand before he could touch either of them. I told them to leave the room, they went to the basement."

Quinlan pulled Vesuvius close to him as he spoke. She didn't even think he had realized he had done so. But she cuddled closer and listened to his story.

"I took him outside, drained him then burned the body. My wife was grateful and became more tolerant and accepting towards me. She soon admitted that she had fallen for me but was afraid, not sure how to show me her love. When she figured out I was more human in body... Well... You can guess the rest. She used to sing to me, it was soothing and it calmed me."

"She sounds wonderful."

"She was..." His expression twisted into a sad one, "I went away one night and the master found them... When I came back..." Vesuvius held his hand, "I was forced to release them, set their spirits free..."

"I'm so sorry..." She said, not knowing what else to say. He was in pain and she had no idea what to do or say to even begin to attempt in making it better. Her hand touched his cheek and he rolled them over, placing his head over her heart. Quinlan listened to her heartbeat for a long time, loving the sound.

"Merfolk are immortal." He said, "But I don't want you to get hurt."

"I won't. But I can't lose you." She sighed, "I have an old book that I brought with me..."

A loud knock interrupted her.

"Guys! Cover up what you don't want to be seen!" Vesuvius scrambled at hearing Aria's voice. Even though she had already seen her naked, she didn't want Vaun looking at her. Quinlan on the other hand, he just didn't care.

The door opened and Aria bounced in with Vaun behind her, "Vaun knows of a ritual that can bind you two together!"

Vesuvius looked at Quinlan and laughed, "I was just getting ready to tell you about the old book I have with spells in it. Mermaid magic, one was a spell to connect two people to each other forever."

"O-oh... You know about it?" Aria asked.

"In my bag on the couch-"

The dragon was gone, looking for the book. A few seconds passed and they heard her, "Found it!"

Vaun looked in the book and flipped through the pages, stopping on one. A smile formed on his face when he found what he was looking for, "Here it is. I remembered correctly." He gave the book to Quinlan and he read over it.

After reading, Quinlan looked relieved. He looked at Vesuvius and she looked back at him.

"You want to do it?"


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Quinlan might have taken a bit too much of Vesuvius' blood in the heat of the moment. Sometimes he would lose himself in her and drinking from her when in the deep waves of climax, he would take in a little too much, too fast. But he always stopped before taking all of her. She had took in his blood of course, and a lot of it. It'd be taking effect soon.

He would just watch over her while she was weak, which he would do even when she was strong. The dhampir was relieved when her eyes opened and looked up at him, "Quinlan?"

"I'm here."

"I must have passed out."

They looked into each others eyes... Then he felt it, in his body and mind. He saw all of her memories in a flash, every single memory in her life, felt everything she had felt. Quinlan felt the pain in her muscles as Atticus trained her, the adrenaline when she experienced her first earthquake, the excitement when she found out she was going to have a baby sister. He saw when she first met him, she fell deeply in love with him when he challenged her for the first time to a fight to see her abilities when he thought she was a he. The pain of losing her sister, after she was always there, always promising to protect her. The feeling of guilt, failure, and heartache was just as bad as his when he lost his wife and daughter, if not worse.

Every happy, upsetting, embarrassing memory played through his head.

...And by the expression on her face, she was seeing his as well...

...That was not good...

Some things about his past he had hid from her. He knew she would change her mind about him after his past finished playing through her head.

When her golden eyes finally looked up into his, he saw terror but also understanding and love as well as respect. She was horrified by his past as a Roman soldier but she still loved him.

"When you first met me..." She said, "You felt a strong connection..."

"I did... I knew you were meant to be mine."

"I was afraid to make eye contact with you and the others but when you challenged me, I looked up at you and I was hopelessly lost in love." She laughed, "I tried to ignore it, threw it off as weakness."

He had felt the urge to protect her as soon as he saw her walk into the same room as him. He had felt similar with his wife but the urge to protect and love was even stronger with Vesuvius. Maybe it was because he had failed as a husband with his first love, failed to keep her safe and alive...

"But Atticus, he isn't human..."

"He is not."

"Now it makes sense why he always gave a big number when we asked how old he was. Then, Vesuvius looked at Quinlan, "And you... You gave into your bloodlust when you were a soldier. You... Were so cruel..."

And there it was, the very thing he didn't want her to know about...

"You were lost for a long time..." She saw and felt that he did not want to talk about it but she felt like she needed to.

"I killed men, women, children... I loved it... But the girl I mentioned before..."

"She changed your mind when you looked into her eyes."

Quinlan remembered her face very clearly after all of these years. Those innocent eyes, her messy hair and torn dress. The tears in her eyes, he couldn't stand them. Once he took her in front of his men, he carried her back to his tent. He cleaned her up and spoke to her...

"You called her Nemo." Vesuvius said, "Because she would not give you her name."

Nemo, Latin meaning nobody or nameless...

The entire time he had Nemo, she never said anything until...

"I'm... I'm free?"

"You are." Quintus said, helping her into the purple dress, "I have arranged for you to meet with someone who will protect you. He will keep you safe and make sure no one touches you."

She looked into the bag he had given her then quickly closed it, her eyes wide, "There... This... You must be mistaken..."

"There is no mistake." He pulled her freshly brushed, curled hair over her shoulder, "You are so young with a life ahead of you. Had the others taken you before I had, you would be dead. I am unable to reproduce, therefore you have nothing to worry about in the parenting area just yet."

Quintus led her into the city, to the man who vowed to protect her. He was obviously rich and wasn't bad looking. He wore clothing of the nobles but had the muscles of a gladiator. 

"You are safe now." He said with a purr, "Stay with him."

She turned and looked up into the born's eyes, placed a hand on his cheek, then kissed, "I forgive you and my name is Cybil, by the way. Thank you for saving me."

Vesuvius smiled, "You helped her. She had a wonderful life after that!"

"How can you be sure?"

"The way her new protector looked at her when she approached him, its the same way you look at me." She smiled, pressing her lips to his, "Thank you for helping her."

Quinlan pulled her close to him in a tight hug. She was so accepting and understanding with him, he was thankful to have her as a mate now. He purred into her hair and she kissed the markings on his neck. Everything about him was beautiful. But she still couldn't believe Atticus used to be partners with Quinlan. But they were both separated when...

'When Mount Vesuvius erupted...' She thought, 'Atticus went to Pompeii early with the senator's daughter. Quinlan was to join them in two days but...'

Vesuvius looked at Quinlan when a thought hit her, "Faustus Sertorius... His daughter had bright red hair and gold eyes..."

"And some of the same features as you." He finished, "Faustus had a deep obsession with the occult and secretly married a maiden from the sea. I had forgotten until you mentioned the other week about my sponsor being your ancestor."

"This is all blowing my mind!"

"Atticus swore to protect the senator's daughter. They were very close. I often smelled his scent on her and figured they were secretly together."

Vesuvius rubbed her head and sighed, "This is crazy..."

Quinlan laughed, it was insane. Not in a million years did he ever think he would end up with this unbelievably gorgeous being. He was sure he was destined to be alone after her wife and daughter were taken from him. Then this warrior goddess of the sea came along, disguised as a boy and armed with so many weapons of silver...

Now this goddess was his mate, bound to him and him to her...

He just prayed they lived through the battle with the master so he could have a life with her.


Aria was on the couch eating an odd fruit when Vesuvius exited the room. She sat down next to her after grabbing a bottle of water. The dragon next her sniffed the air then sniffed in the mermaid's general direction before leaning down to sniff her skin.

"Aria? Why are you smelling me?"

"The binding worked! You smell like him now." She said, taking another bite of the fruit she was holding, "If he had any sort of connection to the master, its gone now."

"How can you tell?"

"Trust me." Aria finished her fruit, looking at Vesuvius, "You need to learn to control your magic. I can teach you."

Vesuvius didn't think learning magic would be so hard. Aria was like a ruthless drill sergeant when teaching her spells. The mermaid would get the spell worked up but couldn't seem to do anything with it before it popped up into her face.

"I'm hopeless..." Her shoulders dropped and her golden eyes looked up.

Quinlan was observing a few feet away. He didn't know magic but he had seen Aria perform spells when fighting. She was a strict teacher, though. The dragon looked up at him and a smiled crossed her face. It was a devilish smile, the one she got when an idea would pop up in her head.

'Well,' Quinlan thought, 'this is going to hurt.'

"Vesuvius, you can't get your magic to work because you aren't motivated enough."

"I'm not?"


Aria looked at Quinlan and held a hand out. Quinlan suddenly let out a noise as if he were being strangled and his body rose in the air.

"What are you doing?!"

"Motivating you! You need to hit me with some kind of magic to stop it!"

Beside Vaun, Gus stood with his jaw dropped, "What the hell are you doin?! Pullin' a Darth Vader move like that?!"

Vesuvius panicked, her hands fumbling with her inner light. The bubble she formed kept popping until she finally formed a proper attack and threw it at the dragon. Quinlan landed on his feet when he was dropped, hand moving up to his neck, "Aria..."


"That was uncalled for."

"She did it, didn't she?"

Vesuvius flopped on the ground and put a hand to her head.

"You might get drained until you are used to it." Aria sat down on the ground beside her, "We can practice again after you eat something."

"Did I hurt you?"

"You're not good enough to hurt me." She laughed, "Not yet."

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